Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Belated Twinsie Tuesday - Barielle Buddha-ful

Good evening, dear readers!

This post was supposed to be up on Tuesday, but I didn't get around to posting it, so here we go!

This Twinsie Tuesday theme was a nude polish.  So I have a special nude polish to share with you: Barielle Buddha-ful.

This beauty is a lovely light and sheer beige, with flakies in it that shift from blue to green.  It is really lovely!!  It is also VERY sheer, so this was either 4 or 5 coats of it.

Gorgeous!! :D

I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening, and don't forget to check out these lovely blogs for their Twinsie Tuesday contributions!!

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  1. So beautiful! Too bad it's so sheer!

  2. I've always thought this polish looked so nice! Love it on you!

  3. I love this polish, the only problem was how many coats I needed for it :(

  4. @ Paulina: Me too!! :D

    @ My Nail Polish Online: I actually like that it is sheer, so it can be put on other colours for a flakey, shimmery touch! :D

    @ The Collegiate Nail: Thank you so much!!! :'D

    @ nailtopia: I didn't mind too much, as I prefer sheer to chalky polishes. At least it is great for layering! :D

  5. This is lovely :) The flakies in this look amazing!

  6. I love this nude flakie! Even sheer and unlayered, it's stunning!

  7. Oh my gosh!! This is so beautiful!!!! I must get it.

  8. I've never seen a nude with flakies in it! It's really pretty!! ^.^

  9. @ drinkcitra: I love the flakies in this too!! It's one of my favourite colour shifts (blue to green!). :D

    @ Amanda: Thank you!! :D I love it!

    @ GoingtotheShowing: Thank you!! :D

    @ MariJo: :D I'm glad you like it!!! :D

    @ ScarsLikeLace: Thank you very much!! :D I really like it! :D

  10. ooooooh, love this!! super pretty!

  11. @ Jennius: Thank you!! :D

    @ SeeSarahSwatch: Thank you so much!! :D


Thank you for your comments! :D

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