Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thank You So Much, and YAY It's November!

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

First off, I want to say THANK YOU!!!  Thank you all so incredibly much!!!!  Yesterday I hit the 600 follower mark, and I am absolutely flabbergasted!! :'D  When I started this blog I could not have known at all that I would have so many wonderful people reading, following, and commenting on my blog.  It makes me so incredibly happy that there are people out there who are genuinely interested in what I have to say, and what I do.  That is such an amazing feeling!!! :'D

I will be holding a giveaway soon to celebrate, so stay tuned!! :D

Secondly, did you have a good Halloween?  My sister and I ended up going trick-or-treating last night, and it was awesome!!! :D (I'm 27 and she is 28 XD).  We got quite a few good laughs in because of our ages.  XD  One man said "I went trick-or-treating when I was in high school too!".  Hahahh!!!  Nice compliment! ;)

My anxiety has been through the roof lately, to the point where I'm scared to go out.  I made myself go anyway, and had a really good time.  :)  (I had been afraid of leaving my house a year or two ago and it was awful, so I am trying to make sure that I don't get like that again.  It gets a bit rough sometimes.)

I have to show you what I got:

There is more there than it looks!!  Also, my sister got the same amount XD.  How awesome is that??!

Today I got an amazing haul of nail polishes, which I look forward to reviewing over the next few weeks.  I am including both flash and non-flash photos to give a more accurate view of the bottles:

From left to right: Orly Miss Conduct, China Glaze Pure Joy, China Glaze Red Satin, China Glaze Cranberry Splash, China Glaze Merry Berry, China Glaze With Love and Orly Torrid.

From left to right: Orly Halo, China Glaze Angel Wings, China Glaze Champagne Kisses, China Glaze Glistening Snow (I love that name!!), China Glaze Winter Holly, China Glaze Blue Bells Ring, and Orly Angel Eyes.

 From left to right: China Glaze Glitter all the Way, China Glaze Pizzazz (I hate that name!!), NYC Haunted and NYC Enchanted.  (Whoops, it seems that Pizzazz was backwards in the photo XD).

Wooooo!!!! I have been looking forward to these since the first press release (well, actually even before that, as I adore holiday collections and was anxious to see what they would offer for this winter launch).  Wheeeeee!!!! :'D  I am so happy!!!! :D

What are your thoughts on holiday themed polishes?  Do they hold a special place by your heart as well?

Take care my friends! :D

-Ashesela ;D


  1. What a haul! Whoo! I'd never have guessed you had anxiety just reading this blog! Just keep on working through it and if you ever need to talk/rant, I'm here <3 Can't wait to see all you do this month =D

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time : ) You got some gorgeous polishes and that pile of sweeties is making me drool loll ; P Oh and congrats on the followers : )

  3. Congratulations on reaching 600 followers! You deserve them all :-)

    Your trick or treating stash is awesome, as is your polish haul!

  4. What a haul! And good for you trick or treating! Who cares how old you are? It would be creepy if you were a 40 year old man, but since you're not, have fun with it!

  5. Looks like all 600 of us are in for some really pretty manicures!

  6. Woohoo! Congrats, Ash! You have amazing nail art and posts!
    Haha I love that you both went trick-or-treating! That's awesome :) you got amazing goodies! Treats and polish! Hehe

  7. Yay 600! Congrats:) I'm always tempted to go out trick-or-treating because I could probably get away with it (29 but look 16 augh). I think I was 21 the last time I went. It's still fun!:)

  8. That's so awesome! I'm short and relatively small and have the voice of a 12 year, so I've been joking for years with Tony that one of these Halloweens I'm going to get a mask, go out, and everyone will just think I'm a teenager. I've never done it though, and adore the fact that you and your sister went out (I'm 28, too, BTW) at this age. Who knows, perhaps next year I'll get that mask and follow your lead :)

    Happy start of November!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Meant to say *12 year old*

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Oh, wow, Ash, congratulations!! I can't say I'm even a little bit surprised, though--you absolutely deserve every bit of success and so much more. ^_^

    Glad you had such a great time trick-or-treating, too! We actually had 2 trick-or-treaters this year, our first ones ever in Hong Kong! Maybe it's finally starting to catch on. ;)

  11. Congrats and holy nail polishes!!!

  12. Now wouldn't it be nice to go trick or treat for polishes - I would sooo do that LOL
    You got an amazing haul, only sliiihgtly envious!!

  13. Congratulations on your milestone & it's so nice that you were able to go out and enjoy yourself. Sweet haulage

  14. hahah that trick or treat story is so funny! i went trick or treating until i was 19. i thought i was too old now, but i turned 23 today (OMG) and i look like im 12 hahah. you inspired me to go out trick or treating next year hahah!

  15. Congratulations and have a great week end. Xoxo V.V.

  16. @ Sharra Farivar: Thank you so much, that really means a lot!! :D Yeah, I have a lot of mental disorders : (.

    @ nail loopy: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Laura: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Amanda: AHAHAH!!!! XD

    @ Malinda: :D!! Thank you very much!!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Lindsey R: You totally should go trick-or-treating!!! XD And hey, when you are 60 you’ll probably look 40! :D

    @ Jessica Cangiano: You really should go out next year!! Talk about nostalgia! :D

    @ Elizabeth: Thank you so much!!! :’D You are so kind!! I’m really glad that you got some trick-or-treaters!!! :D

    @ gl0ssy: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Marias Nail Art: Oh that would be AMAZING!!! :D

    @ Kristy: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ LittleMonsterx14: YAY!!! I think you definitely should (and it is awesome that you went until you were 19!!! :D)

    @ Vera Vanity: Thank you so much!!! :D You too! :D

  17. Where's my candy? :D I really want the last two CG glitter (can't wait to see your swatches!).


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