Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wonderful Nail Mail

Good morning, dear readers!!

Thank you all so very much for your encouraging words!!!  I really appreciate you sooooooooooooooooo much!!! :D  *hugs all of you!!*

Earlier this week I received an amazing nail mail, from the amazing Marisa over at Polish Obsession.

Look at these amazing goodies (I think just about all of these were on my wish list!! :'D)!  Marisa, you are such a darling!!

From left to right: Orly Gumdrop, Orly Nite Owl, Orly Au Champagne, Sinful Colors Hottie, Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter, Sinful Colors Mint Apple.

I am now the proud owner of two Pinky Glitters and Mint Apples, and that makes me giddy!!!! :'D XD

Thank you again, Marisa SOOO MUCH!!!!! :'D

Have a wonderful day, everyone!



  1. They all look fantastic! I have Gumdrop and Au Champagne and I love them! Nite Owl is on my wish list though :D

  2. SO pretty! Cant wait to see swatches!

  3. Aw that's lovely! Marisa is so sweet! <3

  4. Does that Orly polish have a little nail file on it? That is so adorable!!! Orly gumdrop looks lovely. This was so nice of Marissa

  5. Marisa is amazing at killing wish list lemmings (I actually talk about that tonight in my post). Enjoy these beauties!!!

  6. @ My Nail Polish Online: I am so excited to try Gumdrop and Nite Owl out. I bought Au Champagne when it came out, but I got the frankening bug and used it all up. I regretted it afterwards (I didn't regret the pretty franken, but I missed my Au Champagne :(), and figured that I probably wouldn't get another one. But Marisa saved the day!!!! :'D

    @ GoingtotheShowing: I can't wait to make them!! :'D

    @ drinkcitra: She so is! :D

    @ Cuti-CLUE-les: It does!! :'D And Gumdrop really does look pretty!! I'm so happy! XD

    @ Amanda: Ooh I want to read your post! She is a doll! :D (You are too!! You got me gorgeous polishes and wish list items too!!! :D)

  7. What a nice package! I love nail mail :)

  8. I love orly au champagne! It's one of my current crush but I don't have it yet...;_; I want it!

  9. @ LabMuffin: Me toooo!! :'D

    @ Jennius: :D!!!!

    @ Nailderella: I love it too!! It is so beautiful! :D I'm really glad to have it back in my collection.

  10. Awww.. That's really lovely of Marisa! Gorgeous polishes she got you. :-)


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