Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Empties

Good morning, dear readers! :D

I have a rather long post to share with you today.

I decided that I will have another type of blog post about once or twice per month, regarding products that I have used up that month.  I have seen these posts on other blogs, and decided that I wanted to participate in this as well. :)

I have a bunch of bath and beauty products that I have yet to use up.  I like purchasing and trying out new products,  but I tend to buy more of them without using up what I already have (so I have a decent collection of creams and other cosmetics just sitting in my drawer).

I am seriously rubbish at using up what I have, and that needs to stop.  It is wasteful (both in actual waste and in money terms) and I need to learn to appreciate what I already have, instead of always lusting after the newest products on the market.  I am challenging myself to be less wasteful and more appreciative. :)

So for this month, I am listing what I used up in December, and a bit before then, as this is my first post regarding this topic.  There are a few things that aren't in this post, as I threw out the containers not knowing that I would start this challenge.  But that is neither here nor there!

The whole lot together:


4 (yep, 4!!) packets of powder hair bleach.  I didn't keep the packaging as I don't like the idea of having extra powder bleach laying about (so I am using a full packet for the photo).  Two packets I used were L'Oreal Oreal Blanc Professional Powder Bleach, and two were Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener.  I used two at a time, as my individual hairs are thin but I have a lot of them on my head, so I couldn't get away with using only one packet at a time (despite having short hair!)  I used the L'Oreal bleach with Ion Sensitive Scalp 40 volume developer, and it did burn my skin in some areas (like bleach will do).  I used the Ion bleach with Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 volume developer a day or two later, and my scalp did not hurt as much (despite my bleaching it pretty much back to back).  I would buy these again, as they work really well and are relatively unexpensive.

The Body Shop body butter in Moroccan Rose:  I absolutely LOVE the smell of this!!  It smells like real roses!! :D  Which is funny for me because I've never been huge on the scent of roses, but I absolutely adore this.  Unfortunately I have to dispose of the remains (of which there is a decent amount of), as I got this product for Christmas a couple years ago, and since I didn't use it up fast enough, it has gone bad.  It doesn't smell of nice roses anymore. :(  This is one of the reasons why this challenge should be important to me; to prevent excess waste.  This product smelled amazing and moisturized brilliantly, but I was lax in using it and as a result ended up with gone-bad body butter.  I think this recent summer did it in with the horrible heat wave (and our broken air conditioner!).

Would I buy this again?  Well technically I never bought it in the first place, as it was a lovely gift from my ex-boyfriends mom, but yes, I would.  I won't in the near future, as I have a mountain of moisturizers to go through first.  (I think one of the reasons why I would like to get this again is for the wonderful memories the scent brings back).

Biotherm Blue Therapy Moisturizing Cream Gel for Normal to Combination Skin (15 ml sample): I really love this one!!  This helps make my skin look really nice!!  It smells amazing and has a very lovely texture (which I would say is a cream, not a cream gel).  Now that I know I have combination skin (and not just dry skin), I have been able to take better care of it.  I used to get very rich creams for the flakiness, but wondered why they would break me out, since my skin was 'obviously' dry. Well, it turned out that I have dry-combination. (I am so glad I know now! :D)

A little of this product goes a long way, and that pot has lasted me several months (and that is the 15 ml sample!  Full size is 50 ml, so that should last me a good long time!).  It has an SPF of 15, but to be honest I doubt I apply a thick enough layer of this to make that claim valid.  This is a day cream, so while it is moisturizing, it isn't excessively so (you can get a version specifically for dry skin), and I supplement it with other moisturizers.  I know that sounds a bit odd, but what I mean is that I use a pre moisturizer moisturizer (lol), and a different one in the PM.  I use this product in conjunction with the Blue Therapy Serum, and together they have helped reduce flakiness and redness, without causing my super sensitive skin any irritation.  Would I repurchase?  Yes, and I already have!! :D  (Also, the packaging is super nice!)  It is pretty rare for me to find something that works and doesn't break me out or cause irritation, so I am very happy over this product.  This product is also supposed to aid in anti-aging of the skin, but I am still young and don't have very many lines yet to test products out on.  What I can say is that overall my skin looks better after using this product (more even in tone and texture), and that is awesome since I am a smoker (I know!) and I need to do everything I can to preserve my skin.

Biotherm Skin Vivo Nuit/Night Reversive Anti-Aging Care for All Skin Types (15 ml sample): This smells heavenly!!  I love the texture and the scent (and the fact that it doesn't break me out!!), but this is not moisturizing enough for me.  I also noticed that I had to use more of this product per application than the Blue Therapy, so it runs out faster.  I do not have much in the way of wrinkles (just a few fine lines here and there), so I cannot attest to the anti-aging side of this product.  Would I repurchase?  No.  (Well technically I did before running out of the sample, but then I returned the jar (un-used) as I couldn't justify the price for the payoff I got.)

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner:  This is a lovely toner that didn't irritate my sensitive skin.  Would I purchase this again?  Yes, but at $12 CAN a bottle I am going to get it when there is a buy two get one free sale or something.

China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat: I have used up sooo many bottles of this since starting my nail polish obsession.  It dries really fast, is super shiny, and it smells good (as far as polish and top coats go).  It is also relatively unexpensive.  Would I buy this again?  Oh definately!!  I buy it over and over, and I have yet to find another top coat that I like so much (except for Cult Nails Wicked Fast, which I like almost as much, but that is more expensive and much harder for me to get than CG).

Avene Eau Thermale High Protection Lotion Water Resistant SPF 50 Broad UVB and UVA protection, for intolerant skin: EUGH!!  In my opinion, this product is HORRIBLE!!!  Please allow me to go ahead and say that I will never, ever, EVER buy this product again!  I actually bought this a few years ago while I was still living in the city, and at first I kept it around for emergencies, and then for review purposes.  I felt bad about throwing it out as it was bloody expensive.

While there is still product in the bottle (it is almost full), it is over it's prime date for use (not that I would use it even if it was still good!).  It was that bad.  I wanted a non-chemical sun block for my sensitive skin, and instead I got this thick whitish paste that was hard to smear on, and even harder to get off.  It felt like it was still on my skin even after some serious scrubbage, and caused my pores to block and for me to break out.  I expect there to be a whitish cast to physical sun blocks, but this was rediculous.  The product is tinted pink, but the moment you try to spread it on your skin it just makes a white mess.  And where in the world do they get the idea that this is a lotion??  It is almost a solid!  Eugh.  Never again!

Hoofer's Choice (European Secrets) Nail and Cuticle Cream: This stuff is awesome!! :D  It moisturizes the skin around my nails so well!  I also love the natural herbal scent it has.  There is a lot of product left in this jar (you really only need a tiny amount each time you use it), but I've had it for over a year and it has gotten a bit melty (last summer was awful!).  Would I repurchase?  Yes, and I already have (and I sent one to a friend!).  This truly does make my skin really lovely, and I will be using this for a long time.  One down side: for those of you who are worried about parabens, it has like 5 different types in it, which really sucks.  Other than that, it is a truly nice cream. :D

Omi Solanoveil UV Sensitive SPF 35 PA++ sunscreen: This was a nice, light sunscreen that I enjoyed using.  There is some left in the bottle,  but it is past it's prime (again me and my horrible habits!).  What I really enjoyed about this product was how watery thin in texture it was (also, the cute pink packaging! :D).  You have to shake it before using it (and can hear something rattling about in there to help mix the product).  This was expensive, as I bought it at a store that carried imported Asian cosmetics (with inflated prices).  I went there looking for sunscreen, as I had read online how there were more thin versions of it for sale in Asia, versus the thicker versions found here in North America.  Since then (it has been a couple years since I bought this) I have found more local products that have a nice, thin, easily spreadable consistency.  Would I repurchase?  No, as I have found a really nice sunscreen from Biotherm that is thin, smells amazing, works well and doesn't send my skin running for cover.

Phew!  For those of you who stuck with me this far, let me say thank you! XD

I am looking forward to making more posts like this, and using up what cosmetics I already own.  It will definately be an ongoing process, as I have a lot of things to go through, but it is fun! :D

Do you use up your products before buying new ones, or do you do what I used to and buy newer, more exciting things, while your older bottles and jars are sitting lonely in a drawer?

Have a fantastic day, and I hope that everyone is having a fantastic weekend!



  1. Yayyy! So glad to see you do an Empties post! Great job!! Rooting for you for Janauary!

  2. @ Jayne: Thank you!!! :D This is so fun to do!!!! :D I am excited to see what I can work through for the next month. :D

  3. I think this is a great idea for a regular post! I also LOVE Hoofer's Choice cream for my cuticles!!

  4. @ Jamie: Yay!! Thank you! :D Isn't it great cream?? I love that stuff! And it lasts a really long time.

  5. Great empties post! I love seeing these :) They're so accomplishing hehe

  6. What a cool idea for a post series! You've seriously got my wanting to try that Body Shop Moroccan Rose body butter now. Rose is one of my favourite scents of all time!

    Happiest New Year's wishes, dear gal!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. @ drinkcitra: Hahaha they are!! :D Thank you!! :D I am looking forward to making more of these posts. :D

    @ Jessica Cangiano: Oooo you should definately try it if you like roses!! It smells so real!!
    Happy New Years!!! :D

  8. Hi! I loved your post! I started a similar series in my blog in October - as a part of a quest for less clutter in my bathroom.. (you can see the initial post here if you want to: It really is soooo rewarding to watch the bottles and jars go, one by one... :)

  9. @ Eugenia: So awesome!! Thank you for the link! :D

  10. Where can I buy that Hoofers cuticle cream?


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