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David's Tea Winter Collection 2016

Good evening, dear readers!

Today I have a post about David's Tea's winter collection.  This collection I have been really looking forward to, as last year they had some really cool offerings!  They don't have all of their products up yet for the holiday season (I saw on a cool blog that more will probably be debuting on the 15th of November), but they put up a bunch of things today!

(Most of the photos in this post are from DavidsTea.com, aside from the ones I took of the Halloween nordic mug!)

Here are some of the things currently showing on their website (but definitely not all, so if you are interested I would recommend visiting their website! :D ):

Snowflakes Lock Top Travel Mug:
Snowflakes Lock Top Travel Mug
At $34 Cad. this certainly isn't cheap.  I don't drink tea on the go very often, but if I did I'd want to check this out.  Plus, when my sister and I went to our sortof local David's Tea on Halloween, my sister showed me that it was sparkly!  SPARKLY!!  Some of the travel mugs have a sparkle/shimmer to them!

The Best of 2016 Collection:

The Best of 2016
Ahh I am loving the colour scheme and packaging of this!  This has 12 different teas/tisanes that were popular from throughout 2016 (not sure if it is the tea of the month flavours or just best sellers).  Depending on the tea, the tea weights range from 0.21-0.42 oz. per cannister (speaking of weight and cannisters, when I buy tea and cannisters at David's Tea they weight it in the cannister, so do they automatically account for the weight of the cannister itself?).  Included are mini tins of Sweet Almond Green, Melon Drop, Goji Green, Hot Chocolate, Cardamom French Toast, Apple Strudel, Coconut Cream Pie, English Toffee, Live Wire Lemon, Just Peachy, Apple Cider and Honeycrisp Apple.  I've only tried Cardamom French Toast (which was mild but tasty!) so if you are a fan of any of these flavours, please feel free to comment below! :D

Berry Branches Perfect Mug:

Berry Branches Perfect Mug
This retails for $23 Cad., and includes the mug, the lid for the mug and an infuser.  I've never used the Perfect Mugs before but they aren't that different from the Nordic Mugs, and those are so cool!  I have last year's winter one with the adorable penguins and it's one of my favourite mugs ever!  The infuser is fantastic too, and the lids are brilliant.

I definitely recommend the Nordic Mugs (you can also often find ones on sale on the website after they've been out for a while, but I can't guarantee that they will have a particular design in stock.)  I feel more comfortable using the Nordic Mugs because they just seem more sturdy, as the Perfect Mugs look like they would be easier to tip over.  I'm not sure if that is true, as they appear to have a wider base to balance on, but because it tapers down for the length of the cup if makes me a bit nervous.

Snowflake Infuser:

Snowflake Infuser
Ahh this is so cute!!!  I want to collect the adorable infusers that David's Tea releases with different collections, but I don't need them all.  Also, at $12 Cad. a pop, that can add up over time.  Sometimes they have some on sale, but yeah I already have one and I have the big one from the mug I have.  BUT THIS ONE IS SO CUTE!  I LOVE SNOWFLAKES! EEEE!

If you already have a Perfect Mug or Nordic Mug I would say that the infusers with those are better (personal opinion).  They are much larger and so can hold more tea and allow for more tea expansion, and they don't bob up in down in the tea cups as these can if they have a lot of air trapped in them. Although the big infusers aren't as cute, they also don't seem as sharp around the edges (the metal that connects under the silicone tops of the small infusers is pretty darn sharp in my experience, and it's possible to get a cut when washing them if one isn't careful!).

Ultimate Hot Chocolate Kit:

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Kit
Hehehe this is cute!!  But don't be fooled, it's actually Hot Chocolate tea (which does contain chocolate, but still!).  This retails for $35 Cad. and included the mug, a tin of the tea (I think it's a skinny tin which is usually around 50 grams of tea but I can't tell for sure because the image is too small for me to tell), and a mini bag of mini marshmallows.

Snowy Mountain Colour Changing Nordic Mug:

$23 Cad.
I really want to get one of these.  I really like the nordic mugs and while I don't need another one, I really like the design and I like collecting them! : D  They are well made and the infuser and added lid are brilliant!

Ski Mouse Colour Changing Nordic Mug
$23 Cad.

Garland Travel PouchBerry Branches Travel Pouch
$10 each.  They both have 5 tea satchets in them (one serving in each of Apple Cider, Snow Day, Nutty and Spice, Sweet Almond Green and Sleigh Ride).  I really like the look of those bags!  Also the mitten tags are adorable, and I think it would be cute if they sold David's Tea winter mittens for real with the current holiday themed art on them!

Confetti and Berry Branches Element Tea For One sets:
Confetti Element Tea For OneBerry Branches Element Tea For One

$30 Cad..  These are tea sets for one person as they are smaller than some other tea sets and only come with one cup.  

Snowy Mountain Colour Changing Travel Mug

$30 Cad.

This is one of my favourite tisanes I've tried, and I'm really glad it's coming back!  I'll do a review this month of it as I don't think I've done one before.  Sadly it's not in stock yet (aside from in things like the Travel Pouches) but it may be later this month.


Also, they had Halloween stock for sale and when I was at the store I picked up their Halloween nordic mug:

Ehehehe it's so adorable!!  I don't have any photos of what it looks like when a hot drink is in it, but I will take some at some point (although you can see on the box what it does and there are photos online of it).  I got this for 30% off, and there were still several in the store I went to yesterday so there may still be some available at other locations.

I like how the website description was:  
"When you add hot water to this mug, the castle lights up and path appears. It’s magic!"

You do have to be careful with the mugs though, especially the ones that change colour and/or have metal foiling on them.  This one comes with this warning: "Hand wash only with mild detergent. Not diswasher safe. Do not use abrasive sponges. Do not soak. Not microwave safe."  So be sure to check if any of your mugs have those warnings to prevent damage to them. :)

I'm really looking forward to seeing what else they release for this upcoming holiday season! : D

Have a wonderful evening!



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