Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Brain Franken

Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have a manicure made with a franken my sister made for me.  She made it to symbolize my having a healthy, happy brain (as mine has been not so happy and healthy lately).

It is a bit more purple in real life, but we all know how hard it is to catch purple with a camera.

This colour is very 'me'!  And I think she mixed like 14 different polishes to get this!

Many thanks to my awesome sister for creating this beauty for me to wear :D.

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. What a lovely sister you have :) and gorgeous polish!!

  2. Beautiful! Your sister is quite talented with the frankening. :)

  3. Awww, that was wonderfully sweet of your sister. This colour is fantastic! I'd totally buy it if I spotted it in a shop. It reminds me of the brief period of time between late dusk and a completely black sky when the stars are starting to come out on a warm summer night.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Gorgeous! And hope this polish puts your brain in a happier place <3

  5. @ Victoria: Thank you very much :D!!

    @ Rebecca: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ Meredith Anne: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ ScarsLikeLace: Yay thank you!!! :D

    @ Jessica Cangiano: I love that description and I am so glad you like it! :D

    @ Amanda: Thank you very much, Amanda!!

  6. Your sister is so sweet to do that! She has made a gorgeous polish!

  7. @ Pamper with Polish: Thank you so much!!! :D


Thank you for your comments! :D

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