Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's Almost 2014!, Magic: The Gathering, and Sleep

Good morning, dear readers! :D

I hope that everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Christmas.

I had such a fantastic day! :}
I loved spending it with my family.  We had a wonderful dinner that evening, and I am really looking forward to next Christmas. :D

It is strange to think that 2013 is almost over.  I don't have any plans for New Year's Eve, but that is rather normal for me, hehehe. XD  I think I have done 'special' things for New Year's Eve only a handful of times in my past, and one of them was in 1999 because it was cool going into the year 2000.  Wow, that was 14 years ago!!! :O

I remember how many people were so worried about Y2K (or the Millennium Bug).  A lot of people didn't know what would happen to computers, and if they would get all messed up from not being programmed to be dated after 1999.  As a civilisation we have come to rely on computers so much (and that was so long ago... 14 years later and we are more tied to technology then ever before; just think of all of those people glued to their phones and iPad's!).  If everything digital went down, there would be a fair amount of chaos in the more technologically developed countries.

File:Bug de l'an 2000.jpg
(Not my image, image taken from here.)

However, other than being a bit exciting and possibly a teensy bit scary, nothing really happened, and we were all fine. XD

Hmmm... I was going to talk about one of the gifts I got for Christmas, but got completely sidetracked. XD

I am very blessed, and was very lucky to receive many wonderful gifts for Christmas.  I got art supplies, jewellery, candy (a HUGE amount of candy... sadly, most of it is gone now D:!!!), and some Magic: The Gathering cards.

That's right!

Magic: The Gathering! :D

Magic: The Gathering
(Not my image, image found here.)

Woooooo! XD (For those of you don't know about it, MTG is a trading card game that originated in the 1990's and has been very popular worldwide since then.)

I love love love gaming and fantasy (and science fiction), and I have recently gotten back into playing MTG.  I used to play it over ten years ago, and in the last little while I had been missing it.  (I used to play the Yu-gi-oh tcg too, but that is another tale for another time.)

I reaaally like MTG.  I love the fantasy aspect of it, the game play, and the strategy.  I really like the stories that are represented within the cards (and the added 'flavour text' at the bottoms of some of them), the social aspect of the game (and I am generally not a very social person), and the collecting side of it.  But one of the things I love most about it, is the seriously amazing artwork represented on the cards.

Here is an example:

(Not my image, image taken from here.)

I am not a fan of all of the artwork, as there are thousands of cards (dating from the early 1990's) and I have personal preferences, but I have a binder with a lot of cards just because they are pretty!  (I do get cards for their uses too, but if I can get both useful and pretty, then I am going to do it! XD)
As an artist and as someone who has a pretty big imagination, I find these cards to be extremely inspiring.  :D

So, after returning to the world of Magic after many years, I have a lot of catching up to do.  Right now I am running a white vintage deck, which lets me use some of my old favourites.  My Dad and sister both play Magic as well, so it is really nice being able to spend time with them doing something we all really enjoy. :D
Last night I went to Friday Night Magic at a nearby(ish?) game store, and was able to scope out the current Magic scene (and get a good haul of some awesome cards!).  There were a couple of guys there from the good ol' days, which was great! :D  I am sure that there are more people playing the game still, but our old haunts are gone now, so things have been spread out a bit around the city (sad face!).

I still have many personal problems and can have a lot of trouble socialising with other people (yay internet! XD), but when I am able to I really enjoy meeting and talking with others about MTG. :)


Speaking of mental health, I finally had a sleep last night that lasted just over 3 hours in one stretch!! :D *cries with happiness!!!*

Since going off of one of my meds, my sleep has been even more horrid than usual, and I have been feeling so gross for the last couple of weeks.  I usually can sleep only 2-3 hours at a time, then I wake up.  And then later in the day, I try sleeping again, and get another 2 or so hours before waking up again.  I rarely can get back to sleep after waking up, which really blows.

It is also difficult for me to accurately judge my state of being without that particular medicine, because when I get tired, my symptoms can get much, much worse.  And so, after half or less-than-half of my usual sleep for weeks, my body and brain have been feeling pretty wonky.  I am a person who has always needed more sleep than the average human (7 hours a night is a no-go!!), and this current wacky schedule has been particularly hard on me.
In order to be sure how I am responding to completely cutting out that particular medicine, I have to wait for several more weeks for my body to get back to a normal pattern.  Every time I have reduced my dosage in the past I have felt better and better (and vice versa when increasing it), so I know that this is a good step for me, but it is still hard.

Well I think that is a good note to end this post on (also, I am tired), so I hope that you have an amazing day!! :D  Let me know how your holidays went!

-Ashesela :}

(P.S., anyone got an extra Martyr of Sands? :'D)


  1. We had a good Christmas. The 24th was spent with the family-in-law and the 25th was with mine. Good company and good laughs all around.
    My brother also plays MTG and has recently gotten back into it after a 7-10y break. His only item on his wish list for Christmas was Magic cards, lol!
    I hope your sleeping patterns get better soon. I usually need at least 8h, but when I don't have an alarm to wake me up I get 9h-ish. I can't even imagine what it must be like for you. :-(

    1. I'm glad that you had a good Christmas!! :D
      Hahah that is hilarious that your brother just got back into MTG too XD
      Thank you very much, I hope that my sleep gets better too :}

  2. I can't believe 2013 is almost over! We tend to not do anything special on New Year's Eve either. We just stay home and it's like a normal day lol. Aw I hope your sleeping gets better! <3

    1. Thanks so much!! <3 I hope that it gets better too. I hope that you have a great New Year's Eve, even if you spend it the same way I do XD

  3. Awesome post !I followed you ...
    could you please do the same for me?

    1. Thank you so much!! :D Of course! I am following your blog now :D

  4. hi!
    would you follow earch others&
    let me know!

  5. You know, as I stop and think about it now, I haven't really done too many overly exciting things for New Year's overs the years myself either. Not that I mind one bit. I love to be festive and have fun, but I'm not a big party goer and never hit the clubs these days (not that I did much back in my single days mind you), so I rather enjoy just peacefully waving goodbye to one year as you get ready for the next at home or with friends/family members at their house. I woke up with a nasty cold yesterday so this year's celebration will be an especially lowkey one for me at home tonight.

    Wishing you an incredible, super fun filled celebration and so very much happiness in 2014!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica!! :D Aw, I am so sorry to hear that you got that cold! D: I wish you a speedy recovery and a wonderful 2014!! <3!!

  6. my brother got me 2 MTG decks this Chanukkah! :) we love to play together

    1. You play it too???!!! That is way cool!!!! :D

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D


    1. Thank you so much and I wish the same for you as well! :D <3


Thank you for your comments! :D

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