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End of Summer Colors - Ash's Picks

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today marks the last day of summer.  YAY!!!  Oh man, I cannot describe to you how happy that makes me.  This was one of the worst summers ever, for many reasons.

So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, a few of the Twinsies and I decided to make posts about our favourite end-of-summer-to-fall colours.  The maximum amount we could choose was 15 (but I snuck in some at the end as runner-ups ;)).  Choosing only 15 was seriously hard (and that is up from the original 10!!).

So, without further ado, here are my top 15 polishes for the end of summer and the wonders of fall (with reasons why I chose them):

First up, the golds (and black):

From left to right: a gold leaf franken that I made, Wet n Wild The Gold & the Beautiful and Sally Hansen Black Out.

Gold is very dominant in fashion for fall 2012, and gold leaf top coats are currently getting their share of the limelight. Despite the current popularity of this delicious metallic, I always love gold for fall.  The leaves changing colour, the autumn sun and the glowing embers of a fire all spell autumn for me, and gold reflects that.

Black is a perfect staple in your nail polish wardrobe, and when paired with gold it just dazzles!

Next up: Other Metallics

From left to right: Orly Buried Alive, Revlon Brilliant Strength in Enthrall (I love that name!) and Butter London Wallis.

Buried Alive by Orly was released in tandem with the remake movie of Dark Shadows (which will be released on DVD next month), and the reddish-brown polish with a metallic orange-gold sheen is an amazing fall colour!!  It screams 'dirt' to me, but not in the bad way.  In the good 'rich fragrant soil after a rainstorm' way.  I'm guessing they were going for a soil colour, considering the name ;).

Revlon's Enthrall is an amazing polish.  It is a really saturated colour, which has a metallic glow like nobody's business.  This olive-brown polish has the perfect mossy tree-bark feel to it, with the shimmer feeling like afternoon sunshine.  This is definitely one of my all-time favourite polishes.  I chose this over L'Oreals Owl's Night, because they are both really similar but Enthrall suits my tastes more.  It really has me enthralled.  XD  (Sorry, had to!)

Ah, Butter London Wallis.  This is such a beauty.  Olive-golden-bronze metallic with the most stunning sheen, anyone?  Enough said.

Next up: Oranges!

Where would my fall wardrobe of colours be without orange?  This pumpkin ready hue has me anticipating Octobers festivities.

From left to right we have Girly Bits Gentle Ginger and Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling (I hate that name!).

Gentle Ginger is a red leaning metallic orange with sparkles of shimmer.  It is a truly stunning shade.

Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling is another orange that leads to the red side of the spectrum, with golden flakies (yep!) dispersed within.  It looks like an orange polish and Essie As Gold as it Gets had a baby.  It really is gorgeous.  (Had to again XD!)

Time for the reds/berries!

From left to right: China Glaze Winter Berry, China Glaze Velvet Bow, Zoya Katherine and O.P.I Pepe's Purple Passion.

First up, let me apologize for the brightness of this photo.  The pictures without flash were blurry and dark, so I chose this one.  The polishes in this photo are more deep and luscious in real life.

I chose these because reds are perfect for fall.  So classic!  I chose Katherine and Velvet Bow for their decadent, berry goodness.  Pepe's Purple Passion is also a berry shade, and is just wow on your fingers.  Awesome shades for the upcoming colder months.

Now for the blues and the green:

From left to right: O.P.I Dating a Royal, Zoya Natty and Gosh Forest Floor.

I find deeper blues go perfectly with fall, and chose these two because of their stunning colours.  Dating a Royal is just an all-around sexy colour, and the dustiness of Natty really relates to the rainy weather of autumn.

Forest and hunter greens are right up there with navy for autumn awesomeness, so I chose Forest Floor.  This is also one of my favourite polishes!!  The colour pay-off and quality of it are really something else (I am so glad I got it!!).

Runner ups:

From left to right: L'Oreal Jet Set to Paris, L'Oreal Owl's Night, L'Oreal Gorgeous Gold (I forgot about this one!!  It would have probably made it into my top 15 if I had remembered it!), Essence Date in the Moonlight, Revlon Royal Cloak, O.PI I Have a Herring Problem and Essie As Gold as it Gets.  Whew! :D

Now for a manicure using some of the shades listed above:

For this manicure I used a base of Butter London Wallis and then added some Orly Buried Alive to the tips. I coated it with Essie As Gold as it Gets.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and please don't forget to check out these other awesome blogs for their top end of summer polishes:

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Have an amazing day! :D



  1. Nice choices! I personally love teals for end of summer.

  2. D: I'm super jealous of those Zoyas, and Butter London Wallis! I keep seeing Wallis everywhere. I think I have a serious lemming for it.

  3. Wonderful post dear :)

    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway :)

  4. @ About The Lacquered Lady: I adore teal too!!! :D Such an amazing colour!

    @ Fitzy: If you ever get the opportunity, definitely get it!! It is so expensive, but in all honesty I would say that it is worth it.

  5. What a lovely fall gradient! I love the heat and summer, but everything about fall is just so appealing... the clothes, the colors, the smells, the coziness. It makes me smile to see anything from the Dark Shadows collection, too... We've been watching the old soap opera on netflix and it is highly entertaining. :)

  6. Amazing picks!! I love the gradient you did with Wallis and Buried Alive. So fall-ish! I'm so glad summer is over, fall is my favorite season and I can't wait for pumpkins, hot apple cider and falling leaves. Woohoo!

  7. @ Liesl: Thank you so much!! :D It is on Netflix??! That is awesome!! :D I will have to go check it out!

    @ Jacqui: Thank you so much!! :D Winter is my favourite season, but I love fall!! :D (So excited!! XD)

  8. Love your choices! They're so rustic and perfect!

  9. Love you color choices...fall is one of my favorite seasons! I love the colors of fall!

  10. @ Amanda: Thank you very much!!! :D

    @ JennaFroggy: Me too!!! :D Thank you so much!! ^-^

  11. I'm just about bouncing off the walls with excitement over the fact that autumn is only "one more sleep" away (as we used to say at my house regarding important dates when I was a kid). From hot cocoa weather to cozy sweaters, leaping in leaf piles and carving pumpkins, I'm chomping at the bit to welcome everything autumn has in store for us once more.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. @ Jessica Cangiano: Ahahah we say that too! :D I completely agree with everything you said :D!

  13. Such beautiful picks! I love the mani :D

  14. @ drinkcitra: Thank you so very much!! :D

  15. Awesome picks! I share some of your favorites: Wallis, Dating A Royal, Velvet Bow... I think I am still looking for some great fall oranges though. Gotta try Gentle Ginger!!

  16. Fabulous choices, Ash, and I really enjoyed reading your write-ups! I may have no choice but to hunt down Wallis and Buried Alive. And your gradient/layer manicure is so beautifully perfect for fall! :D

  17. These are all so beautiful! Totally agree with you on the metallics!!

  18. @ Chelsea: Thank you very much!! :D I highly suggest Gentle Ginger!! :D

    @ Meredith Anne: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ Elizabeth: Aw YAY!!! :D Thank you so, so much!! :'D

    @ The Collegiate Nail: Thank you so much Brandi! :D

  19. I love your choices, and the write-ups with it! I am so bummed I missed this - and you even extended it for us :( Life is crazy right now!

  20. I'm sorry you had a bad summer. I hope your Fall season is better. I'm loving your picks. I'm looking forward to picking up a chunky gold glitter.


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