Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gold Leaf Franken Over Zoya Lotus

Good evening, dear readers! :D

As some of you were interested in seeing some swatches of the gold leaf top coat I made, here it is over Zoya Lotus! (Thank you so much Malinda for the gorgeous purple!!! :D!!)

The only thing about it is that in the bottle, the clear now has a red tinge from something oxidizing.  I think the gold is 23.25K and I am not sure what alloys are in it.  But the flakes stay gold, and thankfully you can't really see the reddish tinge when you apply it, since it is so sheer.  :D

I hope to get some pure 24K loose gold leaves to make some more (hopefully without the oxidization) but it looks like I may have to order it from Switzerland.

Take care everyone, and have a wonderful day!!! :D



  1. AHH I just can't get over how awesome this is! I bet it would look insane with a matte top coat!

  2. it looks so pretty with the matte coat! I also made my own gold leaf top coat but even though the gold leaf was still gold the clear base turned green! I was so upset :( so now i just put the gold leaf on my nail by putting my finger inside the bag that contains it lol

  3. Very neat, I think I'll try it out sometime with silver leaf :)

  4. That is a really cool top coat! The closest I have is that NYX Gilded Gold or whatever it's called... yours looks way cooler!

  5. WOW! You need to make tons of these and then give them all to me! Lol no really, you should make a lot and then sell them on etsy!!

  6. Oh, wow, that looks amazing! I love it, I love it, I love it!

  7. Really pretty. I wonder why the gold leaf turns base odd colors. I like this combo.

  8. This is such an awesome creation, and it really pops on top of the Lotus!

  9. I absolutely love the gold leaf, it looks amazing!

  10. I love this combo! Very pretty!!

  11. This looks wonderful! It came out amazing! :)

  12. @ The Collegiate Nail: OMG I never thought about doing that!!!!!! Thank you so much for the suggestion! :D!

    @ NailsByDiana: What percentage of gold was the gold leaf? If it was less than 24 it could have been an alloy doing the same thing that happened with mine (but in a different colour XD). Sorry to hear about that happening!!

    @ sue: Thank you!!! :D

    @ Jessica: Oooh one thing, silver tarnishes really easily so I don’t know how it would take to being put into a varnish. :O But that would be so cool having silver flake polish too!!! :D

    @ Lindsey R: Aw, thank you so much!!!! :D Ooh, I just looked up that Nyx one; it looks so gorgeous!!! :O

    @ Bethany Taylor: AHAHHAHA!!! X’D I would love to make more bottles and trade/sell/give them away, but I need to get more supplies.

    @ Kaki: Thank you so much!! :D!

    @ Ashley K: Aw, thank you!!! :D

    @ My Nail Polish Online: Aww, thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Malinda: Thank you so much!!! :D Since it wasn’t pure 24 karat gold leaf that I used (I think it was around 23.25 K) it was probably one of the other metals in it reacting with the varnish. Eventually when I get my hands on some, I plan on trying again with the pure gold and seeing how it turns out.

    @ Elizabeth: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Jessica: Thank you!!! ^-^

    @ LabMuffin: :D!! Thank you very much!!

    @ ScarsLikeLace: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ Polish and Charms: Thank you!!!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: :D YAY!! Thank you!!! :D

  13. Omg I neeed that! Great colour combo too!


  14. your nails look stunning, you've definitely inspired me to try do this! Also, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I'm following you now. I hope you'll join my on my blog, I'd love to keep in touch :)


  15. Wow lady this is really gorgeous! Congrats on this top coat! I'm sure you'll do more amazing things with it! I see.. turquoise! Like the jewelry!

  16. @ ** PEACE, LOVE & LIPGL0SS **: Thank you!!!! :D

    @ So Lonely in Gorgeous: Aw, thank you so much for your kind comment, and for following me! I am following you too! :D

    @ esmeheredia: Thank you!!! :D!!

    @ Tara: Aw, thanks so much!!! XD! ^-^

    @ Crystal: Awww thank you!!!! :D YEAH!! I really want to layer it over turquoise!!! :D

  17. @ CharlieDBeauty: Thank you very much!!! :D

  18. Looks great and it's cheaper than the one OPI sells.

    Love the one coats!


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