Friday, March 23, 2012

Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink

Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have a special polish to share with you (and one that had been on my wish list since I first saw it!)...
Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink! :D!!!  Thank you so much for sending this beauty to me Winnie!! ^-^ :D

This is named after a Dr. Who episode that goes by the same name, and is based on the super-creepy Weeping Angels.  *shudder*  The Weeping Angels are alien assassins that turn to stone (are quantum-locked) when someone sees them, but the moment you look away or blink... ZOOM!!  They are super fast!  Really creepy!

So this polish looks like stone! :D

Isn't this polish amazing??  I also adore the Dr. Who reference (10th Doctor, ow-oww!!;)) XD

Take care everyone, and have an amazing day!! :D



  1. Amazing just like every Nerdlacquer!

  2. The polish is so pretty, but I'm not a fan of the name! And thanks for NOT including a picture of an angel... :)

  3. I agree with Gretal abt not including the picture!
    The polish is pretty and how have you been?

  4. I am so jealous!!! I am dying to get this polish! Only because I am such a huge Dr. Who fan! :)

  5. Thanks for explaining the name! I've been wondering about it!

  6. @ Polish and Charms: Thank you!! :D

    @ Jayne: I love Nerd Lacquer so much!! :D

    @ GretalRabbit: Hahah!!! I love the name! :D And yeah, it would be too creepy adding a picture. XD

    @ Emm: Hahah!! XD Not too bad, thank you so much for asking!! My meds are doing wonders. That and I am making sure I get outside and do some exercise almost every day, which really helps!! How have you been?

    @ A Girl and Her Polish: That's why I wanted it so bad too (well, that and it looks awesome! :D)!!

    @ Bethany Taylor: You're very welcome!! :D You can see the episode (or most of it) on YouTube... it's pretty creepy!!

  7. @ ScarsLikeLace: Thank you!! :D

  8. @ Leslie K.: Thank you!!! :D

  9. Alons-y! So much love for the tenth doctor<3! Anyway, gorgeous polish (it actually looks like stone o.o what kind of sorcery is this?).

  10. First of all, one of the best Doctor Who eps ever! "Sad is happy for deep people." Oh, Sally Sparrowisms.

    Secondly, this color is amazing. I love grey polishes so this really speaks my language. Looks GORGEOUS on you!

  11. This color really does look amazing!

  12. Amazing just like all of her gorgeous polishes! I can never get in on time darn it - someday, though!

  13. Beautiful! I dig grey polishes so if there's glitter thrown in there too then I'm a super happy camper. I don't watch Doctor Who but I know one of my friends had nightmares after that particular episode haha.

  14. @ Maria: The tenth Doctor is amazing!!! :D So cute! XD Isn't it a great polish!?? They really did make it look so stone-like! :D

    @ Amanda: I love that episode too!! :D Thank you so much for your kind compliment!!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: I love it!! :D

    @ Crystal: I love her polishes, but I haven't been able to order one. I got this in a swap (so lucky!!).

  15. When I saw the title I though, "I wonder if that's a Dr. Who referance?" Very cool!

  16. Doctor Who fan myself (11th doctor's my favorite though) I love the Don't Blink episode, so scary!

  17. @ Anita: I love how they have Dr. Who inspired polishes!!! :D

    @ Kia: Isn't it???!! :D


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