Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blindfold Nails

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today's post is inspired by this one, over at Diaries of a Sephoraphobe.  My sister and I loved the idea of painting nails while blindfolded (who doesn't?) and decided to change the idea a bit and paint each OTHERS nails while blindfolded, instead of our own. XD  (That was my sister's idea!).  We had a random selection of colours in a pile near the artist, and they chose the colours and painted the nails while blindfolded.

So here you go. :D

Here are some photos of a manicure she gave me:

Isn't that lovely??


We have a couple videos of us painting each other's nails this way but it will be a while before I can upload them to YouTube.  When I do, I will post them in this post.  ^-^

EDIT:  Here are the videos! :D

Video 1

Video 2

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I am looking forward to the videos! :D

  2. I love it!! And your new layout :)

  3. LOL, looks awesome! Love the new layout too!

  4. @ Duckie: Hahaha thank you!! It was so fun!

    @ Sonidlo: I just uploaded them!! XD!!!

    @ Allie-bee: Thank you!! XD Hahah sooo much fun! We will be doing this again!

    @ Jayne: Hahah thank you very much! ^-^!

  5. Nice! Don't think I would be brave enough to try this.
    Love your new blog background and banner by the way :-)

  6. this is so cute, i love the videos

  7. Haha, that's sooo funny. I am looking forward to seeing a video of this :D

  8. @ Laura: It is so much fun!!! :D Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it!! :D ^-^

    @ LittleMonsterx14: Hahahaha thank you!! XD ^-^

    @ Polish and Charms: It really is, I highly suggest it! XD The results are fantastic. :D

    @ Rainbowify Me: :D!!! I just posted them so you can see them now. ^-^ XD

  9. Hahaha you guys had lots of fun.

  10. Hahah I want to try this with my sister!! What an awesome idea!


  11. Thanks, great videos, I was laughing :DD

  12. Hahaha, this is a hilarious idea! It looks like you both had a lot of fun with it. :)

  13. You crack me funny!! New layout is so pretty too...good work :)

  14. This is too funny. And I like the layout too. Glad I made it through the blogroll drop! =)

  15. @ Shannara: Did we ever! XD

    @ Alexis: You definitely should!! It is so funny! XD

    @ Sonidlo: Thanks for watching them!! :D XD

    @ Chelsea: We really did! We are going to have to do this again sometime. XD

    @ hollysagemini: :D!! I am really glad! Thank you! ^-^

    @ Kaki: Thank you so much!! XD I'm really glad too! I hate losing people on my blog roll. :(

  16. Lol! That's hilarious! I would be scared to try this haha! Looks fun though!

  17. Lol.. You didn't!!! Hahahaha.. Videos are funny! I enjoyed this... :-)

  18. How funny!! =P It had to have sucked getting all of that polish off your skin!! =P

  19. I literally teared up laughing when you were painting your own nails.

    And the new layout is super pretty! <3 Green!!

  20. This is so cool! It can be a party game!!

  21. Bwahahahahaha! ^_^ Darn, that's hilarious!!! :D

  22. @ drinkcitra: It is incredibly fun!! :D I highly suggest it! :D

    @ Lizzy O.: Hahah I'm glad that you had fun watching this!! :D

    @ ScarsLikeLace: The skin was actually the easiest to clean! I'm not used to getting a bunch of polish in my cuticles anymore so that was a bit tough to clean out- but totally worth it! XD I'm really glad that you like the new layout! ^-^

    @ Gina: Hahahha thank you! :D

    @ Crystal: Hahaha!! We had such a good laugh with this. XD I'm really glad that you like the layout!! :D <3 green too! ^-^

    @ Nail Reflections: That is a brilliant idea!!! :D

    @ Rainbowify Me: YAY thank you!!!! :D XD

  23. How fun! If I had done this, I'm sure there would have been a bottle of polish spilled somewhere. lol

  24. @ The Lacquered Lady: We tried to be as careful as we could, hehehe. XD

  25. That is too funny!! You guys look like you had a blast, lol.

  26. @ MariJo: Hahah thanks!! :D We really did! XD

  27. OMG I want to try this! I'll have my BF do it!


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