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David's Tea Blueberry Muffin

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Today I have a review of David's Tea Blueberry Muffin tisane.

Blueberry Muffin
(Not my image, image taken from here.)

(Also not my image, image from here.)

This is an attractive tisane to me, with the berries mixed in with the bright orange carrot chunks and the vibrant blue of the cornflower petals (goooorgeous colour, and the combination of the two definitely reminds me of autumn!).  Also, the individual pieces of fruit and ingredients in this tisane are relatively small, so you can get a more consistent tea that way I think than some of the other ingredients in other tisanes they sell (the giant citrus slices look great and tasty but they would take up a spoon all by themselves!).

Blueberry Muffin smells tasty to me, and I find that it actually smells a lot like Jelly Belly popcorn jelly beans! Those are my favourite ones that Jelly Belly makes so it's a great scent to me.  There is a sweetness and possibly fruity scent to it as well (which makes sense as there is fruit in it, but I don't notice that as much when I sniff the tisane dry) however the strong dry notes I get is of artificial buttery flavouring.  That probably sounds gross to some but it has a savoury scent that I am enjoying (and one that I did not expect).

I got the skinny tin, which is 50 grams of tea and that fills the tin up about 3/4 of the way to the top.  It retails for $9.50 Cad. or it can be added in a current 2 for $16 deal they have going on for Skinny Tins at the moment.  You can also buy this tisane loose for $7.98 Cad. for 50 grams (they sell it in increments of 50 grams online),  however if you purchase it in store you can obtain it in smaller amounts.

The directions say to use 1-2 "perfect spoons" (a David's Tea spoon they sell) per 475 ml/16 oz., but I don't have one of those spoons and honestly its up to personal taste.  I think it can be nice trying it out the first time the way it is recommended and then altering the amount if one so wants.  According to David's Tea the perfect spoon is the equivalent to 2.5 tsp. of tea, so I used that amount for the Nordic Mug, which holds 473 (?) ml, or roughly 16 oz.

I used just under 3 tsp. of tisane for around 16 oz. of water and I steeped it for around 4-5 minutes.

I had added more tisane to the infuser so there is some that had been already steeping for 5+ minutes and some freshly added so the cornflowers still look lovely on top:)

Colour: Kind of if orange and blue mixed together in a really transparent way.  After steeping for longer and adding more tea, it looks more like a cup of orange pekoe as the purple-blue tinge isn't as noticeable and the orange tones come out more.

 Without and with flash (this is after the longer steeping with more tea:)

Scent:  Pretty close to the scent of the dry mix, but maybe 1/6th the strength.  I'm still getting butter notes, there are hints of berry, possibly getting hints of flowers but its such a mix of flavours it's hard for me to tell for sure.

Taste: ... it's... SO MILD.  Maybe I need to add more tea next time or steep it for longer.  It tastes like this was a re-infusion of something that had been steeped before and almost all of the flavour had been removed.  I'm going to put the strainer back in for a few minutes to see if it makes any difference to the strength.  And then I'm probably going to add more tea.

Okay, I steeped it for a few more minutes and added another tsp (at least) of tea.  Now it has more flavour, and is really pleasant.  I still get surprised by some tisanes which seem to have sooo much fragrance dry and when I steep them I expect even more flavor.  I would recommend using at least 3-4 tsp. and letting this steep for the full recommended length of time to get more flavour.  However, I used around 1/5th - 1/6th of the dry mix in the tin for this one tea so just a heads up that it can go fast and as the ingredients in this tisane are heavy, it can add up fast at about $8 Can. per 50 grams.  I'm not sure how well the tisane would go for another infusion.

There is some tangyness to this, and I find the butter note mellows out more with the other flavours after its been steeped for a bit and they meld together much more evenly.

Aftertaste: Pretty much the same as the taste while drinking it (the buttery berry/possibly floral combination), nothing really dominates the aftertaste (there definitely is an aftertaste as the flavour stays in the mouth a bit).

I think this is a lovely tea and while it may sound like a strange combination of flavours at first (that butter note!) it actually is very soothing and I think that buttery almost savouriness adds a comforting cold-weather touch to it.  This could also be really lovely while watching a movie inside of a rainy day.

Tasty tisane with a hint of tang, but not overly sour (I don't like sour that much) and it could go nicely with just a hint of sugar, although it's not necessary to me.


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    1. It was quite a surprise, I didn't expect it to taste the way it did but it's nice! :D

  2. Replies
    1. It was both surprising and nice :D! If I heard beforehand that it had a butter note I may have been like "ehhhh that's okayyy", but I'm glad I got to try it. :)


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