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Ice and Snow Jewellery - Etsy

Good evening, dear readers!

Lately I have been on an Etsy kick.  While I have used the site before, I have literally spent quite a few hours on there in the last week alone. >.>

They have so many amazing things on there!! I can spend a whole evening just adding things to my favourites. :}

I decided to do some Etsy posts on my blog, because I adore that site and the wonderful artists who sell their wares on it.

In the spirit of winter, here are some gorgeous jewellery finds that remind me of ice and snow, with links for the item listing and seller's store underneath (in case, you know, you might want to check them out for yourself! XD).

Please note that I do not own any of these images, and you can find where I got them if you click on the link below the photos.  Also, the items I show may not be available anymore/sold when you click on the links.  Since I am Canadian, the prices are listed in Canadian currency (even though these sellers are all over the world!).

Rough Diamond and Sapphire Ring - $270.33 Can
Rough Diamonds Sapphire Ring Sterling Silver Raw Diamond Engagement Ring Size 8 Silversmithed Metalsmithed
Found here.  Etsy shop: ManariDesign

Sterling Silver Quartz Pendant and Chain - $60.00 Can

Found here.  Etsy shop: MichaelaSagatovaArt

Rough Aquamarine Ring: $152.75 Can
Blue Rough Aquamarine ring - Sterling silver - Custom
Found here.  Etsy shop: metalmorphoz

"Snow White" Wire Wrapped Earrings - $36.81 Can
SNOW WHITE - wire wrapped earrings - silver and moonstone
Found here.  Etsy shop: bodaszilvia

Sterling Silver Snowflake Bangles - $93.41 Can

Found here.  Etsy shop: HalaDesign

Raw Aquamarine Ring - $60.44 Can
Raw Blue Aquamarine Ring -  Rough Uncut Blue Aquamarine - Natural Gemstone Ring K10
Found here.  Etsy shop: K911STUDIO

Snowflake and Ice Crystal Earrings - $8.79 Can

Found here.  Etsy shop: DJInspirations

Winter Wonderland Snowy Tree Glass Dome Necklace - $30.77 Can
Winter Wonderland Snowy Tree Necklace Glass Dome Pendant Snow Globe Jewelry Forest Scene
Found here.  Etsy shop: CuteAbility

Snowflake Earrings - $23.08 Can
Snowflake Drop Earring
Found here.  Etsy shop: flakyfarmgirl

Raw Quartz Shoulder-dusting Earrings - $43.85 Can

Found here.  Etsy shop: byAngeline

Ice Queen Crystal Druzy Sterling Ring - $159.34 Can
ICE QUEEN. Non Traditional Engagement or promise ring- Made to order-Any size .Crystal Druzy and sterling silver ring. Front Page on Etsy
Found here.  Etsy shop: Chymiera

Sterling Silver Snowflake Ring - $26.37
Snowflake ring, Sterling Silver, Winter jewelry, stackable
Found here.  Etsy shop: BarronDesignStudio

Raw Quartz Ring - $167.03 Can

Found here.  Etsy shop: byAngeline

Frost Flower Wire Wrapped Earrings - $36.81 Can

Found here.  Etsy shop: bodaszilvia

Sterling Silver Snowflake Ring with Glass Cabochon - $151.65
Snowflake Ring, Stamped Silver Ring, Metalwork Ring, Sterling Silver Ring, Blue Glass Ring, Winter Jewelry, Icy Blue - First Snow
Found here.  Etsy shop: WildWomanJewelry

Rough Quartz Crystal Ring - $177.47

Found here.  Etsy shop: byAngeline

Aaaand, how about one of these....

Ice Queen scepter - $54.95 Can
Maab's Ice Queen Sceptre - Made to Order
Found here.  Etsy shop: angelyques

Tee-hee! ^_^


I hope to do more posts like this, because it is really fun, and if I can help promote artists then I am very happy to do so! :)

I actually purchased one of these, and several more items recently that I will show you after I get them in the mail.  I AM SO EXCITED!!! :'D

Anyhoo.. take care and have a wonderful wintery evening! :)



  1. What a fun post! There's so much gorgeous jewelry here, especially that sapphire and diamond ring! I could spend HOURS just browsing Etsy.

    1. Thank you so much!! :D Oh man, the time can go by so fast on that site... XD

  2. Beautiful and very innovative jewellery..
    My fav's are rings

  3. Replies
    1. :D I am so glad that you like them!! :D It makes me want to learn to make them! XD

  4. Amazing jewels!
    Lovely blog!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and FB?
    Let me know... I will follow you back!!!!

    1. Aw thank you so much!! :D Sure!! :) I am following your blog now :D

  5. I'm following you back darling.... keep in touch!!!

  6. So many beautiful pieces! They scream Ash all over them! :D

  7. There are some really gorgeous pieces! I love the snowflake bangles especially!

  8. Gorgeous rings - I love a big statement piece! Xx

    1. I definitely wouldn't mind owning a few of those! :D

  9. What a lovely collection, thank you so much for including my rough sapphire & diamond ring. I have also link your article to my fb page. Many thanks, Marianna

    1. Aw, my pleasure!! :D Thank you so very much!! <3

  10. These pieces are all so enchantingly beautiful! I've been an etsy devotee for many years now, sourcing a good chunk of my vintage wardrobe and some of my craft supplies from that massively addictive site.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It really is addictive, isn't it??! So many wonderful finds on there! :D

  11. I Lurrrvvv the jewelry! Especially the aquamarines. Nice line up!

    1. Why thank you!! :D Now if only I could somehow buy them all... XD

    2. I know right? Man I love jewelry. LOL not as much as nail polish but almost. hahaha

    3. Ahahahah!!! XD We gotta have our priorities! XD

  12. These are all great pics! I especially love the snowflake bangle bracelets!

    1. I meant PICKS but out of habit I wrote pics lol

    2. Eheheheh!! XD I love those bracelets too!! :D

  13. Nice Collections of Jewelry really it is cool

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