Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Thanksgiving Manicure

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today is Twinsie Tuesday, and the theme for this week is Thanksgiving! :)  I live in Canada and so have already celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving, but now it is time for the American one! :D

I wanted a manicure that represented autumn, but wanted one that wasn't too autumn-y, since it is November and I always associate that with winter instead of fall (go fig!). :)

So here are some bare trees who have lost their leaves:

I started with a base of Orly Nite Owl, then applied some Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money.  I used black paint to make the tree designs, and then applied some China Glaze Fast Forward top coat to finish things off.  :)

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Have a wonderful day!!



  1. I think this looks great. It would also work really well for Halloween, I think. "Haunted woods" or something.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love these trees!

  3. Ash, these are stunning!! I love the rich detail, and the black over Big Money is genius. Love the contrast of the bare ground on your thumb too; it gives the whole design a really nice, extra dimension. Yeah, I am officially girlcrushing on your talent. ;)

  4. This is truly gorgeous and actually reminds me of the view I see from my grandmother's balcony right around the time we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. This is super special <3

  5. Wow, this is amazing! I love your trees and teh background choice is perfect! :)

  6. Love this mani!!! Perfect free handing skills!!!

  7. Daaaaaamn girl! Will you come do this on my nails please? :)

  8. This is so gorgeous! I wish I was as adventurous with my nails, but I think it would just end up coming out a bit of a shaky mess! Yours look perfect though :)

  9. So pretty! I love this, it's eerie but weirdly calming :p

  10. Gorgeous! And eerie is a good word too.

  11. STUNNING, my dear! :) You painted such a gorgeous scene here.

  12. This is so wonderfully lovely. I've always thought there was a distinct beauty to barren trees, with their long branches, exposed bark, and dancer-like forms.

    ♥ Jessica


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