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Lush Christmas 2015

Good morning lovelies! :D

OHMYGOOOSH Lush's Christmas 2015 line is up!!  *slightly hyperventilates whilst waving hands around wildly*

Spoilers had been floating around the internet, but now that I see the products in stock online (a lot of them, anyway!) I am very excited about it!

Here is a peek:

Stardust bath bomb: $5.25 Can. for 90 g.
Vanilla, rosewood and bergamot.

Yog Nog bath bomb: $6.95 Can. for 180 g.
Yog Nog
YEAH!!  A bath bomb version??  Awesome!  Last year they had this as soap only.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb: $6.95 Can. for 200 g.
Luxury Lush Pud
Tonka, lavender and benzoin.

So White bath bomb: $6.45 Can. for 200 g.
So White

Golden Wonder bath bomb: $6.95 Can. for 200 g.
Golden Wonder
Ooh the Golden Wonder.  One of my absolute favorite Lush products.  It smells amazing and is stunning in the bath!

Butterbear bath bomb: $4.95 Can., for 75 g.

This shares its fragrance with the Butterball bath bomb.

Dashing Santa bath bomb: $5.25 Can. for 100 g.

Dashing Santa
Mandarin, bergamot and orange flower.

Father Christmas bath bomb: $6.40 Can. for 200 g.
Father Christmas
Cinders bath bomb: $4.95 Can. for 90 g.
Cinnamon leaf oil.

Shoot for the Stars bath bomb: $6.95 Can. for 200 g.
Shoot for the Stars

Lord of Misrule bath bomb: $6.95 Can. for 200 g. (This is both listed as a Halloween and a Christmas bath bomb)

Lord Of Misrule

Bar Humbug bubble bar: $6.95 Can. for 100 g.

Bar Humbug
WANT!!  It is licorice scented.  Enough said for meeee!

Candy Mountain bubble bar: $7.45 Can. for 100 g.

Candy Mountain
Holly Golightly bubble bar: $10.95 Can. for 200 g.

Holly Golightly

The Magic of Christmas bubble bar: $9.95 Can. for 100 g.

The Magic Of Christmas
I really want to get this, but I would feel kinda sad using it.  So pretty!!

Snow Angel bath melt: $7.95 Can. for 100 g.
Snow Angel
Salt and Peppermint Bark body scrub: $9.95 Can. for 130 g.

Salt and Peppermint Bark
Santa FUN: $6.95 Can. for 200 g.

Santa Fun

Jasmine and ylang ylang scented.

Snakes and Ladders FUN: $6.95 Can. for 200 g.

Snakes and Ladders
Buchu scented.

Snowman FUN: $6.95 Can. for 200 g.
Snowman Fun
Magic of Christmas FUN: $6.95 Can. for 200 g.

Magic Of Christmas
Juniperberry and tangerine scented.

Yog Nog soap: $6.95 Can. for 100 g.
Yog Nog

Old Father Time soap: $7.95 Can. for 100 g.

Old Father Time
This is very intriguing!!  Sage, thyme, redcurrant and myrrh.

Snowcake soap: $7.95 Can. for 100 g.
Baked Alaska soap: $7.95 Can. for 100 g.
Baked Alaska

Santa's Belly Jelly shower jelly: $11.95 Can. for 240 g.

Santa's Belly Jelly
AIEEEEEE IT HAS STARS IN IT!!  Star anise, apple and grape juice scented.

Snowman shower jelly: $6.95 Can. for 100 g.
This is adorable!!  Buchu, bergamot and lemon scented.

Snow Fairy shower gel: $9.95 Can. for 100 ml,, $19.95 Can. for 250 ml., and $29.95 Can. for 500 ml.

Snow Fairy 500ml
I still say that this smells like marshmallow Easter eggs.

Santa Baby lip tint: $8.95 Can. for 8 g.
Santa BabySanta Baby
In a tube??  Yaaaay!!  Santa Baby lip tint is fabulous!!  Gorgeous color payoff and it smells so good!

Santa's Lip Scrub: $8.95 Can. for 25 g.
Santa's Lip Scrub

Bûche de Noël facial cleanser: $12.95 Can. for 100 g., and $29.95 Can. for 250 g.

Bûche de Noël
First Snow dusting powder: $6.95 Can. for 30 g.

First Snow
I was so happy to get this last year and I'm glad they brought it back!!  It's so beautiful and the scent is divine!

It's Christmas Deer knot wrap: $8.95 Can.

It's Christmas Deer

Ooh Lollipop! knot wrap: $8.95 Can.

Ooh Lollipop!

Butterbear knot wrap: $8.95 Can.


The Greatest Show on Earth knot wrap: $8.95 Can.

The Greatest Show On Earth

Snow Angel knot wrap: $8.95 Can.
Snow Angel
The Kite knot wrap: $8.95 Can.

The Kite

I am very excited about this range!!  There are quite a few things I'd love to get. I have to go get ready now for an appointment, but I wanted to get this post up before going out (otherwise I'd have more to say on here!).  Anything catch your fancy?

Have a wonderful day! :D


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