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M:TG Theros Favourites

Good morning, dear readers! :D

It is time for another Magic: The Gathering post.

As the Born of the God's pre-release is almost upon us, I thought I would make a post on some of my favourite Theros cards.

I play a white/blue deck, so my favourites today are going to be mainly those colours. :D

All of the images in this post are from Magic The Gathering Gatherer, and are property of Wizards of the Coast.

Elspeth, Sun’s Champion
Oh Elspeth, how I adore you! :D This wonderful plainswalker is a powerful ally, and all of her abilities are extremely helpful!  When I get her onto the field, it is almost a guaranteed win for me.

To up her loyalty points, you get to put three 1/1 Soldier creature tokens on the field per turn.  These quickly add up, and play beautifully into her second ability, where she allows you to destroy every creature on the field with a power of 4 or greater (which means you keep all of your 1/1's!).  Her third ability gives your creatures flying and +2/+2, making your Soldier tokens a swarm of formidable creatures.

While she is an expensive card, I cannot recommend her enough for a mono-white or combo white deck.

Heliod, God of the Sun
Heliod!  As long as your devotion is 5 or more, Heliod comes out as a 5/6 creature for only 3+1W mana.  That is darn good for a white creature!  You only need 4 more white devotion for him to be a creature, as he already has 1W in his mana cost.
He boosts his worth with Indestructible, and a 2+2W ability that allows you to put a 2/1 Cleric enchantment token onto the field.  So even if he is not a creature at the time, you can still pay for his ability cost and bring out that token.

Spear of Heliod
Spear of Heliod is a great 1+2W artifact, giving all of your creatures +1/+1 and adding 2 to your white devotion (which helps keep Heliod a creature).  It also has another great ability where you can pay 1+2W and destroy a target creature that dealt damage to you this turn.  Woohoo!

Gift of Immortality
Gift of Immortality is brilliant.  It can also be very annoying for an opponent. This enchantment allows you to bring the creature you enchanted back from the graveyard.  Not only that, but it brings itself back as well, and attaches to the same creature as before.  So unless it is removed with another spell, it will just keep regenerating that creature over and over.  :D Muahahaha!!

Hundred-Handed One
I love the idea of this card!! :D  The hekatonkheires were fearsome creatures in Greek mythology that had 50 heads and 100 hands.  I like this version better, where the creature has a bunch of arms (as well as hands) but only one head. XD
Wizards of the Coast really added to the flavour of the card by having this creature be able to turn monstrous, becoming a 6/8 monster that can block an additional 99 creatures!  That is so much awesome.

Phalanx Leader
Phalanx Leader is especially handy!  While at first 2W seems to be a bit pricey for a 1/1, his ability more than makes up for that.  Whenever you cast a spell targeting it, you give each of your creatures +1/+1.  Hard to say no to that!

Thassa, God of the Sea
If your devotion to blue is 5 or higher, Thassa is a 5/5 creature with Indestructible for only 2+1U mana!
Just like Heliod, you only need 4 more blue devotion for her to be a creature, as she already has 1U mana in her cost.
You get to scry 1 at the beginning of your upkeep steps (woohoo!), and if you pay 1+1U, a target creature you control can't be blocked this turn :D (which also works really well with Medomai the Ageless, which I will explain a little ways below.)

Bident of Thassa
Thassa's bident allows you to draw a card each time a creature you control deals combat damage to a player.  There is also the 1+1U ability which makes creatures your opponents control attack this turn if able.

Aqueous Form
Aqueous Form is a 1U aura enchantment, making your creature unblockable.  This is so very handy, especially in one of my favourite card combinations, which brings me to...

Medomai the Ageless
Medomai the Ageless!
He is a fantastic creature.  If he deals combat damage to a player, you get an extra turn after this one.  O_O  While he can't attack on the extra turns (or else you would keep getting turns over and over until the game ended), you can use those turns to attack with other creatures, get some more cards, and even produce more tokens using Elspeth.
Combining Medomai with Aqueous Form has proven to be a super successful combo for me, and I greatly recommend it. :D
He also works very well with Thassa, as her 1+1U ability allows you to target one of your creatures and make it unblockable for a turn.  Yay! :3

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a seriously beautiful land.  When you tap it you can add 1 colourless mana to your mana pool.  OR!  If you choose to pay two mana when you tap it, you can pick a colour and you will get the equivalent of your total devotion to that colour added to your mana pool!!! :D This is an awesome, awesome card.  If you have a devotion of 7, that is a big wallop of extra mana per turn!
And an added bonus (not that it needed more, but I'll take it!) is that it enters the field un-tapped.

To wrap things up, those are some of my absolute favourites from the Theros set, and I am very excited to get my hands on some Born of the Gods cards. :D

Born of the Gods is to be released on Feb. 7th, but you can get in on some BOTG action on the first and second of Feb., with the pre-release events.

Have a super awesome day! :D



  1. I absolutely love the art on the cards!
    I'll have to share this post with my brother! :-)

    1. Me too!! :D That is one of the things I love most about Magic :D.
      Aw, thank you :3 I hope he likes it!

  2. The artwork on these cards is nothing short of powerfully enchanting!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. :D I am so glad that you like them!! I love collecting the really beautiful ones, even if I don't use them for actual play XD

  3. white has some of the most beautiful and ethereal art work.

  4. These look amazing! I really like the art on these cards.


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