Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bodaszilvia Jewellery

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Recently I came across a very lovely store on Etsy.  The owner, Szilvia Boda, has a remarkable talent with wirework.  Her designs are both intricate and imaginative, and I honestly had never come across anything like it!  She has steampunk, gothic, art nouveau and fantasy themes throughout her pieces.

Intricate necklace found here.

Beautiful and colourful ear wrap found here.

"Nimrodel" necklace; image found here.

I literally spent hours looking through her Etsy listings, and after careful deliberation (which took a long time, as she has such beautiful creations) I settled on a list of items that I needed to get, as soon as possible. XD

Not only did I get some things for myself (teehee!), but I was able to pick up some Christmas gifts for another three people.  :}

One of her gorgeous snowflake pendants; image found here.

What really sparked my attention was when I had come across her Facebook page, and I saw this amazing snowflake pendant that she had recently created (only one of them).  I saw it and instantly NEEDED it.  Not just wanted, but needed!! O_O;

Winter is my favourite season and snow is one of my favourite things in this world (which I am sure that 99.9% of my readers know about me now XD), and this pendant was right there, glimmering brightly on my computer screen.

I thought it was stunning, but had many things I needed to do and get.  However, after coming across it again a little while later, I said "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS" and I sent a message her way, asking if she would be able to put it on hold for me until I got paid. XD I knew that she had only one of these, and as she makes only a few snowflake pendants each winter I needed to snatch this one up before someone else came along and did so.

She put it aside for me, and before placing my order I searched and came up with a list of other items to add to it.  :}

My pendant!! :D  Image found here.

We conversed back and forth, and after placing my order, she went to work creating the other items (made to order) right away.  Her speed for creating these items is almost unbelievable, especially considering the quality of the pieces and the work that goes into making them.  In only 2 or 3 days my order was ready to ship, and she wasn't just working on my order alone, so that shows you how skilled she is at wire craft.

I honestly was so happy to meet her over the Internet, as she is a completely lovely and sweet person.  She is very kind, and I hope to be a lifelong customer of hers. :}

NYX - wire wrapped ear cuff - blue and black
This mysterious and enchanting ear wrap was found here.

"Dryad" ear wrap found here.

"Eye of Persephone" earrings; image found here.

Her imaginative designs and skilled use of materials are evident the moment you take a peek into her online shop.

Not only does she have so many different designs, but she also takes custom orders as well.  She creates earrings, ear wraps and cuffs, bracelets, pendants and necklaces, rings... I've even seen a stunning circlet that she custom made for someone.

My order arrived EXACTLY when expected, which was amazing because it came to me (here in Canada), all the way from Hungary!  Canada Post can be notoriously slow and frustrating, and I expected that it would take longer (they tend to get your packages and just let them 'sit' for a while before delivering them :/.  And don't get me started on the upcoming price increases!!).

The order was sent in three separate packages, so she could insure them all.  Each item arrived perfectly, safely enveloped in bubble wrap and with cardboard inserts to protect the items from warping during transit.  Not only that, but she included these adorable black bags, to store and protect the jewellery when not in use.

ELF EARS - silver elven ear wrap - 1 pair
The gorgeous style of elf ear wraps that I purchased; image found here.

GALADRIEL ELF EARS - ooak silver elven ear wrap - 1 pair
Here is another type of stunning elf ear wrap; image found here.

The elf ear wraps I gave as a Christmas gift to one of my friends, and she loves them!! :D  I wanted them for myself, but then I told myself that in the future I can always order another pair XD.

I ordered three more ear wraps, also gifts, and I know that they will be cherished.  :D

STEAMPUNK PRINCESS bronze and brass necklace
Beautiful steampunk necklace; image found here.

EYE - OOAK wire wrapped necklace - purple, brass and turquoise
"Eye" wrapped necklace; image found here.

STEAMPUNK - OOAK wire wrapped ear cuff - brass, copper and red
Steampunk ear wrap, found here.

Here are some of my own photos, for a few of the items I ordered:

(I am not entirely sure why some of the photos are vastly warmer in temperature than others.  Other than deliberately tarnished items, the silver plated wires she uses all look the same in real life.)

I wore a bunch of these to a Christmas dinner party on Tuesday, and I got so many compliments!! :}

Here are some of her previous custom orders:

Image found here.

Image found here.

Image found here.

"Serpent Eye" necklace; image found here.

You can visit her Etsy shop here, her Facebook page here, and her DeviantArt page here.

I would have liked to add even more photos of her diverse and fantastic collection, but then this blog post would have been very long indeed.  :)  I really implore you to explore her collection, as she has so many more creations that I would have wanted to feature here but couldn't, due to the length of my post.

Thank you so much Boda Szilvia, for your beautiful pieces that you have lovingly created.  They will be enjoyed for so many years to come.



  1. Wow what lovely pieces of jewelry!

  2. Wow, everything is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. These intricate pieces of handcrafted jewelry are stop-you-in-your-tracks stunning. Much like yourself, I too am smitten with the snowflake pendent, but absolutely adore everything. Thank you very much for the awesome introduction. Her pieces are wishlist material if there was.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. :D!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :D I really do love her jewellery, and I hope to spread awareness for it because I think it is so beautiful and well made. It makes me so happy that you like her work as well! :D

  4. Her work is amazing and her pieces look so intricate! That snowflake pendant is so you! :D


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