Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sally Hansen - Black Tie

Good morning, dear readers. :)

Today I have a swatch of Sally Hansen's Black Tie to share with you.  I got this polish a couple months ago, and although I swatched it a while back, I hadn't gotten around to posting it yet.  It is a really lovely black with an iridescent sheen to it (kind of like an oil slick). Here are some photos:

I think it is so lovely!  A beautiful yet not over-the-top polish, that would be perfect for a classy evening out.

What are your thoughts on Black Tie?



  1. This is really oil slick looking! Very cool color.

  2. Beautiful colour and perfect for autumn!

  3. Wow, really pretty. I need to get me a bottle of this. Do you know if it's part of the permanent line?

  4. I have it too and I really like it!

  5. @ Liesl: I'm so glad you like it!! :D

    @ Cristina Surdu: I'm really glad you like it! :D!

    @ Norelis Ocasio: Yay!! :D

    @ LittleMonsterx14: :'D Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Fitzy: I am pretty sure it is!! :D

    @ Heatherann: Yay that is awesome!!! :D

  6. Oh wow! I love this color, it is so fascinating!

  7. That oil slick element is so appealing cool! Usually when one sees black polish the mind tends to think "goth" or "Halloween" (lol, or at least mine does), not of course that there's anything wrong with that, but the oil slick-ness of this one makes it feel more like an everyday black (if that makes sense).

    ♥ Jessica

  8. @ JennaFroggy: I'm so glad you like it, Jenna!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: Yay!! I am so glad!! :D

    @ Jessica Cangiano: I'm really glad you like it too!! :D

  9. Aw, wow! This one's sitting in my untrieds too, and now I'm really looking forward to wearing it! I was hoping it'd show some of that same oil-slick sheen that's in the bottle, and it comes across really well. Woot! :D

  10. That is a sleek-lookin' polish!


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