Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Snowflakes!

Good morning, dear readers! :D

I have another freehand snowflake manicure to share with you! (I just can't get enough of them!!)

For this I started with Orly Au Champagne, and then I sponged on some China Glaze Electric Beat and Kinetic Candy.  I then added some Mysterium Ice Crystal to the tips, then painted some light blueish snowflakes.

Are you a fan of snowflake manicures?

Have a wonderful day!!!



  1. Beautiful! So delicate and pretty

  2. Orly Au Champagne is the best snowy white! I have rediscovered my love for it this week when I used it for my own wintery nail art. :)

  3. Aah, this is SO PRETTY! Of course you know I love the polishes, but I love the delicate, subtle snowflakes. :D

  4. I love seeing your snowflake manis! Super pretty!

  5. My goodness, this is so terrifically beautiful. Hands down one of my favourite manicures you've ever shared with us, dear girl. Gorgeous!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. your snowflakes are perfect!

  7. That is so beautiful and frosty!

  8. love this! ash, those snowflakes are perfect!

  9. @ Fitzy: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ Smashley Sparkles: It really is awesome, isn’t it??! :D

    @ Elizabeth: Thank you so very much, Elizabeth!! :D

    @ LittleMonsterx14: Thank you so much!! :’D

    @ drinkcitra: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ Amanda: :D YAY!! :D

    @ Jessica Cangiano: Aw, thank you so much, Jessica!! :’D

    @ ChiChi: Thank you very much!!! :D

    @ Lindsey R: :’D Thank you!!! :D

    @ SeeSarahSwatch: :’D Thank you so much!!

    @ Meredith Anne: Thank you so very much, Meredith!! :D


Thank you for your comments! :D

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