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Bellabe Facial Hair Remover from Nail Polish Canada

Good evening, dear readers! :D

Recently I was asked if I would like to review the Bellabe Facial Hair Remover from Nail Polish Canada.

I love reviewing things, and as I have do have longer hairs on my face than I would like (they may be mostly blonde, but I don't want a mustache! :(), I definitely said yes!

Normally I either shave, pluck, or get my sister to thread the hairs off.  I was curious to see how well the Bellabe would stand up to the other methods.

According to the website:
"The Bellabe Facial Remover uses a unique precision spring to remove unwanted coarse facial hairs or "peach fuzz" from the roots. Bellable works best on unsightly hair above the lip, on the chin, sideburns and cheeks. It can be used over and over again and is a much faster method of hair removal then plucking.
To use Bellabe, start by flexing the spring into an upside down “U” than apply to the face and gently roll the handles. No wax or creme is required as the coils of the spring will trap and remove the follicles and hairs. Bellabe is easy to use and practically painless."-
(Image from
These retail for $15.00 Can., and come in 8 colour options:

(Image from Nail Polish Canada)

Here is the product after I first received it:

It comes in a really cute tube for storage!

It also came with a folded sheet of instructions.

So, as I had been growing out my facial hair for this review, I was quite excited to be without a mustache again.

It sometimes takes a few turns to get the wire to grip onto some hairs, but once it does, it's NOT letting go!!

This really does exactly what it will say it will do, except for the "practically painless" part.  While some areas were a little less sensitive than others, I'm not going to lie; this HURT!  At one point my eyes were watering and my nose got runny. But in all seriousness, I'm technically ripping hairs out of my face, so regardless of the method, it's going to hurt.  I didn't expect it to be pain-free, so I went into this with that in mind. 

It hurts just like tweezing hurts, or threading with thread.  But it is faster than those I find, as it covers more area and can pull out more hair faster.  It's also more effective than shaving, as the hair takes longer to grow back in and you aren't left with blunt hair edges.  Another bonus: you can't cut yourself with this, like you can do with razor blades (I may or may not have done this...).

The before and after:

And for those of you who want to see just how well it grips the hairs:

(Eeew!! XD)

This is an extremely effective product, and I give it two thumbs up for working as well as it does.  

In short: (to me!) it really hurts, but it really works. It does redden the skin for a while (as you can see on my "after" photo), so I would suggest doing this a while before going out anywhere.  I think I'll try this again after numbing my skin a bit with ice and see how that goes.  Also keep in mind that I have very low pain tolerance and very sensitive skin, so the pain and redness could vary greatly per person.

I'm very glad to have been able to try this!

Have you tried this method of facial hair removal before? (That is, if you have any facial hair that you want to remove)

Have a wonderful day! :D



  1. I own one of these and use it a ton.

  2. it really does the job well

    1. I'm really happy with how well it works!! :D

  3. I have this! I tried it once, and it hurt so bad I never used it again. I'll stick to shaving :)

    1. Hahahha I don't blame you, it's definitely not for everyone! When I first tried it, I was like ooooow!!

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