Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Face Shop Mini Haul

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Last week I had to go to a mall to return an item I bought that didn't work well with my skin.  While there, I ended up stopping in a few stores and picked up a few things. :)

Most of what I got was from The Face Shop (a Korean beauty brand that has just opened stores recently in Ottawa).

Here's what I picked up:

The green box was on sale for $10, and I'm glad the sales associate told me about it, because I regretted not getting one earlier in the year (these sets were for Christmas) and they still had some!

It comes with The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, a mini Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye Makeup Remover, and three of the Real Nature Rice Masks.

I also got some of the Modeling Gel Patchs, which are for the lips (as I'm sure you can tell XD).

To go with the foaming facial wash, I picked up a Creamy Bubble Maker (which I can tell you that I am a huge fan of now that I've tried it!):

They got a shipment of products in that they had been sold of of for a while, and one of the items was konjac sponges! :D  So I had to pick one up!

I have reviewed several konjac sponges before (you can see them here and here), but one thing I've never personally encountered until now is a pre-moistened konjac sponge.  I'm not really sure why The Face Shop does that; maybe because they look bigger and feel softer when moistened than they do in their dry state?  Either way it seems like it would shorten the shelf life, even if they are sealed.  Who knows?

The main reason why I went into the store was to pick up more of their glorious face masks.  I bought ten (not including the three rice ones that came in the green boxed set), and because they were having a buy one get one half off sale, I got 5 free! :D

I stuffed them into a basket of masks that my sister and I share:

Because I spent over a certain amount ($30 or something like that), I got some free nail polish! :D
The packaging is soooo cuuuuuute!

I've never used any nail polish from this brand before, so it will be interesting seeing how they hold up.

So far I've tried a few of the things I got and I quite like them. :D  I plan on doing some reviews soon, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts :).

(I also ran into Bath and Body Works and grabbed this, which smells reaaaaally nice!):

I hope you have a wonderful day!! :D




  1. Nice haul! There's one at this mall nearby me but I haven't went to check it out yet.

    1. Ooo I highly recommend their face masks! :D The only problem I've had with this company is their customer service isn't so good from my own experience (sadly). But their face masks are the bomb, and I keep coming back for more. XD

  2. I love the rice brightening wash! And that christmas set was indeed a steaaal~ Great haul! ^_^ Check out my haul from Wishtrend too xD

    WishTrend Haul

    1. Oooo will do!! :D Thank you for your comment! ^_^


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