Sunday, November 13, 2016

Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip - Marshmallow

Good evening, dear readers!

My sister introduced me to Colour Pop, an indie makeup brand with some fantastic makeup at amazingly good prices.  I am a big fan of this brand now, and thank you soooooooooo much to my amazing sister who got me a LOT of Colour Pop makeup (all of the Colour Pop I own were gifts from her!)!! :D

Today I have a review of Colour Pop's Ultra Satin Lip in Marshmallow.

(Not my image, image taken from here.)

According to Colour Pop:
We weren’t fluffin’ around with this greyed out lavender. It’ll make you want s’more."

(Also not my image; image taken from here.)

This retails for $6 USD.

This shade is gorgeous!!! O_O  Can I also say that the name is adorable?
However, this is a tricky colour to photograph (for me, anyway!  I tend to have problems with pinks and purples in photos.)

I had to colour correct the images to a closer match than what my camera picked up:

(For reference, this was what the un-touched photos looked like before):

Close, but much more brown-pink than it actually is.

The photos of Marshmallow on my lips aren't the clearest as I mostly used my front camera on my phone, and depending on the lighting it turned out vastly different.  I think this is pretty close to the actual shade though:

(I think it's a bit warmer toned than the photo right above this sentence.)

I really like this very much!!  I adore the colour, the name is adorable, the pigment is strong and while it will transfer if you get it on something, most non-matte lipsticks will do that and this feels like a creamy lipstick.  Because it's creamy, if the pigment starts to wear off around the middle of the lips you can just rub your lips together to redistribute it.  You can use the doe-foot applicator to apply this directly, or a lip brush.  This isn't like the Ultra Matte products which start liquid and then dry to a matte finish (and are harder to transfer), but this also means that this feels more moisturizing.

I think it's definitely worth the price!!

Thank you again to my wonderful sister for all the Colour Pop presents!! :'D

Have you tried Colour Pop before?


Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Yankee Candle Winter Glow

Good evening, dear readers!

I started writing this post earlier in the year, so there are some comments and edits in the post that reflect that.  This is for the 2015 version of the candle.

Today I have a review of Yankee Candle's Winter Glow; a gorgeous fragranced candle that I picked up at the beginning of the 2015 holiday season (the semi local Yankee Candle store had just gotten in a shipment of holiday candles even though the holidays were still a wee ways away, and my sister and I went in there to check them out (my sister knows how much I love Christmas!)).  Most of the scents I actually was not a huge fan of, as I'm really picky with fragrances and a lot of them I don't like.  But this one is beautiful, and the packaging is also really beautiful (I really hope YC doesn't go through with fully converting all of it's labels to the 1/2 size vertical ones).

This is one of my favourite candles and it has such a refreshing comforting fragrance that I was a bit disappointed that I didn't pick up another one because now I feel like hoarding it and only using it rarely to make it last a long time.

(Altered photo, increased contrast, shadows and clarity)

It has a very peculiar (in a positive way) fragrance that I can't exactly figure out.  It feels both cooling and warming, and a lot like a refreshing scent from a laundry dryer.  I can get a lot of comfort from the scents of fabric softener and this gives me that feeling.

The scent description from Yankee Candle is: "A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered trees with a stand of evergreens nearby, all warmed by golden amber sun rays."

A beautiful description although I don't smell something that says "TREES!" when I smell the candle.  Other than warm+cool+laundry+possible light floral the scent is very homogeneous to me and difficult to pick out certain things.  The warming factor I smell may be the amber note.

The label on this is goooorgeous!!!!  Winter is my favourite season by far and the image on this label is magical.  Gorgeous snowflakes with a warmly lit lantern = cozy!!!  It is also very elegant looking to me with the golden tones mixed with the white.

I really hope they bring this candle back as it is truly very lovely.  I also hope that they bring it back with the bigger labels because I think it would be a shame to crop this one.

Edit: They DID bring it back this year, woohoo!!  Unfortunately it's with the new labels, but I'm very glad this lovely scent has returned.

Winter Glow
(Not my image, image taken from here.)

Monday, November 07, 2016

Golden Wonder - Lush Review

Good afternoon, dear readers!

I really thought I had done a review before of Lush's Golden Wonder bath bomb, but when I searched my blog to link it in another post, I couldn't find a review of it on here.  So, now I'm putting one up!  I started a post on 24/10/2013 and now I'm finally publishing a Golden Wonder review.

My sister got this for me and I am so happy!!  :D Thank you so much to my sister!!!!! : D This is one of my favourite Lush bath bombs ever. : D

This comes out around the winter holiday season, and it has been out often (so if you don't try it this year but would like to in the future, there's a decent chance it will be back next year or the one after that).

The Golden Wonder has an adorable present look to it, with a shimmery gold box and a white bow shape.  It's hollow inside, and has different coloured mini bath bomb half-spheres (hemispheres?).


(The first two Golden Wonder images are from the most recent one I tried, the other two are from a few years ago.)

According to

"A wonder to behold
Fancy an uplifting cocktail? Cognac and zesty lime oils get this bath party started with mood-brightening scents while sweet orange oil refreshes the senses. In the water, this present-shaped fizzer unwraps itself to reveal glittering golden luster and a sparkling turquoise explosion. Don't wait until Christmas day to bathe yourself in festive luxury."

Their older description was:
Golden Wonder is back again this year and we can’t wait to hop in the tub with this fizzy golden gift! It simply wouldn’t be a LUSH Christmas without soaking in its soft citrus fragrance; a gorgeous, uplifting blend of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils. Drop this best-seller in your bath and watch it put on a colorful show as the vibrant gifts inside reveal themselves and leave you with soft, champagne-scented skin."

Here are the ingredients:

Sodium Bicarbonate , Citric Acid , Fragrance , Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis) , Cognac Oil (Vitis Vinifera) , Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia) , Cream of Tartar (Potassium bitartrate) , Sodium Laureth Sulfate , Lauryl Betaine , Dipropylene Glycol , Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides) , Benzyl Benzoate , Citronellol , *Limonene , *Linalool , *Citral , Orange 4 , Yellow 8 , Red 27 , Blue 1 , Golden Stars; Golden Lustre (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Propylene glycol, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides) . *Occurs naturally in essential oils

This is a beautiful bath bomb that also smells delightful!!  The water turns such a lovely greenish blue, and the golden shimmer adds that extra gorgeousness.  There are also the cutest little golden stars that get released when the bath bomb dissolves:


I really, really like the scent this has!  It's very lovely and light and fruity, while being very strong at the same time.  I also adore the colour the bathwater turns, and that generally bath bombs make the water and my skin feel smoother to me.  I didn't notice if this one made my skin feel smoother as I was thinking of other things, but I love the feeling the bathwater gets with it and I'm guessing this did make my skin feel nicer as bath bombs usually do (when I pay attention to that). There is also a lovely golden shimmer in the water, but my photos didn't pick it up as well.

I think this will always be a favourite Lush product of mine. :D

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, November 06, 2016

YAY Bath and Body Works and Lush Gifts!!

Good morning, dear readers!

This past week my sister got me some wonderful gifts (thank you so much to my amazing sister!! :'D)!!  She knows how much I love winter, and she got me some Bath and Body Works and some  Lush products to enjoy!  We also like giving each other Christmas gifts before Christmas. : D

Ahh these are fantastic!!  The soap smells so lovely and the packaging is gorgeous!!  I'm going to reuse these bottles in the future because they are so beautiful!!


YAY!!  These smell sooo good!!  My sister know how much I like the Golden Wonder, Magic of Christmas and the Salt and Peppermint scrub, so she picked those up for me along with a Shooting Stars to try (which is gorgeous and smells wonderful!!).  Also, as this was a gift, she sent a message with the package for me that came on that adorable Warmest Holiday Wishes card.  EEE!!!!  Thank you so much to my sister!! :'D!!!!!!

Thank you thank you!!!!!!


Saturday, November 05, 2016

Late Lush Reviews

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Recently I was looking through my Lush review posts and realized that some were missing.  Turns out I didn't finish or post several of them from within the past 3 or so years.  So, I took most of them and put them into this post.  Most of these I didn't finish writing at the time so I'm going on also my hazy memory of what I thought about the products at the time of my using them.

Here is one for Snowcake that I was writing on 24/10/2013:

Today I have a review of Lush's Snowcake soap.

Here is Lush's description:


Our classic holiday soap is back once again; how could we live through winter without it?! This soft, creamy soap is made with soothing rose and benzoin resinoid (known for its sweet vanilla ice-cream essence) making it wonderfully soothing on dry, winter skin. The almond icing and marzipan fragrance is just what you need during the season of sweet indulgences - it smells good enough to eat! Lather up with our creamy Snowcake and you'll see why it has become a LUSH Christmas cult classic."

To be completely honest, I do not find that this smells like marzipan.  I actually really like marzipan now, even though I quite disliked it as a kid.  However, this is veeery strongly almond-y, but not a 'pure' almond scent.  I think it may be because of the added rose and cassia absolutes that they add to it.  (Added: I really wanted to like this as the name, look and sound of it is wonderful, but I just couldn't like the scent.  I'm guessing this was probably close to Alkmaar in terms of consistency and frothing.)

Here are the ingredients:

Water (Aqua) , Propylene Glycol , Rapeseed Oil , Coconut Oil (Brassica napus; Cocos nucifera) , Fragrance , Sodium Stearate ,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Sodium Hydroxide , Titanium Dioxide ,Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax benzoin) , Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena) , Cassie Absolute (Acacia farnesiana) , Sodium Chloride , Glycerine , EDTA , Tetrasodium Editronate , Benzyl Benzoate , Potassium Silicate , Iron Oxides , Iron Hydroxide

That's pretty much all of the review that I had of this, I didn't end up wanting to use it because I actually really disliked the scent.

And here is another old Lush review that I hadn't finished or posted.  This one was also from 24/10/2013.  I don't have photos of the product in action, but I don't think it looked as lovely as other Lush bath bombs.  This review won't be as in-depth as my usual Lush reviews as I did use this product about three years ago.

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today I have a review of one of Lush's Christmas-time favourites: Cinders bath bomb!

As this is my first Lush Christmas (eeee so exciting!!! :D), I was extremely happy to get my hands on one of these delightful bath bombs!  Ever since I heard about it earlier this year, I had been quite eager to give it a try. :}

Here is Lush's description:


Heat up your holidays with this sweet and spicy bomb inspired by fireside gatherings with family and friends. We combine crackling vegan candies with stimulating cinnamon leaf oil to recreate the warmth of the hearth. This spicy soak also has hydrating almond oil to keep your skin super soft and smooth. With a bathtub so inviting, you can skip the open fire and curl up with this fizzer instead."
I love that they added popping candy to make it sound like a crackling fire! :D

Here are the ingredients:

Sodium Bicarbonate , Citric Acid , Coarse Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride) , Popping Candy (Isomalt, Lycasin, Carbon Dioxide) ,Fragrance , Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides) , Almond Essential Oil (Prunus dulcis) , Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis) ,Cinnamon Leaf Oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) , *Cinnamal ,*Eugenol , *Limonene , FD&C Red No. 4

Continuation in 2016: While I don't have any more photos of this, I remember that I was actually kind of disappointed in this.  There was barely any crackling and I don't think the fragrance was that strong (plus its yellow so I don't think that the water turned any lovely colours).  I might give this another try one day (if anything for the sake of photos and a more in depth review) but while it sounded really cool, the one I tried didn't work out the best.

Here's another review, this time for Heavanilli:

Good morning dear readers!

Today I am being nostalgic, and reviewing the discontinued Lush massage bar Heavanilli.

Heavanilli was the first Lush product that I ever bought years ago, and this is that same one.  As it was discontinued, I am afraid to use it all up so I bring it out sparingly.

This shares the same fragrance as Vanillary perfume.  Vanillary perfume is made with vanilla, tonka bean, jasmine and sandalwood, so you can see how it would be a very warm and inviting scent. Lush's Vanilla Fountain bath bomb shared the same scent, but it has been discontinued as well (before I ever got to try it! Harrumpf!).

Like all of the Lush massage bars that I have tried, this one melts easily and leaves a layer of moisturizing oils on your skin for you to rub in.  It has a great amount of fragrance in it, and you can use it for perfume (not as strong as perfume, but strong enough to definitely detect it).

It makes me a little sad that they got rid of this :(.  I hope that it makes a return someday, so I can grab more! :D

Lush doesn't have this on their website anymore, so I found a list of ingredients at

Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Fair Trade Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Perfume, Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum), Tonka Absolute (Dipteryx odorata), *Coumarin, Hydroxycitronellal, Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Colour 73360}

Did you ever try Heavanilli?  (This review was written on 27/05/2015.)  Added info: I actually hoarded this so much that I barely used it and am now throwing it out since it's over three years old! Moral of the story: don't be too afraid to use products that you really enjoy for fear of running out.  There are so many wonderful things out there and you could find another favourite!  Also, when it comes to perishable products (like this one!) at least you'd be enjoying it before it goes bad.  I ended up wasting mine because I didn't want to waste it.

I changed a bit of the words in the post from the review/s from before, but yeah I wasn't really happy with some of these.  Heavanilli was quite nice though!  And, it was still nice to try the others! :D

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 01, 2016

David's Tea Winter Collection 2016

Good evening, dear readers!

Today I have a post about David's Tea's winter collection.  This collection I have been really looking forward to, as last year they had some really cool offerings!  They don't have all of their products up yet for the holiday season (I saw on a cool blog that more will probably be debuting on the 15th of November), but they put up a bunch of things today!

(Most of the photos in this post are from, aside from the ones I took of the Halloween nordic mug!)

Here are some of the things currently showing on their website (but definitely not all, so if you are interested I would recommend visiting their website! :D ):

Snowflakes Lock Top Travel Mug:
Snowflakes Lock Top Travel Mug
At $34 Cad. this certainly isn't cheap.  I don't drink tea on the go very often, but if I did I'd want to check this out.  Plus, when my sister and I went to our sortof local David's Tea on Halloween, my sister showed me that it was sparkly!  SPARKLY!!  Some of the travel mugs have a sparkle/shimmer to them!

The Best of 2016 Collection:

The Best of 2016
Ahh I am loving the colour scheme and packaging of this!  This has 12 different teas/tisanes that were popular from throughout 2016 (not sure if it is the tea of the month flavours or just best sellers).  Depending on the tea, the tea weights range from 0.21-0.42 oz. per cannister (speaking of weight and cannisters, when I buy tea and cannisters at David's Tea they weight it in the cannister, so do they automatically account for the weight of the cannister itself?).  Included are mini tins of Sweet Almond Green, Melon Drop, Goji Green, Hot Chocolate, Cardamom French Toast, Apple Strudel, Coconut Cream Pie, English Toffee, Live Wire Lemon, Just Peachy, Apple Cider and Honeycrisp Apple.  I've only tried Cardamom French Toast (which was mild but tasty!) so if you are a fan of any of these flavours, please feel free to comment below! :D

Berry Branches Perfect Mug:

Berry Branches Perfect Mug
This retails for $23 Cad., and includes the mug, the lid for the mug and an infuser.  I've never used the Perfect Mugs before but they aren't that different from the Nordic Mugs, and those are so cool!  I have last year's winter one with the adorable penguins and it's one of my favourite mugs ever!  The infuser is fantastic too, and the lids are brilliant.

I definitely recommend the Nordic Mugs (you can also often find ones on sale on the website after they've been out for a while, but I can't guarantee that they will have a particular design in stock.)  I feel more comfortable using the Nordic Mugs because they just seem more sturdy, as the Perfect Mugs look like they would be easier to tip over.  I'm not sure if that is true, as they appear to have a wider base to balance on, but because it tapers down for the length of the cup if makes me a bit nervous.

Snowflake Infuser:

Snowflake Infuser
Ahh this is so cute!!!  I want to collect the adorable infusers that David's Tea releases with different collections, but I don't need them all.  Also, at $12 Cad. a pop, that can add up over time.  Sometimes they have some on sale, but yeah I already have one and I have the big one from the mug I have.  BUT THIS ONE IS SO CUTE!  I LOVE SNOWFLAKES! EEEE!

If you already have a Perfect Mug or Nordic Mug I would say that the infusers with those are better (personal opinion).  They are much larger and so can hold more tea and allow for more tea expansion, and they don't bob up in down in the tea cups as these can if they have a lot of air trapped in them. Although the big infusers aren't as cute, they also don't seem as sharp around the edges (the metal that connects under the silicone tops of the small infusers is pretty darn sharp in my experience, and it's possible to get a cut when washing them if one isn't careful!).

Ultimate Hot Chocolate Kit:

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Kit
Hehehe this is cute!!  But don't be fooled, it's actually Hot Chocolate tea (which does contain chocolate, but still!).  This retails for $35 Cad. and included the mug, a tin of the tea (I think it's a skinny tin which is usually around 50 grams of tea but I can't tell for sure because the image is too small for me to tell), and a mini bag of mini marshmallows.

Snowy Mountain Colour Changing Nordic Mug:

$23 Cad.
I really want to get one of these.  I really like the nordic mugs and while I don't need another one, I really like the design and I like collecting them! : D  They are well made and the infuser and added lid are brilliant!

Ski Mouse Colour Changing Nordic Mug
$23 Cad.

Garland Travel PouchBerry Branches Travel Pouch
$10 each.  They both have 5 tea satchets in them (one serving in each of Apple Cider, Snow Day, Nutty and Spice, Sweet Almond Green and Sleigh Ride).  I really like the look of those bags!  Also the mitten tags are adorable, and I think it would be cute if they sold David's Tea winter mittens for real with the current holiday themed art on them!

Confetti and Berry Branches Element Tea For One sets:
Confetti Element Tea For OneBerry Branches Element Tea For One

$30 Cad..  These are tea sets for one person as they are smaller than some other tea sets and only come with one cup.  

Snowy Mountain Colour Changing Travel Mug

$30 Cad.

This is one of my favourite tisanes I've tried, and I'm really glad it's coming back!  I'll do a review this month of it as I don't think I've done one before.  Sadly it's not in stock yet (aside from in things like the Travel Pouches) but it may be later this month.


Also, they had Halloween stock for sale and when I was at the store I picked up their Halloween nordic mug:

Ehehehe it's so adorable!!  I don't have any photos of what it looks like when a hot drink is in it, but I will take some at some point (although you can see on the box what it does and there are photos online of it).  I got this for 30% off, and there were still several in the store I went to yesterday so there may still be some available at other locations.

I like how the website description was:  
"When you add hot water to this mug, the castle lights up and path appears. It’s magic!"

You do have to be careful with the mugs though, especially the ones that change colour and/or have metal foiling on them.  This one comes with this warning: "Hand wash only with mild detergent. Not diswasher safe. Do not use abrasive sponges. Do not soak. Not microwave safe."  So be sure to check if any of your mugs have those warnings to prevent damage to them. :)

I'm really looking forward to seeing what else they release for this upcoming holiday season! : D

Have a wonderful evening!


Products I'm Really Enjoying Right Now

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today's post is about some of products that I've been enjoying lately!  Swatches (where applicable) ...