Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Squiggle Gradient - Freehand

Good evening, dear readers.

I have another manicure to show you today.  This one I did earlier in the day.

I don't know why, but ever since my last freehand lace manicure (with Thunderstorm), my dots have been crap.  :S  Go figure!

For this mani I did a gradient with two frankens I made, then I added a couple coats of Revlon Stunning.  I LOVE Stunning!  It is so beautiful! :D  I then painted the design on with black acrylic paint.

Have a wonderful night! :D


(Edit: Darn those stupid fuzzy hairs that get stuck to my nails!! >:()


  1. I love the gradient on this!

  2. I love this. However, for the record, until you say something about a tiny hair or fuzz, I can't see it at all. I then become obsessed with finding it. I have to enlarge the photo and begin a "where's Waldo" quest.

  3. @ Jayne: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ sue: Hahaha!!! Where's Waldo is awesome. XD Thanks for letting me know! ^-^

  4. You're the freehand guru, you know!

  5. Wow! I love the gradient and, as always, your freehanding skills are exceptional.

  6. I didn't notice the fuzzy hairs till you mentioned it. lol..

    And you my dear need to start a nail art school or something. You're so good at freehanding! Gahhh! So pretty!

  7. This is great! I love freehand nail art as opposed to stamping.

  8. Oh, how great is this?! Gorgeous design once again :)

  9. @ ourpaintedworld: Thank you!!! :D

    @ OPI Addict: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Emm: :’D You are so sweet!!! Thank you so much!!

    @ Laura: :D Thank you so very much!!

    @ Lizzy O: :’D Thank you so very much!! You are so sweet!!

    @ Cuti-CLUE-les: Thank you!!! :D I love practicing freehand work!!

    @ Ida-Maria: Thank you so much!!!! :’D

    @ Bethany Taylor: Thank you very much!! :D I love making gradients!

    @ Fingers: Thank you very much!! :D

  10. Wow !!! This manicure is even more pretty than the other one I saw.

  11. @ Nailderella: Thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Beautyshades: Thank you very much!!! :D

  12. This is so pretty as usual! :D Such a pretty design!

  13. @ Jennius: Thank you!!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: Thank you very much!! :D

  14. Very lovely! Stunning is the perfect name for that glitter ;D

  15. @ Crystal: Thank you!! :D I agree with you about the glitter name! :D

  16. You are so talented. Your nails look amazing.

  17. @ Kaki: Thank you so much for your kindness!!! :'D

  18. Again this is just beautiful x :-)


Thank you for your comments! :D

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