Wednesday, May 09, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge - Day 2 - Orange (Freehand)

Good morning, dear readers!

This is day 2 of the 31 Day Nail Challenge, and so I had to do an orange manicure.  I actually did two, since the first one was kinda-half assed.  I'll show you both.  XD

So there are the two orange manicures, nothing really special.


I have added a new video to my YouTube channel, of me... duh duh DUUUHHH.... singing!!  Aw yeah!
I know I don't have the most magnificent voice, but I love to sing and I want to get over my shyness.  So here it is, for all of the internet to see:


Have a wonderful day, everyone!! :D



  1. Love the manicure and you have an absolutely beautiful voice!

  2. I love the 1st mani with the blue stamping! it looks really fun!

  3. Ash, your voice is AWESOME! That is so brave of you to post a video of yourself singing to get over shyness. I could never do that :) But I don't have a voice like yours, either lol. Also I think both manis are AWESOME. I especially love the first one because your free hand designs are always great!

  4. I can't decide which mani I like better. They're both so pretty and awesome. Maybe the second one is my favorite because I'm into gradients right now. Your voice is absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with this song when I heard it at the beginning of Parent Trap. I may have even sang along at the end of your video. Lol!

  5. Wow, your voice is amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing! I really like the orange and blue together. :)

  6. Seriously, what's half arsed about either of those? I would be tickled pink to have either one on my fingertips!

  7. I agree with everyone else, both manicures look great. My stupid internet is not working well so I will have to wait to get to hear you sing.

  8. Love the orange! So bright and summery!

  9. your first one is stunning! WOW love it!

  10. @ Polish and Charms: :’D Thank you for being so sweet!!! :’D

    @ Nailderella: Thank you!! It’s freehand. :D

    @ The Collegiate Nail: :’D You are so, so kind!!! Thank you so very much for your kind compliments!!! :’D

    @ Bethany Taylor: YAY for singing!! I’m glad you sang along with it! :D Thank you so much for being so kind!!! :’D

    @ Liesl: :’D You are so kind to me!!! Thank you!!! :’D

    @ finefingers: Aw, thank you!!! :’D

    @ Malinda: :’D Thank you!!!

    @ Lindsey R: Thank you!! :D It is Cover Girl NailSlicks in Citrus Punch! :D

    @ stephpiperr: Aw, thank you!!!! :’D

  11. Oh wow girl, not only you're doing these amazing manicures, but you have an amazing voice too :D

  12. Both manis look so fun! Hehe yay for your singing! :D

  13. I love the gradient! It is super cute!! ^.^

  14. Ash, you're amazing! Your voice is so beautiful!

  15. @ My Nail Polish Online: :'D You are so sweet to me!! Thank you for your kindness!! :'D

    @ drinkcitra: Aw, thank you so much!!! :'D

    @ ScarsLikeLace: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ NotesandNails: Aw, thank you!!! :D

    @ Amanda: :'D You are so very kind!!!! :'D Thank you so much!!!

  16. Both manicures look AHmazing! I like the gradient the best because of the pink tips :) You have a beautiful voice.

  17. LOVE the mani!! I think the fact you consider it half-assed just speaks to how talented you are. :) I could never draw anything like that on my nails! And I know I've told you already but you have a lovely voice!!

  18. Both mani's are beautiful! But I love the orange and blue colour combo, I have something to post that's blue and orange and it was awesome to wear! & You have a gorgeous voice :]

  19. I get a very awesome old-timey feel from your voice, which is very fun and pleasing to the ears! 2 questions:
    -Would you use the pointy stiff brush (the one from the video) for designs like on the first manicure?
    -Is the glitter over the gradient Techno? That's how Tecnho photographs for me despite being brilliant in reality.

    They both look awesome!!!

  20. I LOVE the glitter one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. OMG. You singing. Swooooooooooooooooooooon

  22. love both manis! Plus your singing was a bonus! you sound great!

  23. You have an amazing singing voice! Be proud girl!

  24. @ ChiChi: Thank you so much!!! :’D

    @ Chelsea: :’D Thank you very, very much!!!

    @ Jennius: :’D Thank you sooo much!!

    @ Crystal: Thank you!!! :’D I do use the stiff brush for designs like these. Very close on the glitter; it is Revlon Stunning which is almost the same as Techno. :D

    @ Tara: :’D Thank you so, so much!!!!!!

    @ Diana: :’D Thank you very much!!! :D

    @ Malinda: :’D Thank you so, so much!! *cries with happiness!!*


Thank you for your comments! :D

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