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Shiseido 140th Birthday Christmas Sets

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Recently I went to The Bay, a large department store about 5 minutes from the hospital where I see my psychiatrist.  As I had returned some products that I had been using for the last while (it turns out that they didn't do much for my skin), I was on the lookout for something new.

So off I went to the Shiseido counter.  I LOVE Shiseido's products!! :D  I am a huge fan.  I use their Tsubaki hair care (both the white line and the Head Spa line), have used their cosmetics, and have used several of their skin care products. And their facial cleansing brush?  Amazing!

Although I still had a lipstick of theirs in my make up kit, it had been a while since I used any of their creams and cleansers.

Right now (at the tender age of 27!) I am starting to notice fine lines and discolouration on my face.  Although I have never been a huge fan of sunbathing or tanning (I did it intentionally only a handful of times when I was younger), I never wore much sunscreen and I burn quite easily.  I also have been smoking since I was 13 years old, with barely any breaks in between.  Not to mention my bad eating, water drinking and exercise habits...

Anyhoo! o.o;  I was looking for something to moisturise, help reduce fine lines, and aid in fading some of my freckles/sun spots.

I have used a couple of The Skincare softeners, cleansers and moisturisers, as well as their Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer N.  While I had nice results with the former products, the Bio-Performance moisturiser was a little too rich for my skin, and made my cheeks break out in a bunch of tiny bumps. >.<  That made me really sad, because I loved the product!!  It really was hydrating, it was so luxe and rich, it was a pleasure to apply and it smelled divine!  (Yes it is fragranced, but I loved it all the more because of that).

Thankfully that incident was quite a few years ago, and I have found that my skin is less sensitive now than it was when I was younger.

I had done some research online before shopping, and saw that Shiseido is celebrating it's 140th birthday this year.  Talk about impressive!! :D  I also saw that they had their Christmas gift sets in stock, and that made me really giddy!!  I am a huge sucker for value gift sets (and gifts with purchase!).  Lucky for me I was able to get both! :D

So, here is what I decided upon:

As well as:

As you can see in the above photos, the skincare set came in a lovely satin photo keepsake box:

The hand duo set came in a cute Christmas-y package, but it isn't one that you keep.  So I didn't take photos of it.  XD

I got a pamphlet that shows some of the gift sets that are available (but not all of them):

Oh how I would love to have all of those!!  (Well, maybe except for the men sets XD).  I love the layout of this pamphlet, and how it has a section of seasonal looks by make up artist Dick Page (I love his collaboration with Shiseido!)

There are several releases of products to represent Shiseido's 140th year, including the classic Eudermine lotion in a vintage-style bottle.

The gift sets tend to give you great savings if you would have originally bought all the included products separately.  The Bio-Performance and White Lucent set that I got cost me $140.  The moisturiser itself costs $140 normally, and with this set you get two deluxe samples (75 ml softening lotion and 50 ml foaming cleanser) housed in a cute box.   I sure can't complain about that!  Also, I am really excited to try out the moisturiser again, in hopes that this time my skin won't be as finicky.

Also, I got this lovely gift with purchase:

Isn't that a super cute clutch??!  I had the choice of either red or black, and I chose black so I could use it for more occasions.  Inside was a 2ml sample of their new Lacquer Rouge (in RD 607) and a 10 ml spray perfume sample of their special edition Zen Secret Bloom fragrance.

I have started using these products and will give reviews soon (after I have used them for a bit).  But right now I am seriously loving my purchases!!!


  1. I love gift sets too! Can't wait to see your review of the products :)

  2. Seems like a really great value. Like the above commenter, I can't wait to see what you think.

  3. Oh my goodness...Amazing products! Gift sets are the best! I hope these work out really well for you!

  4. Oh lovely! I hope you get the best out of them - I love Shiseido!

  5. I just love Shiseido. Back in the day, before I had a mortgage and a husband in school, I used The Skincare and I loved it. I've honestly since gotten over designer skincare products, but I adore Shiseido's makeup line. They're my go-to when I need a new lipstick, and their eyeshadows are the silkiest I've ever used.

  6. I adore that beautifully elegant black clutch. It's one of those classic pieces that will see you through countless events for years to come without ever losing a speck of its timelessness.

    ♥ Jessica


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