Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Calox Tooth Powder Advertisement circa 1940

Good morning (late evening?) dear readers!

Early in the morning I will be going to the psychiatrist to change the dosage of one of my medications.  I have to admit that I am glad that I will be lowering it!!  Originally he wanted me to increase it, but every time I did I seemed to only get worse, which made him want to increase it even more.

I know that this medication works for many people, but after missing a dose and feeling better, I decided that I would try weaning myself off of it, and see how that worked.  Although I am still dealing with a lot of problems and I am far from healthy, I do feel better since reducing the amount of the medication I am on (one of them, not all).  I started increasing another medication, and the combination seems to really help me. :D  Ugh, I hate having to take medications.  I don't even like taking pills for pain when I have a splitting headache.

On to the vintage ad!

This ad for Calox Tooth Powder is from the August 5th 1940 Life magazine:

Transcript of clues:

CLUES by Harriet Parsons, Famous Hollywood Columnist

1. Who is one of the most popular Hollywood bachelors?
2. Who starred in "Gunga Din" with Victor McLaglen?
3. Like many other stars, he uses Calox to help keep that "Hollywood Sparkle."
Who is he?
(Check your answer below.  Star's name is at bottom of page*)

(The answer is Cary Grant)

Transcript of comic:

Dot wins romance and a "HOLLYWOOD SPARKLE"!

Jim: "What's this I hear about one of you girls being promoted up front next week?"
Dot: "Not me.  With dull, dingy teeth like mine I haven't a chance."

Jim: "Be smart, Dot.  Try Calox Tooth Powder!  Its 5 Cleansing Agents do a swell job on surface stains.  You can actually see Calox help you win that 'Hollywood Sparkle'!"

Bud: "Say!  The boss' new secretary has a smile that knocks 'em dead!  Wonder if she's dated up tonight?"
Jim: "Don't wonder any more, my boy.  She is.  With me!"

So, I guess that the moral of the story is that if you have 'Hollywood Sparkle' teeth, you will get your dream promotion, attention, and a date! XD (Oh-so-clever marketing... although not all that different from the marketing tactics of the present day, which are just more blatantly sexual).

On a serious note, one thing I like about this ad is that it contains a lot of sayings that were popular back then, like:

dated up (I haven't heard that term before now)
knocks 'em dead

There are also names that were more common back then, which aren't in popular use right now (that I know of):


Transcript of Finger-Nail Test:


Make this easy test: pour a little Calox Tooth Powder on a nail buffer, then rub your finger nails vigorously.  Now look at them!  See their high polish-proof that Calox contains no harsh abrasives-cannot harm the softest tooth enamel!

     Calox Tooth Powder attacks ugly film and surface stains because it has not only 1 or 2, but FIVE CLEANSING AGENTS.  You can feel the surging foam of Calox go into split-second action.  You can see the new, high polish on your teeth as Calox helps you to win that "Hollywood Sparkle."  Brush your teeth with Calox for 30 DAYS!  And you'll notice a marked improvement in your smile...a smile that mirrors teeth naturally whiter and brighter!

The part I love most in this exerpt is the surging foam.  I don't know about you, but I don't think my current toothpaste has enough surging foam.  If you ask me, we all need a little more surging foam in our lives.

I hope that you have an awesome day (night?)! :D



  1. Yay for lowering meds! i feel the same way, i just hate taking medication, even just for a head ache!

    i love this ad! i used to work as a dental assistant so this is just too funny to me!

  2. Glad you are getting your needs worked out a bit better. I know it can be tough having to take so many. Wouldn't it be nice if chocolate cured all?!

  3. Tooth powder is one of those nifty products of the past that I've always wanted to try. I think there are still a few modern brands out there, but I've never come across one in a store.

    Fingers crossed that things continue to improve with the change in your medication dosage. Goodness do I know what a neverending up and down battle taking multiple meds and dealing with their side effects is. You're such a strong, inspiring person, dear Ash.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. @ Meredith Anne: Thank you Meredith! :D

    @ LittleMonsterx14: Thank you very much!! :D And I am really glad you liked this ad! ^-^

    @ Jenna Froggy: Oh would it ever!! Thanks so much, Jenna! :)! (And it's sad that you too know how it is :()

    @ Jessica Cangiano: I really appreciate that, Jessica!! I'm sorry that you too know how it is with medications. I wish you the best of health!!!


Thank you for your comments! :D

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