Friday, November 29, 2013

Inspired - Snowflake Winter Treats

Good evening, dear readers!! :D

Since the holiday season is upon us and Christmas is fast approaching, I wanted to have more of a holiday and wintery theme here at Art Evolve.

One of the things that this time of the year is well known for, is holiday baking!! :D

And so, for my first "Inspired" post, I will be sharing photos that I found on some truly delicious-looking snowflake-inspired baked goods! :D  I will link where I found the photos under each one.

Enjoy! :D

Snowflake Cookies:

These amazingly beautiful cookies were found here.

These beauties were found here.

Snowflake Cupcakes:

Check out that gorgeous decorating!!  These were found here.

:O!!!  AMAZING!  So beautiful; these cupcakes were found here.

I love the ice effect!  These were found here.

I didn't even know that you could get edible iridescent glitter!  Sign me up! :D  These cupcakes were found here.

These cupcakes were found here.

Snowflake cakes:

This beauty was found here.

Ice Blue & Snowflakes 3! This is a 10", 6" & 4" almond cake filled with red raspberry. Creme de cacao butter cream over all. Royal icing snowflakes. Served 58. The reception was held at Corleone's Ristorante in Parma.
This cake was found here.

New Year's Eve Blue Snowflake Cake! 12", 8", 6" & 4" tiers. The 12 & 6 are almond cake, other 2 are orange cake, all are chocolate ganach filled with Limoncello butter cream over all. The whole cake is covered in sparkling sugar and the snowflakes are royal icing, edible! Served 130. The wedding/reception were held at the Blair Center in Westfield Center, Ohio. Happy New Year everybody!
This cake was found here.

Ahhh I LOVE this!! :D  This was found here.

This cake was found here.

Marie's Snowflake Cake
This cake was found here.

Snowflake cake pops:

Eeee these are so cute and pretty!! :D These cake pops were found here!

These cake pops were found here.

Snowflake Rice Krispy treats:

Snowflake Rice Krispy Treat
These were found here.

Snowflake macarons:

Snowflake Macarons
These macarons were found here.

I love the idea of sprinkling icing sugar over designs to leave beautiful patterns!! :D  This cake was found here.

Snowflake brownies!:

I found these super cute brownies here.

Snowflake chocolate:

50 Snowflake Chocolates:  Silver Shadow Glimmer
So pretty!!  Chocolates found here.

Snowflake Petits Fours:

These were found here.

These petits fours found here.

Snowflake pie:

Pie found here.

Snowflake ice cream pie found here.

Merry Christmas! Magic, Carols, Snowflakes, Mince Pies and Fairy Cakes
Such a beautiful pie!!  It was found here.

Well!  These all look amazing, and put my cake decorating abilities to shame!
Which one was your favourite? :D

Take care and have a wonderful night!!



  1. Wow, everything looks amazing! I need to start my holiday baking soon :)


    1. The only bad thing about holiday baking, is that I eat too much!!! XD

  2. the petits fours are so cute! and so are the macarons! :D but those cakes look amazing.. I wanna eat them all.... ><

    1. :D Aren't they gorgeous??! I want to decorate things with snowflakes, too!! XD

  3. NOM NOM NOM!!!
    These all look amazing! Some people are really talented. I'm so far from that, lol!

    1. They look so good, don't they??! Aw, I'm sure that you have many talents!! :D I am not so good at decorating :'(

  4. So many amazing treats! A delight for the eyes.

  5. Those look yummy!! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm following you now on GFC , G+and Bloglovin.

    Louisa Moje

    1. Thank you so much!! :D I am following your blog as well!! :D

  6. wonderful images very yummy ^_^

  7. oh my goodness everything looks incredible!

  8. These are too pretty to even eat!! I love the snowflake cookies!

    1. Hahah I know what you mean! :D I would want to keep looking at them hehe

  9. All of these are such splendidly pretty little works of edible art. I adore them all, but think that the cupcakes with the white and silver "trees" are my very favourite, as they make me think of classic 1950s/60s aluminum Christmas trees.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Wow all of these look so amazing!!

    1. :D They are decorated so well! They look delicious :}


Thank you for your comments! :D

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