Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wish List and Collection List

Hello Dear Readers! :D

I hope that everyone had a great weekend (and a fantastic Monday!).

I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally put information up in the pages under the list of Dear Readers (on the right side of the page).  :D  I have compiled my list of polishes that I own (although I have some frankens I need to add to the list) and eventually I will try to link the entries to blog posts in which I have used those specific polishes.

I will be posting some more frankens (new ones that my sister and I made!! :D) and manicures soon!  It has been busy and a bit hectic the last couple of days so most of the time I spent on here was just catching up on different blogs that are on my blog roll.  Again I wanted to say that if I don't comment as often or if it takes a while for me to do so, it is because I have quite a few people on my blog roll right now LOL! XD  I still like looking through them even if I can't post comments on them all, so please nobody feel like I am abandoning you!  I may just be watching silently from the sidelines for a while.  ^-^  (Okay, that actually sounded kinda creepy...XD!!!)

Take care everyone and have a wonderful Tuesday!  ^-^



  1. Ooh I can't wait to see more franken pictures :)
    Love the re-design, it's so pretty!

  2. Great idea with the list of polishes, also the wish list. I have to get to do that some day. :)

  3. Hello! Found your blog through Lovely Girlie Bits, the long comment you left on her beauty confessions post made me smile :)

  4. I love the new layout of your blog (Sorry, if you have had it up for a bit! I have been so super busy this weekend! I finally get to relax!), and love your wish list and stash! I have yet to do mine! I am going to get on it this week! LOL

  5. Okay, I'm actually done reading through all your blog posts 8D. Aaaand I love your blog. And the new layout<3. (i must say i squealed a bit when you started following me _O_ ).

  6. Nice! I've given you an award if you're interested!

  7. LOL @ the creepy, watching from the sidelines comment! Happy Tuesday hon ;0)

  8. I still have to finish my list :-(

  9. @ GretalRabbit: Yay!!! Thank you very much! ^-^ :D

    @ Rainbowify Me: It's super fun! :D It lets me remember what I have and what I want to get, because I am bad with names!! XD I highly suggest making one (I love reading them! ^-^)

    @ fluff and fripperies: ahh I love your name! XD Pleased to meet you, and I'm glad that you liked my comment! :D

    @ AllThatIsGorgeous: Thank you very much!! :D It was so fun! (Making the lists, the finding of the template took sooo long! I had some other super cool ones but there were some problems with them so I ended up with this one! ^-^) I want to see your wish list and stash, haha. I hope that the transcript work went well! :D

    @ Maria: :'D You are so sweet!! Thank you so much for the compliments! I am so surprised that you went through my whole blog!!! :'D Thank you so much! Your blog is awesome and I am lucky to be able to follow it!! ^-^

    @ Kia: WHEE!!! :D Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! ^-^

    @ MariJo: Hahhaha XD. Happy Tuesday, and I'm glad you thought the comment was funny! ^-^

    @ Shannara: Hey no worries!! I look forward to reading it when you are done! :D

  10. Your so organized! I love what you have done to your blog!

  11. @ Nail Reflections: :'D Thank you!!! If only I could say the same for my bedroom... :O!! Actually to be honest, it would be organized except I shoved WAAAY too much stuff in it. XD

  12. I saw some picture of those frankens you made but now I cannot find it:O also, my feet are huge as well as my toes...what's your shoe size?

  13. @ Emm: Here is a nail wheel of the first frankens: http://artevolve.blogspot.com/2012/01/100th-post-some-frankens-lots-of-pics.html (for some reason I could not make it a hyperlink) and here is a nail wheel for the newer frankens: http://artevolve.blogspot.com/2012/01/new-frankens.html :D!!

    It depends on the shoe, but usually 10-11. :D How about you?

  14. Lol! Yea, same here. Well, I have quite a few people on my blog roll, but lately because I'm working long hours, I'm too tired to go on and view everyone :/ I look forward to weekends when I can spend all day on here! lol. I can't wait to see you and your sister's frankens!

  15. @ drinkcitra: glad I am not alone! It is really nice being able to sit and relax, browsing through the beautiful posts on different blogs. ^-^ I am so looking forward to swatching more frankens and posting them up on here! :D


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