Monday, January 07, 2013

Sally Hansen Air and Revlon Whimsical

Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have a swatch of Sally Hanson's Smooth and Perfect Air, which is a gorgeous light blue polish with a hint of shimmer.

While it looks nice in these photos, up close it was filled with bubbles!!

The formula on this was absolutely horrible!!!  It was goopey, it dragged, the brush was enormous which made it hard to place the polish on neatly, and it bubbled ridiculously.  I really wanted to love this polish as the colour is absolutely amazing, and I rarely ever have any problems with Sally Hansen.  :(

Here it is with Revlon Whimsical:

I think the two look really lovely together! :D

While I absolutely abhor Air's formula, it really is a stunning colour, and so I will wear it again in the future.  There are a couple more polishes in the Smooth and Perfect line that I have my eye on (such gorgeous colours!!) but I don't know... I've heard some good reviews by some people and some bad ones from a lot of other people.

Have you used any of the Smooth and Perfect line?  If so, how was your experience using them?

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. Fabulous combination, Ash! I ♥ Whimsical so hard, and it suits Air perfectly! Like I was telling you before, I had pretty much the exact same problem with the 'Smooth and Perfect' polishes I tried, but they're just. so. pretty! >_<

  2. i was so close to buying this about a year ago, but when i looked up swatches i heard about the bubbling :( part of the more air ing the polish making it breathable or some crap lol. still a gorgeous color and perfect with whimsical

  3. Those Sally Hansen looks like a perfect base for Whimsical! Only sorry about the formula.

  4. This is such a lovely combo! Too bad about the base color bubbling but it looks gorgeous in your pictures.

  5. This is GORGEOUS!! I used Revlon Dreamer as my base for Whimsical - it has a terrible formula, too! This really looks amazing!

  6. It's a through and through lovely combination!

  7. Such a pretty blue!! Love it with Whimsical.

  8. These two colours look perfect together. I have whimsical in my untrieds and am looking forward to featuring it later this month :) xx

  9. What a beauty! It looks great paired with Whimsical! :D

  10. Air looks absolutely perfect in your photos and it is a stunning color (and beautiful on you!). Saaaad face about the formula, though, it sounds tricky even for a pastel. Funny thing, though, I'd stilll consider buying it, even with the wonky formula.

  11. Isn't it odd how some polishes tend to bubble more than others? And also how some also streak more than others? I've had fairly good luck with Sally's polishes on both fronts over the years, but haven't tried any of the colours from the Smooth & Perfect line, so I can't comment firsthand there (I love Revlon's colours, but find they sometimes, bubble - have you noticed that?).

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Ugh, bubbles are my enemy. But this looks pretty nonetheless!

  13. I just got this one and the pink one. I wore the pink the other day and hated the brush too. I had 3 light coats (no bubbling) but it was still super translucent. I would love this color and the pink in a true opaque cream. This blue it the perfect Tiffany Blue which has been on my must have radar for some time. So disappointed it doesn't have better coverage.

  14. @ Elizabeth: Thank you!! :D Yeah it really sucks that you had the same problems with the formula 

    @ LittleMonsterx14: Thank you!! :D Yeah, I read some bad reviews on it too. It is weird too, because most of the bubbles aren’t showing up in my photos, even though there were tons!

    @ Emm: It is such a pretty colour, but my photos are not showing all the horrible bubbles for some reason

    @ zebra-nails: I’m glad you like the combination!! :D

    @ Norelis Ocasio: Thank you so much!! :D The polish looks deceptively good in those photos... don’t trust it! XD

    @ Jamie: Thank you very much!! :D Sorry that Dreamer had such a crappy formula too : (

    @ Marias Nail Art: Thank you so much, Maria! :D!

    @ Marisa: Thank you very much Marisa!! :D

    @ Lou: I hope you enjoy Whimsical! :D It is so pretty!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: Thank you so much!!! :D I love light blue so much! :D

    @ Liesl: Hahah I know how you feel, it really is so pretty (although beware: the massive bubbling issues aren’t coming across in my photos for some reason)

    @ Jessica Cangiano: I haven’t had too many troubles with Revlon, but I agree about Sally Hansen in general in that I rarely have problems with them. I don’t know what was up with this polish.

    @ Amanda: Thank you so much :D!!!

    @ Alex: I’m glad that you didn’t have problems with bubbling!! The colours are just so pretty so I still like this polish even with all of the problems that came with it. Ugh the brush is a monster brush!! I hate it when they are that big!


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