Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lush Haul No. 4

Good evening, dear readers!

I have been feeling extremely down lately, and one of the things I love to do when I feel like utter crap is to shop!

Unfortunately I am not overflowing with cash (and never have been), so I end up making lists of what I really want to buy before I even have the money for it.  While it seems like I can do Lush haul after Lush haul lately, this is probably the last one for a while, as all my extra money went into it.  I don't drink, go out to eat, go to clubs or anything like that.  I don't have a car (a blessing and a curse) and so do not have to pay for that privilege.  Instead, my money goes to a usually monthly (sometimes bi-monthly if I borrow money for it!) mini binge, where I purchase nothing but what I am currently obsessing over.  I don't buy shoes or clothes or bags, and most of the make-up I own sits in a bin on my dresser mostly un-touched.  I don't have magazine subscriptions or a smart phone, no pets or children, no text plans and I don't go out to the movies.  So, my latest obsession has been Lush, and that is where pretty much all of my income has gone (excluding bills like rent, phone, OSAP, etc..)

So here is my glorious 4th Lush haul, which will be the last one for a while as I have other obligations with which I will spend my money on.

Wooee!!!  This is so exciting for me!!! :D

I got two facial cleansers to try out:

9 to 5:

and Ultrabland:

I also got two facial moisturizers, as I have very finicky skin (dry combination super sensitive):


and Celestial:

I really wanted to try some more of their hand and body lotions, as I have tried Charity Pot so far and really like it.  So I got another small Charity Pot, and a larger Sympathy for the Skin:

I wanted to get another Fresh Face Mask, but they were out of Oatifix (which I really wanted to try) and everything else except for Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake.  As I didn't want garlic-face, I decided on Cupcake, even though it is generally recommended towards more oily skin:

I seriously LOVE vanilla, and couldn't say no to the Vanilla Puff Powder:

Lastly (but not really, because I got samples!) is the Honey Trap lip balm, which I have read some amazing reviews for:

The lovely ladies at Lush gave me some samples that I really wanted to try:

Volcano Foot Mask (now this is a sample and a half!):

Lovely Jubblies:

and Blousey shampoo:

Needless to say I am extremely excited to be trying out these wonderful products, and as the weeks pass I will update you on my thoughts of them.

Due to several wonderful people I was able to get this amazing haul today, and for that I am so very thankful!!!

Time to try out these babies!! :D


(Have you tried any of these Lush products and if so, what are your thoughts on them?)


  1. I use Imperialis as part of my daily facial routine and I really like it. I had to go through a few face combinations to find one that worked but this is now what I use morning and night, every single day.

    I have also purchased the Cupcake face mask a few times and really like it as well. It smells so yummy!

    Great haul, and I hope these new products help cheer you up a bit!


  2. @ Emily: Thank you so much for your kind words!!!:'D I am glad that you like Imperialis and Cupcake too :D

  3. I'm using Ultra Bland now and it's amazing :) Also, Cupcake, Lovely Jubblies and Honey Trap are great too :)
    Awesome haul!

  4. @ OPI Addict: I am so glad that you like those too! I am excited to use them all and I hope that they work with my skin type :)

  5. Lovely haul! Celestial has been my go to moisturizer for awhile now.

  6. @ Ashley K: Thank you!! :D I hope it works for me as well!! :D

  7. Cupcake looks good!

  8. @ Marisa Jade: I hope it works well :D

  9. Honestly I think you deserve to spend your money in any way that brings some happiness into your days :) I haven't found anything that will bring me out of my slump :(
    Amazing haul, I really wish Lush was closer so I could try everything out :P

  10. @ Cuti-CLUE-les: Thank you so much for your kind words!! I am really sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time too :( Many hugs your way and I hope that you feel better very soon!!!

  11. Ooh more goodies! haha nothing wrong with retail therapy :D

  12. Some of these names are just too awesome! Hope you enjoy your new goodies, Ash! ♥

  13. @ drinkcitra: :D I'm glad you feel the same way haha XD

    @ Elizabeth: Thank you, Elizabeth!! :D I really can't get enough of Lush lately (and I adore the name 'Lovely Jubblies' haha XD!)

  14. Hello sweet Ash, I can relate to this post so, so much. I too have been the type to shop when stressed, worries, upset, etc since...well...I guess since I started working and finally had money of my own (I didn't usually get an allowence growing up, so the only money I had was either from relatives on birthday/Xmas or from babysitting jobs). I've gotten somewhat better over the years about this, but know that (just as some people stress eat, something I never do - when I'm stressed my appetite usually goes straight out the window) I'll always turn to retail therapy, so to speak, during certain times of stress/worry.

    There's nothing wrong with this per se, as long as one stays within the scope of their finical means. (Also, like you, I don't drink, go to clubs, etc, so when I shop - usually for vintage clothing or craft supplies - it's my one real splurge on myself.)

    Tons of hugs & understanding,
    ♥ Jessica

  15. @ Jessica Cangiano: Thank you so much for your kind words, Jessica!! <3 :')


Thank you for your comments! :D

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