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Demeter Fragrance Review - Mulled Cider

Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have another Demeter Fragrance review for you, and this one is for Mulled Cider.

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From Demeter Fragrance:
"Autumn in a bottle, with notes of sweet apples, cinnamon, spices.......
Cider is a relative of wine, with almost as ancient a history. Cider was common in England back before the Christian era, where apple trees were worshipped as sacred.  Especially in New England, cider was an immensely popular drink with the pilgrims and was drunk at meals by everyone, including children. Even clergymen, while denouncing 'harder spirits', would drink cider as a matter of course."

I have been really looking forward to trying this one out!  I LOVE autumn, and apple cider brings back fond memories of my childhood.  I love the scent of cinnamon and apples, and having those together in a fragrance sounds wonderful.  I'm used to the non-alcoholic version of apple cider that sells in the fall, and that is the kind we would have with cinnamon sticks poking out.  I do like the alcoholic version as well that I buy in liquor stores, but I find it very different, and have never tried that mulled with any spices (although I probably should!).

Mulled Cider is one of my favourite Demeter fragrances.  The moment I smelled it, I really liked it!

As my sister and I were testing all sorts of fragrances that morning, I sprayed it higher up on my arm to avoid mixing the scents.  Then a perfectly round rash happened! :O

The other marks on my skin that look like mini rashes are actually scars.  But the rash was exactly where I sprayed the perfume, in the exact shape and size of the spray!  After a couple hours the rash went away and nothing else happened.

At first I was very disappointed, as this is one of my favourite scents from Demeter so far.  The initial burst of apple and then the drydown of cinnamon goodness is delightful!  While some people refer to it as being more reminiscent of apple cinnamon candles or a "Christmas cupboard", I can agree but I love that scent so it isn't a negative thing to me.  When it is on your skin the fresh apple dies down pretty fast and I did get a holiday cinnamon potpourri vibe from it, but I really like it!

So, desperate to not let this fragrance go to waste, I resorted to spraying it on my shirt instead of my skin.  It turns out this was a way better idea, because the apple in the fragrance lasts even longer this way, and by the end of the day my shirt was still very fragranced.  I would caution anyone trying this without testing it on a little bit of fabric first, as there could be staining (although I didn't notice any, I'm covering my butt here!).  Actually, the clothing staying power on this is so good that by the end of the day I was a little sick of smelling it so much! XD

All in all I'm extremely pleased with this Demeter choice!  While my skin is sensitive to it (I'm guessing it's the cinnamon part!), I have no other problems with it and as long as I don't put it directly on my skin, I'm good! :D  I think I will especially enjoy wearing this during the autumn and winter months.

Are you a fan of apple cider?  Whether it be the drink or the fragrance?

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  1. That's so bad that it left a rash on you but at least you were able to find another way to use this fragrance.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! :D Yeah, I'd be super sad if I could use it at all! I'm guessing it was whatever they used for the cinnamon. It smells sooo good! XD

  2. This sounds like is smells amazing, I love spiced/cider scents! Too bad about the rash, that is so strange, but I am glad you found a way to still wear it!


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