Monday, January 14, 2013

Dollish Polish - May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have a swatch of Dollish Polish May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.  This lovely polish was sent to me by the kind Lizzy from The Do It Yourself Lady. (Thank you so much Lizzy!! :D)

This is my first Dollish Polish, and I am very impressed!!  First off, I adore the name (Hunger Games fan here!) and secondly, the formula and look of the polish is wonderful!

This is the description of the polish on the Dollish Polish web site:

"Inspired by the one and only Hunger Games, this bold metallic copper is bursting with tiny red glitter, gold holographic glitters and larger copper hexagon glitters is a great representation of both Katniss and her perseverance to survive the games"

It reminds me of burning embers (which definately represents the Girl on Fire), and it also strikes me as something someone would wear in the Capitol.

What are your thoughts on this polish?

Have a wonderful day!




  1. How cool! It's so warm, and the glitters are really nicely suspended, especially in such an opaque base. Love the salute!! ^_^

  2. Lovely... Interesting combination of colors. Xoxo V.V.

  3. So awesome that this beautiful polish reminded you of Girl Guides and that you made the sign. I was a member for much of my youth, and still collect certain GG related items to this day. I say we get together, light a campfire, sing Fire's Burning and Land of the Silver Birch, make some s'mores and paint our nails in this glimmering shade! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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