Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Yankee Candle Winter Glow

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I started writing this post earlier in the year, so there are some comments and edits in the post that reflect that.  This is for the 2015 version of the candle.

Today I have a review of Yankee Candle's Winter Glow; a gorgeous fragranced candle that I picked up at the beginning of the 2015 holiday season (the semi local Yankee Candle store had just gotten in a shipment of holiday candles even though the holidays were still a wee ways away, and my sister and I went in there to check them out (my sister knows how much I love Christmas!)).  Most of the scents I actually was not a huge fan of, as I'm really picky with fragrances and a lot of them I don't like.  But this one is beautiful, and the packaging is also really beautiful (I really hope YC doesn't go through with fully converting all of it's labels to the 1/2 size vertical ones).

This is one of my favourite candles and it has such a refreshing comforting fragrance that I was a bit disappointed that I didn't pick up another one because now I feel like hoarding it and only using it rarely to make it last a long time.

(Altered photo, increased contrast, shadows and clarity)

It has a very peculiar (in a positive way) fragrance that I can't exactly figure out.  It feels both cooling and warming, and a lot like a refreshing scent from a laundry dryer.  I can get a lot of comfort from the scents of fabric softener and this gives me that feeling.

The scent description from Yankee Candle is: "A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered trees with a stand of evergreens nearby, all warmed by golden amber sun rays."

A beautiful description although I don't smell something that says "TREES!" when I smell the candle.  Other than warm+cool+laundry+possible light floral the scent is very homogeneous to me and difficult to pick out certain things.  The warming factor I smell may be the amber note.

The label on this is goooorgeous!!!!  Winter is my favourite season by far and the image on this label is magical.  Gorgeous snowflakes with a warmly lit lantern = cozy!!!  It is also very elegant looking to me with the golden tones mixed with the white.

I really hope they bring this candle back as it is truly very lovely.  I also hope that they bring it back with the bigger labels because I think it would be a shame to crop this one.

Edit: They DID bring it back this year, woohoo!!  Unfortunately it's with the new labels, but I'm very glad this lovely scent has returned.

Winter Glow
(Not my image, image taken from here.)


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    1. I really think it is :D! It's one of my favourite ones that I own. :)

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    1. I have been saving burning it for special occasions because I like it so much hehe!


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