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Demeter Fragrance Review - Thunderstorm

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Today I have a review of the Demeter Fragrance Thunderstorm.
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"Have you ever considered the olfactory side of rain? You know it's coming, you can smell it in the air (exactly!).

It does seem that on summer days when it is hot and dry, with a thunderstorm brewing just over the next hill, you can `smell the rain. Well, you can smell something, but rain? Have you ever tried to smell this same rain in January when the ground is frozen solid? Not a chance, but when the ground and plants are warmer, you can smell something. What you really smell comes not from the air, but the ground! Plants release oils that enter the soil and blend with the other earthy odors. These odors are released into the air when the relative humidity at ground level exceeds 75 percent. Moist humid air will transmit odors far better than dry air. In these moist humid conditions we notice these odors more readily. And since rain is so often connected with moist humid air, we tend to associate one with the other.

The Demeter Fragrance Thunderstorm captures this complex sensory moment perfectly. Like poetry, Thunderstorm is subtle and difficult to define, but real, with Thunderstorm reflecting the deep and violent nature of a summer storm."

I was pretty excited to try this one, as was my sister.  We both got samples of it, and she tried it first, and I after. :D

The samples were 3ml and retailed for $2.06 USD (usually $2.50 but they were on sale). didn't smell like petrichor to us.

There were some grassy notes at the beginning, some watery notes (definitely!), and some artificial soil.  On my sister the fragrance went almost straight to dirt after the initial grassy burst (also artificial smelling), and on myself there were some watermelon rind/almost cucumber notes.  The whole while though there was an underlying 'men's cologne' tinge to it, and when I had the perfume on for hours, that was mainly what I smelled. My sister even got an almost leathery note, which we think was the soil part of the scent.  I found the soil kind of smelled like the old 'dirt' Crayola fragranced crayon.  XD

Although Demeter Fragrances are unisex, I think I would prefer to smell this on a man instead of myself.  My sister thinks I can pull it off, but I find I end up getting distracted (sadly not in a good way) when wearing this, and a bit queasy if I keep smelling it.  However, 4 hours or so later I think it smelled nice on my arm, being barely there at that point and almost reminiscent of spice.

So Thunderstorm didn't work for us, but fragrance is such a personal thing. I have seen both good and bad reviews for this, but it depends on what you prefer and how fragrance develops with your personal chemistry.

I'm looking forward to reviewing more of Demeter's offerings! :D

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(P.S., if you've ever tried this, please let me know what you thought!)


  1. Nice review on this! Never tried it but I kind of want to now, lol.

    1. Thank you Lisa! :D If you do give it a go, I hope you like it :D

  2. Haha it is kind of interesting to hear how it evolved on yours and your sister's body, and how it smells so different! It is such an amusing take on fragrance, smelling the rain, wow!~~ I'm amazed!

    <3 Celly asian beauty and makeup blog

    1. Thank you Celly! :D Yeah, it's very interesting how fragrances can change so much depending on who is wearing them!! :}

  3. This fragrance sounds so interesting! I don't think it would be or me though :)


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