Monday, September 26, 2016

Yankee Candle After Dark Cracking Pure Radiance Review

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Today I am reviewing After Dark, a candle from the Yankee Candle Pure Radiance line.  This is one of the "crackling" candles, which is named as the candle wick is supposed to crackle when lit.  The wick is made from cotton and wood to get that type of effect.  I got this candle last year, but I have only burned it about 5 times so far.

After Dark™
(Not my image, image taken from here)

Here are the stats for the different sizes:

Large - $27.99 USD, 120-165 hours burn time, 22 oz..
Medium - $24.99 USD, 75-100 hours burn time, 14.5 oz..
Small - $15.99 USD, 40-50 hours burn time, 7 oz..

(I've used it more since I took this photo)

I think the prices are closely on par with the prices in the Canadian stores (unfortunately Yankee Candle does not have a Canadian website that you can order from, it just directs you to the USA website) despite the USD being worth more right now..

The glass is quite lovely looking, with a wooden pattern shape.  When I first saw an image of the candles online I thought the lid was wood but it's actually metal with a wooden design added to it.  The wax itself is very opaquely black (I find some other candles have a crystalline quality to them where some areas look almost shimmery but this one was much flatter-looking with an almost velvety blackness to it).

Here is the scent description:
"Enjoy an enchanted evening with this nocturnal mix of night air, garden herbs, rich woods and musk." -

After Dark has a cologne/Axe style fragrance to me that I think is quite nice.

The first time this was lit, while looking forward to listening to the crackling effect, it was likened to ants burning a tiny bonfire two houses away.  My sister and I joked about how it was SO quiet.  The flame also moves a lot, and I can find it to be distracting if that's the main source of light in a room.  I prefer a steady flame so I'm not seeing the light wobble around so much.

I really do like this fragrance, and I am very glad that I was able to get this, but I think it would be great if this fragrance also came in a regular cotton wick format.

There is some tunneling in the photo I have because I have a tendency to not want to burn candles for very long, and it can take upwards of 1-2 hours with some candles to get an even wax pool going.  With another candle I had I took a butter knife and squished down the wax from the sides while it was heated up so that pretty much fixed that problem for me.

Okay!  So that wraps up this review, have you tried any of the Crackling Pure Radiance candles?  Or any other wood wick candles?  If so, what were your thoughts on them and if not, do they sound like something that would interest you?

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  1. Nice review on this candle. It sounds good.

    1. Thank you! :D I'm really glad I got it!

  2. I have wanted to try one of these for a while!

    1. I'm still torn on whether it's worth it for the actual wick part, but the packaging and the scent of this candle are really lovely! I think some of Yankee Candle's scents are only available in one format or another though (although it would be great if all the Pure Radiance line was available in cotton wick format for those who didn't want a wobbly flame XD)


Thank you for your comments! :D

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