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Madam Glam Review - Cinnamon Lipstick and Simplicity Lipstick

Good afternoon dear readers!

A little while ago I was approached by Madam Glam, and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products!  I have been very excited to do so! :D

Madam Glam is a cosmetics company that focuses on nail polish (both regular and gel) and face makeup.  I was fortunate in being able to review some of their nail polishes as well as some lipsticks.

Their nail polishes are 5-free, so they are without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl pthalate, toluene, and camphor.

In their regular polish line they have over 80 polishes available.
In their gel line they have around 170 different polishes (not including top/base coats)!
They have a really delightful selection!

They also have a line of colour-changing gels (reacting to temperature) and gel pens.  They have over 20 of the colour-changing gels and about 21 of the pens.  If you are a fan of gel polishes, I would definitely suggest giving them a peek!

Overall a very broad range that is sure to have something for so many gel/polish fans.

Their polishes and cosmetics are cruelty-free, but their lipsticks do contain beeswax if that is something that you are concerned about.

Today I am reviewing their Cinnamon and Simplicity lipsticks.

First up, Cinnamon!

The product is described as this on their website:
"It's getting hot in here! Sizzle with this hot dark red lipstick and prepare to turn some heads around!"

It retails for $15.95 USD for 4.5 g.

This is a really lovely colour and the pigment is very nice.

(Most photos here with flash; the first one not, but my bathroom lighting is yellowy and not the best)

(Swatch from inside my lightbox, without flash)

(Outside lighting, I edited the skin on the side of my lip to remove an ash or something, but the rest is untouched.  This is the most accurate representation of Cinnamon out of all my photos.)

The formula is very creamy, where you can definitely feel the oils on your skin.  It also stays feeling creamy for hours during wear.  The scent is reminiscent to me of some lipsticks from the 1990's/early 2000's? (but not as strong).  I taste it a bit too at first, but then I stop noticing it pretty fast.  While I am not a fan of the scent. I usually wear lipsticks that have a vanilla or chocolate fragrance and that is personal preference.  There is a definite shine to the lips while wearing this.

The packaging is really nice; I really enjoy the matte texture of it and that the cap slows down as it's being pushed onto the bullet.  The design is nice and compact, taking up less space than my usual lipsticks.  The weight listed on my usual Maybelline is 4.2 g and the weight listed on Madam Glam is 4.5 g.

I find wear time is on par with most lipsticks I use.  It's on the lips for hours with the usual wear, mostly in the center of the lip where it touches things and on a side if that touches something.  I do smoke and drink tea a lot and this is not a dry matte lipstick, so it will transfer on things your lips touch while wearing it.  It doesn't really bother me as I don't mind reapplying lipstick as needed, and because of it not being a matte formulation, it isn't super drying on the lips.  I also find that almost every single lipstick I use does this, as I prefer the creamy ones and that's just how they work.  However, personally I find that creamy lipsticks that are fading can be helped a bit by rubbing your lips together and smoothing the remaining lipstick back over the lips.

Next up: Simplicity!

Here is the product description:
"Make your lips look fuller than ever, with this beige glossy lipstick! It will highlight your lips, without making them too loud."

I'm partial to shades like these because they remind me of Angelina Jolie and for a long time I've loved the way she did her lips in the 1990's-2000's.

The formula is pretty on par with Cinnamon, as is the wear.  There *may* be a bit less pigment, but an extra swipe across the lips is no problem to me.  It also retails for the same amount and has the same amount of weight and packaging.  I find the website swatch makes it look more light pink than beige, and it's more beige in person but that could also depend on the lighting.

(These photos taken in my bathroom with flash)

(These photos taken in my room by my light box)

(Swatch from inside my lightbox, without flash.  I think this makes things look a bit more yellow)

(Outdoor lighting, more accurate representation)

I've found the formula to be very similar to other lipstick brands I have tried, both less expensive and more expensive than this one.  The formula (scent aside) reminds me of both a mainstream pharmacy brand and a luxury brand.  Both of which I like, but at different ends of the price spectrum.  Madam Glam is closer to the middle, between the two in price but similar in quality to both (and when I say mainstream pharmacy brand, that does not mean a bad formula, as the particular mainstream brand I use often has a great formula). However, I think this might be even more creamy than the other ones I've tried.  I do really like that this brand is cruelty free (both in and out of production) and while I do find their products pricey, the ones I have tried so far are good quality to me and cruelty free is a great thing.

I didn't find the lipsticks to be super moisturizing or very drying.  My lips are naturally very dry and peely and tend to peel more after wearing products, and it's most products that do this (I might actually have really sensitive lip skin and it just gets irritated most of the time from almost all products I use on them).  Someone with more normal lips would probably have a better idea of how this reacts with them.  However my lips were less dry after wearing these then I had expected and that is a bonus.  I was wearing Simplicity for hours, then wiped it off and applied Cinnamon for an outdoor swatch, then wiped that off and my lips were softer than before wearing it and that is not as common as I would like with other lipsticks I have tried over the years.

I'm glad I was given the chance to give these a try and they are lovely lipsticks!

Have you tried Madam Glam before?

Have a lovely day,


EDIT: I forgot to add this in when I originally posted this review, but for Black Friday Madam Glam has this code to recieve a 40% discount off of orders: BFArtevolve.  I think you enter this during the checkout process and it should give you the discount for the next week.


  1. Those two are some nice lip colors on you.

  2. those colors look great on you and I love that they are cruelty free :)


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