Thursday, April 05, 2012

Werewolf / Chewbacca Inspired Nails

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today I have a wonderful manicure to show you.  My sister came up with this great idea, and did my nails for me.  Aren't they so pretty? :D

Definately haute couture!

XD HAHAHAHA!!! I love these! XD  So funny!

Have a wonderful day my friends!


(P.S. Hahahhahahahaha XD!!)


  1. Hahaha! Maybe you could gell them into various hairstyles... mohawk nails anyone?

  2. Your sister has got a great sense of humour! Hahahahahaha! :D

  3. Hahaha omg what hair did she use that is so funny.. And well kinda gross lol

  4. I am thinking next time it should be neon hair! Love it! LOL!!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh, dear! Doesn't your sister realize that blonde nails have more fun? ;) Very, umm, unique look. :D:D

    (BTW, my deleted comment is just an ungrammatical version of this one that I had done on my ipad.)

  7. Wow!!!! Crazy funky manicure!!!! But COOL!

  8. LOVE IT. SO FREAKING AWESOME. Ahem. I wish we had pictures of you eating something sticky or gooey - like chips and dip or finger foods. =D You're so cute!

  9. If I was a werewolf, I would definitely have your sister do my nails. Lol!

  10. That's too funny! Very Teen Wolf-y, too!

  11. HAHAHA, you should totally go out in public with these nails just to see what people say!

  12. @ LabMuffin: That is a brilliant idea. XD When my sister made this manicure she joked about the nails being style-able. XD

    @ Rainbowify Me: Hahah I know!! I love it! XD

    @ The Collegiate Nail: AHAHAH!! XD The hair was from a stuffed werewolf plush that she has. XD

    @ Polish and Charms: Brilliant!!! XD

    @ Impoverished by Polish: AHAHA!! XD It is unique, eh? XD

    @ O’Natur Nail: Hahahah thank you! XD

    @ Kaki: AHAHAH that would be hilarious!!!!! XD

    @ Bethany Taylor: Ahahah!!!! XD

    @ Lindsey R: Hahah thank you! XD

    @ Cee: Thank you!! :D

    @ Jayne: Ahahah ohmygosh that would be awesome! XD

    @ Nailderella: Thank you! XD

  13. Wow! That's the craziest mani ever! Halloween 2012?

  14. Wow! Love it! Very fashion forward! I laughed so much my kids came into see what was so funny. My daughter who is 10 asked how you would wash your hands with these! I told her you had a mini hair dryer,....I am on her list now.

  15. You and your sister crack. me. up. This are hilarious! Love it. ;)

  16. @ LittleMonsterx14: Hahaha!! XD

    @ Amanda: XD!!!!!

    @ Malinda: Hahahah what an awesome answer!!! XD

    @ Courtney Eldridge: YAY I'm glad!! :D XD

  17. Well it is nail art...sure hate to have this on and have to go to the bathroom! Guess after each hand washing, you would have to get out the hairdryer!

  18. @ beachgal: HAHAHA yup!! XD These are hilarious to use to brush against someones face. It totally weirds them out. XD

  19. @ drinkcitra: Hahaha thank you!! XD

  20. Hilarious & awesome! My boyfriend did something kind of similar on his toes a couple of years ago. I don't normally post links to my blog in other peoples comments but I hope you agree that this is an appropriate time to do so. Enjoy!

  21. @ April: AHAHAHA!!! That was amazing!!! XD I don't mind you posting a link. ^-^ Thank you for that, hahahah!! XD


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