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Demeter Fragrance Review - Lilac

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Today I have another Demeter Fragrance review for you, and this one is for Lilac.

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From Demeter Fragrance:
"Beautiful spring flowers, driving by it perhaps, a quick burst of intense, almost overwhelming, scent...We're in danger of some "purple prose" here, we know. But, we do love it.

Lilac grows as a shrub or small tree up to 20 feet in height producing a crowd of erect stems, clothed with spirally arranged flakes of bark. It is covered with smooth shoots and leaves, usually heart-shape and 2 to 6 inches long. Our concern, however, is with the fragrance and unforgettable flowers."

My family has had beautiful lilac bushes growing in our backyard for many years (over twenty), and every spring the air fills with their glorious scent.  I've always enjoyed the fragrance, but was sad to learn that I couldn't buy lilac essential oil, as it cannot be properly extracted.  It is too delicate, and gets ruined in extraction processes.

So, when I learned that Demeter had a lilac cologne, I had to try it!

There are definite hints of something similar to lilac, and as my sister said we can see where they are going with this, but it's not quite a true lilac scent.  As lilac is hard to do I cannot really fault them for this, and the fragrance is rather lovely.  I find it to be a delicate, soapy floral, and I think that many people would enjoy this.  My sister liked it a lot, so I gave it to her.  I like it as well, but I think it suits her more than me.

I've read reviews where other people thought it smelled exactly like lilacs, but I think it is a bit different.  It is still really pleasant though! :D

I would suggest giving this a try if you are a lilac fan, as there are similarities of it in there.  I think one of the best ways for me to describe it would be: if I had to smell it without knowing what it was and wearing a blindfold, I would think "hey, that's lilac fragranced" vs. "this is a bunch of lilac flowers."  So you can get that it's lilac, but to me it's not 100% exact.  All in all I'm very glad that I got to try it.

Are you a fan of any Demeter fragrances?

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