Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Black and White Manicure

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today is Twinsie Tuesday, and the theme for today is a black and white manicure.

For this manicure I started with a base of Sally Hansen Black Out (my favourite black polish ever!) and then used white and black acrylic paint.  I topped it all off with two coats of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.

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Have an awesome day!!



  1. Daaaaang, this looks amazing!! O_O

  2. It's quite different manicure, i like it :)

  3. I love it, it's gorgeous and so unique.

  4. Wowza! That is something else :)

  5. OoOoOo I really like this alot!

  6. this is awesome! reminds me of cells under a microscope!

  7. Gorgeous! How is your hand steady enough to do this???

  8. ^^It does look like something from a Bio class!! Love, Ash!!

  9. Wow, Ash. That's amazing. You never cease to amaze me with all your gorgeous handiwork (put sorta intended ;)

  10. This is gorgeous! I love the design!

  11. Your nail art never disappoints!! Beautiful Ash

  12. Wow, I love how that looks. Kind of reminds me of composition books.

  13. This is freakin AWESOME! I cant imagine how long this took!

  14. Welcome back, sweet dear! It was a such a lovely treat to find a post from you again waiting in my feeds this evening.

    What a cool mani! It reminds me a bit - in the best of ways - of the sort of thing one might see when you looked at a slide under a microscope. Very modern art meets science fictions meets lab geek chic! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  15. @ Elizabeth: :’D Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Maribeth: :’D Thank you very much!!! :D

    @ Stephanie Piper: :D

    @ Irmak: Thank you!!! :D

    @ Nailtopia: :’D Thank you so much!! :D!

    @ HaulofFame: :D

    @ Jenna Froggy: :D Yay!!! Thank you!! :D

    @ LittleMonsterx14: Thank you very much!!! :D

    @ jennycute: Thankfully with this random design you can make as many mistakes as you want and it looks okay :D. (I made a lot of mistakes haha)

    @ AllThatIsGorgeous: :D Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Amanda: :’D Thank you so much, Amanda!!!! :D

    @ Norelis Ocasio: :D Thank you so very much!!! :D

    @ Anne Thompson: :’D Aw, thank you!!!!! :D

    @ Liz: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Meredith Anne: :’D Thank you so much, Meredith!! :D

    @ Marias Nail Art: :D Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ GoingtotheShowing: :D Thank you so much!!! About an hour I think?

    @ Cordia: Aw, thank you so much Cordia!!! You are so sweet!! :’D

    @ drinkcitra: :’D Thank you!!!

    @ Jessica Cangiano: Thank you so much, Jessica!!! You are always so sweet!! :’D


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