Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Flower Theme (Freehand)

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today is Tuesday, so that means it is time for another round of Twinsie Tuesday!! :D

For today's theme, we were to do a manicure that incorporated something flowery.  For my manicure, I started with a base of Zoya Lotus (to go along with the theme :D), and then I painted on the design with white and red acrylic paint.  Unfortunately I did not wrap my tips properly, so you can see where the polish pulled away from the free edge. >:(  Whoops!  Also, my nails are a lot shorter than before as yesterday my thumbnail decided to chip, and I had to file all the rest of my nails down to match it.  So frustrating! >.<; *sigh*

Ugh, dry skin >.< (but I must say, it is SO much better than it used to be!! :D  My eczema used to act up really bad on my hands but thankfully I have been taking care of them :D).

Now for the following two photos, I wanted to include one with flash to show you the beautiful shimmer that Lotus has:

Isn't that some gorgeous shimmer? :D

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Have a wonderful day!! :D

-Ashesela ;)


  1. Ooh, Ash this is so pretty! I love the colors and especially love your flowers! :D

  2. Sooo pretty! You kill me with your freehand nail art!

  3. Ash, another beautiful Tuesday!

  4. Wow, as always you are amazing!

  5. Gorgeous shimmer to go with some beautifully detailed flowers! My jealousy of your skills continues unabated. :)

  6. Dang girl, amazing as always!!!

  7. Your nail art is always so awesome!! I love how detailed your flowers are!

  8. These colous are amazing together. And your flowers are stunning. :D

  9. Gorgeous! Your nail art is always so lovely!

  10. Look like beautiful lilies! Lotus is gorgeous. I might need it.

  11. This is beautiful and original.

    I am happy to have found your blog today. Keep up the pretty polishing!

  12. Just lovely! Your flowers are beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous shimmer and flowers!:)

  14. Whoa! Ttthat's amazing! I love the blueish base with white and pink, this color combo is incredible 0_0 now THIS is nail art

  15. @ drinkcitra: :D!!! Thank you so much!! :’D

    @ Marias Nail Art: Thank you so much!! :’D

    @ Julie: :’D Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Amanda: Awww thank you, Amanda!!! :’D

    @ JennaFroggy: :’D You are so sweet!! Thank you, Jenna!! :’D

    @ Maribeth: Thank you so much!!! :’D

    @ Elizabeth: Aww you are so kind!! Thank you so much!!! :’D

    @ LittleMonsterx14: :’D Thank you!!! :D

    @ polishyoftruth: :’D Thank you for being so kind!!! :’D

    @ Norelis Ocasio: Thank you so much, Nory!!! :’D

    @ MariJo: Thank you so much!! :’D That really means a lot!! :’D

    @ Pixie~Nails: :’D!!!! Thank you so much!!! :’D

    @ Anne Thompson: :’D Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ TopCoatIt: :’D Thank you!!! :D If you get it, I hope that you enjoy it!! :D

    @ lovenailpolish: Thank you so much!! :’D That really means a lot!! :D

    @ Cordia: Thank you so much, Cordia!!! :’D

    @ Lindsey R: Thank you so much!!! :’D!

  16. @ Exah: !!! :'D Thank you so much!!!! :'D

  17. This is so beautiful! Your freehand skills are amazing! Even though the colors are not holiday-ish at all, it reminds me of winter flowers for some reason. Loving it!

  18. @ Jacqui: Awww thank you so much!!! :'D I love winter, so that is a huge compliment!!! :D

  19. These are really pretty! Your freehand is great!

  20. these are amazing! can i have your talent, seriously?! :)

  21. Gorgeous freehanding skills, as always!!

  22. @ Meredith Anne: Thank you so much, Meredith!! :'D!!

    @ ScarsLikeLace: :'D Thank you so very much!!!!

    @ esmeheredia: AWww you are making my blush!!! :'D Thank you!!

    @ Chelsea: :'D Awww!!! You are so sweet, thank you!!! :'D

  23. That shimmer is really lovely indeed! I like how one senses that glimmer, but it isn't blinding - making it a really wearable amount of shimmer for nearly any setting.

    ♥ Jessica

  24. @ Mateja Mateja: Thank you so much!!!! :'D

    @ GoingtotheShowing: :'D Thank you so much, Anna!!! :'D

    @ AllThatIsGorgeous: :'D Thank you so very much Jenn!!!

    @ Jessica Cangiano: I'm so glad you like it!!! :D

  25. @ HaulOfFame: Thank you so much!!!! :'D!

  26. This is so pretty! I felt like I was actually transported to a world of lotus blossoms once I made the pictures bigger!


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