Sunday, December 08, 2013


Good morning, lovelies! :D

I've been taking more time between posts for varying reasons lately.

This week I have finally gotten off Seroquel (WOOHOO!!) and it has taken me almost the entire year to do so.  :D

Unfortunately, doing so means that I have been having some withdrawal effects, so I haven't been feeling my best for the last 5 days or so.  Other than the expected side effects (nausea, sleep difficulties, blah blah blah) a big side effect for me has been ITCHING!!


Have you ever had the codeine itches?  It is like that, but much worse.  And it has been going on for about 3-4 days now.  Scratching doesn't help at all (and it makes it worse!), and it spreads all over the body.  Apparently Seroquel acts as an anti-histamine, and when you go off of it, your body is all like "say what now!".  I also heard that for some people, the effects can last weeks (even up to a month!).

My family has been helping me out a lot.  They help me put lotion on my back when it gets crazy itchy, and the other day my sister made a paste of oatmeal and baking soda for my skin.  She put it on my back, and it felt SO NICE!!!  Very relaxing, and it really helped with the itching.  :D  I had it on there for about half an hour as I lay face-down in bed, with a fan blowing on it, while she put some songs on my computer for me.  One of the songs was a Sesame Street one about oatmeal LOL!!! XD

My sleep is all over the place (even worse than usual).  But I shouldn't complain too much, as many people who go off Seroquel can't sleep for literally days at a time.

While Seroquel can work for many people, it is a very heavy-duty drug, and I am so glad to be finally rid of it!! :D  It was prescribed to me for bouts of psychosis and other mental issues, and for me it actually made my problems worse!


Aside from that, my nails are *still* growing out, so nail polish doesn't look great on them right now.  *Sighs again*.  It sucks, because this is my favourite time of the year for nail polish!  But even if I am not able to do many manicures this month, I can still do snowflakes and the like next month, as it will still be winter.  :D

I may have to go to a clinic today, to have a doctor look at a lump I have in my cheek.  I think it is an infection, and it hurts. >:(

I had a pimple near my mouth, and being me, I picked it (over and over again).  I have compulsive skin picking disorder, and so any wound that I get has a higher chance of getting messed up.  It sucks.  I really hate this disorder.  I don't want to do it, and I wish I could stop it right now!  But I know that it will take time.  I don't even realise when I am doing it sometimes, and other times I literally wake up to me picking at my arms or shoulders.

Anyway, back to the cheek.  As of last night, there is a small round lump to the left of the wound (which I thought was finally healing over), and it has gotten a bit worse.  My biggest fear is OMG WHAT IF IT IS MRSA! so I have to get it checked out.  I've never had MRSA, and I don't know anyone in real life who has, but it is some scary shit and I don't want it!! D:

Unfortunately I will probably be put on some antibiotics to be on the safe side (although MRSA is not easily treated with regular antibiotics), and will probably have to get some cultures done.  Ugh, antibiotics.  Blehrgh!

On a good note, I am waiting for some amaaazing packages in the mail!! :D  Most of which are jewellery! :}  I can't wait to get them and show you! :D

Well, I think I will sign off for now, but I will be back when I can.  I've just been feeling very mentally exhausted lately.

Take care and have a fabulous weekend! :}



  1. congrats on coming off medication! I know how hard it is to do, all the best xx

    1. Thank you so very much!!! :D <3 I am so glad to be off of them!

  2. Congrats on getting off that medication! :)


    1. YAY!! :D Thank you very very much!! :}

  3. a few years ago I got MRSA, actually. I got an ingrown hair in my armpit (attractive, i know) and it had gotten infected. It turned into a huge bump, that eventually started to look pretty gross. I went to the doctor, and they had to lance and drain it, and they took cultures. Once I found out it was MRSA, i was one 2 different antibiotics for a while. But eventually the bump went away and it was all clear. Hopefully that made you feel better. I was scared and crying when I learned it was MRSA, i thought i was going to dye, but it went away no problem, and nothing bad happened. My friend actually had MRSA at the same time as me, and hers went away with out a problem too. Hopefully its nothing too bad!

    I also am a compulsive skin-picker. I used to pick at my pimples so much that they went from little bumps to HUGE goose eggs. I would just have to drain them and they went away. So maybe your cheek bump could be that? I still pick really bad, but after that happened 3 times, i was scared it was going to happen again so I got a little better about it.

    1. :O!!! Woah, I am really sorry to hear that you have had CSP too, as well as MRSA!! I'd probably be crying too!! (Definitely!)
      Hmm, your friend had it too? My guess is that you both either contracted it at the same place, or one of you gave it to the other. It can be very contageous, so that is probably why you both got it at the same time.
      I am so glad that you both are okay!! If you ever do have another incident, definitely go to the doctor and don't drain it yourself, because if it happens to be MRSA again, doing so can be very dangerous (and I don't want anything to happen to youuuu!!! <3)
      Thank you so much for your story, that does make me feel better :}

  4. Well congrats, keep up the good work!

  5. Congrats on getting off that medication! I hope the itching and the bump on your cheek goes away soon!! I can't wait to see snowflake manis from you!

    1. Aw, thank you so much!!! <3 I really appreciate that :}

  6. You are such a strong, inspiring, awesome woman, sweet Ash. Thank you for speaking so openly about what you've been contending with lately. I hope dearly that the itching stops super soon for you.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Before I go any further, am I the only one who started singing "Is it me you're looking for?" after reading the title for this post?? Yes?? Oooooookay...*hides head in shame*
    Ugh, itching suuuuucks so bad! I was diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria end of September and have been put on 2 types of strong anti-histamines for 6 month to try and trick my body into thinking "there is nothing wrong with you dude!". I hate taking meds but honestly though, I am kissing the dermatologists feet for putting me on them because the itching and hives is stuff nightmares are made of!
    But I am insanely psyched (is that spelled correctly?? I have a tendency to comment on your blog after midnight!) that you are off the Seroquel though! It is sucky and I wish there was anything I could do to help but just hang in there! You're going to kick ass and take names...LIKE A BOSS! xx

  8. Hope you getting to feeling better soon! Congrats on your progress so far!! :)


Thank you for your comments! :D

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