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Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask

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Today I have a review for Peter Thomas Roth's 24K Gold Mask (Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Mask).

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I got a sample from Sephora a few month ago, and finally got around to using it!

Here are the ingredients:


The instructions say to layer enough on so that it isn't transparent.  However the sample size I had would not allow that for the full face, but honestly I think it was enough and I doubt if I globbed it on really thick I would get much more benefit from it than the amount I applied.  You are then supposed to keep it on the skin for 5-10 minutes.

(I'm looking suuu amuuuused here!  Yep, I suffer from resting bitch face!  That and googley photo face!)

I was sad that my camera didn't pick up as much glint off the gold as what was seen in person.  While not quite as extreme, I got that "Gooooldfinngaaaah!" song in my head for a little bit. XD

See?  It barely shows up here at all, but in person it looks pretty awesome!

I left mine on for longer than five minutes, I think around 7-8 or so.  I used a small soft yet scrubby cloth from The Face Shop to help remove it, and I think it would take quite a bit of rinsing if you were using just water and your fingers only as the mask doesn't dry.

After drying my skin, my skin looked rather dewy yet not oily.  My skin was softened, and it really made my skin look lovely!  It didn't dry my skin out, which is really nice as a lot of masks can do that.  By an hour or so later it was less dewy although it still looked nice.

The mask stung a little bit on my skin but I can't say whether that is because my skin has been more sensitive than normal lately, or if the product itself would do that to me either way.  It wasn't horrible pain or anything like that, it just stung enough to be noticeable.

As for firming up the skin, I can't really say that I noticed a difference.  I'm only 30 so the firmness of my skin is not quite an issue for me just yet.

I'd say that it definitely smooths the surface of the skin, but that would not include fine lines as I noticed no difference with mine.

I wish I had better before photos for this post.  I took some, but I've been using my phone camera as my other camera needs new batteries, and it doesn't work as nicely.  The after photos turned out okay as I took them in my bathroom, which yields better quality photos some of the time (maybe the lighting?).

So while my before photos didn't turn out, you can see in the after ones that my skin looks smooth and dewy.  If my skin has a bit more pinkness than normal in it, it's because I exercised about 30 minutes beforehand and my face tends to stay red for a while.

There are some red bumpies on my skin (and a stupid picked-at blemish on my chin) but I had a lot of those before using the mask, so while I can't be 100% in saying that the mask didn't cause any (as most products do that to me) as I didn't count them beforehand, they were probably all there before.
(Edit: hours later I still hadn't gotten any new bumps, and by then I usually would have if a product caused it.  Woo!) (Edit no.2: Okay so a few days later my skin erupted in tiny red bumps, so many of them!  As this is one of the only different things I used around that time, I'm starting to suspect that it may have been this :()

Is it worth $92.00 Can for a 5 oz jar?  Eeehhhhhhhhhh...While the results were definitely lovely, I don't know if it's worth that much (to me).  I've used other masks that yielded lovely results for much less, and one thing that I wish this mask did is plump up fine lines.  It's not really marketed to do that, but I could see myself being more inclined to purchase this if it had that benefit as well.  The dewiness it imparts isn't oily looking or sticky, so that's a bonus that I really like.  However it doesn't stay looking as dewy for the whole day.  I'd definitely suggest getting a sample and testing it for yourself to see how your results are.  I've seen some pretty mixed reviews on this, so like any other skincare item how it works on me isn't necessarily how it will work on you.  I think it's a bit pricey for me personally as I look for more plumping masks.

Have you tried this or any other Peter Thomas Roth masks before?

Have a lovely day! :D


  1. It looks like such a luxurious mask!

    1. It's seriously shimmery in real life! Also definitely fun to try out :D.

  2. I would have so much fun running around with a gold face :-P

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