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Gambling With Magic Cards - My Modern Masters 2015 Experience So Far

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Here is another MTG post.

So this spring Modern Masters 2015 was released.  It was a very hyped up set, from the beginning.  Eldrazi?  Awesome.  Elesh Norn?  Sweet!  Bitterblossom, Vendillion Clique, Daybreak Coronet, Karn Liberated, Tarmogoyf, Iona, Cryptic Command... a super awesome bunch of cards.

Then, when all was said and done and the whole set was spoiled for us to see, there was a lot of "meh" from the fans.

There were a lot of rares that would not get you your money back, and the chances of getting those was high.  (I know that not every Magic fan views the game from such a financial standpoint, but this article is more about that side of things.)

I know that is the case with pretty much every Magic set, but the thing is, (while it depends on your location), each pack of MM2015 costs about three times the price of a normal pack of magic cards.

So while, say, a pack of Dragons of Tarkir will sell for $5 Can. or so, Modern Masters 2015 sells each pack for $15 Can..  And sure, you are guaranteed a foil in every pack (and so an extra card), but most of those will be commons or uncommons that aren't worth a whole lot.

A while back The Mana Source did a video unlike most they have done, where they reviewed the value of the set and whether or not it was worth it to buy a box.  While the math isn't perfect as cards fluctuate wildly and they aren't taking into account the teensy chance you have of getting a foil mythic that is worth hundreds of dollars, basically it boiled down to about 19% chance of actually making your money back in pulls for each pack.

Those are terrible chances!  Not only that, but I heard that the quality control wasn't so good for this set, so one man opened two boxes and had one that was repeats and repeats of junky cards, and the other had a bunch of good ones.

But!  Like the Magic fan I am, I like to gamble now and then and buy packs to see if I would get something spiffy for trade, sale, or altering.  (Believe me, this is NOT always the best idea.  But it can be fun now and again!)  And this time it actually paid off!! :O

I bought a total of 5 packs over the past two weeks, three of which I gave to my Dad, and two that I opened for myself.  So that is a hefty chunk of change right there.  My Dad also gave me two packs, so in total I opened 4.  The first pack sadly had a junk rare that I can't remember, as I opened it last week.  The three packs I got my Dad had junk rares.  The three I opened yesterday for myself:

Pack 1:
First had Indomitable Archangel (worth about $0.85)
Gorgeous card, but yiiikes!

Pack 2:
Tarmogoyf (worth about $174.99)

Pack 3:
Ghost Council of Orzhova (foil) (worth about $4)
Fulminator Mage (worth about $20.45)

Needless to say I was pretty ecstatic over the Tarmogoyf.  I don't usually have the best luck in pulling amazing cards, but this time I was very lucky.

You rarely will make back what the card is worth, so while it would cost you $175 in store to buy a near mint copy, if I sold it to a store I would get around $125-130ish tops.  So, I am selling it to someone else in the community for a solid $145.

I know this isn't a foil Tarmogoyf (worth about $350!), but I am still making back what I spent on those packs ($75) + $70.

A part of me says: use the money to buy more!  And the more rational side of me says, "no, you aren't going to get any more great cards, don't waste your money!!'  The chances of me pulling something that great again are pretty much non-existent.

Should you buy into Modern Master 2015 as a collector?  It depends what kind of collector you are. If you are looking for only some of the cards, it is a risky gamble. It's a gamble that I was fortunate enough to benefit from, but if I continued trying my chances I doubt it would be worth it.  You'd most likely be better off just going and buying the particular cards you needed than trying to open them, and packs of MM are very expensive.  If you are trying to collect the whole set, then it makes sense wanting to open some packs as every card in the whole set is one that you want to have.  However it will still be an extremely expensive set to collect.

Is it worth it to try and get money cards?  I don't think so.  There is such a minute chance of getting something that you are much more likely to be throwing money away than making it.

Now if you are drafting, that is a whole other matter.  But that is also a $35+ draft, so it's not for everybody.  If you are my friend Mike, it's worth it, because he aaaaaaaalways pulls the best cards.  Aaaaaalways.  It really is uncanny!

I know that probably most of my readers don't play Magic, but for those who do, what are your thoughts on Modern Masters 2015?

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  1. great find! I need to get back in to the MTG scene haha. I most play with cards that are 10 years old.


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