Saturday, August 20, 2016

Changes to Art Evolve

Good afternoon, dear readers!

I've made a few changes to Art Evolve, including this awesome new template which I think perks things up a lot on my page.  I also added new page tabs at the top, one for MTG altered cards and another for nail polish.

The MTG page tab will open up to a page that displays altered art I have painted on Magic the Gathering cards, with images for comparison showing the original art on the card.

The nail polish page tab will lead one to a page where I have linked the names of nail polishes I have used in different blog posts, either from swatch posts or from combination manicures and nail art.  I would like to set up another page that shows photos with links to different nail art that I have featured on my blog.

This is definitely going to be a versatile blog, with posts ranging from art, cosmetics reviews, gaming related posts to posts on links around the web for things I enjoy or think are important, and probably many things in between!

Thank you for visiting my blog, and have a wonderful day!!


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