Friday, December 09, 2011

Top Ten Award Tag

Good morning, dear readers!

Nails Like Lace tagged me for a top ten award post, and here are my top ten products (various types):

1. Favourite Cuticle Cream: Hoofer's Choice by European Secrets - I LOVE this stuff! I heard great review of it and decided to pick some up, and boy am I ever glad that I did! This is a very thick cream that has a natural, herbal scent to it. It stays on well and moisturises the nails and cuticles very well. In conjunction with some hand creams that I have been using lately, my cuticles and nails look so much better than before! It was around $5 for a 1 oz jar, and I can see this lasting several months!

2. Favourite Cuticle Something Else (lol): Essie Disappearing Trick - This cuticle product is kind of a clear gel, that comes in a shiny light mint coloured tube. When I am not lazy, I use this right before taking photos of my hands as it absorbs well and makes the skin look moisturised.

3. Favourite Perfume: Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka!! Yay! (The original in the purple bottle.) I ADORE this scent!! This is a woody oriental with notes of ivy leaves, aniseed, amarena heart, violets, iris roots, vetiver, tonka bean, vanilla and musk. Such an interesting combination.

When I first tried this perfume, I was at a pharmacy and sprayed some on my skin. I smelled it, and was like "oh that's nice" but I didn't think much of it until after I got home. Well, the scent developed into something magical! Warm vanilla, tonka bean, musk... all these came out to play on my skin, and what resulted was a truly comforting scent. I smelled my wrist, and was thinking "wow!!!" I then fell in love with it. The opening of the scent on me has the vanilla undertones but not as developed as they get later on. Also, there are the ivy leaves, amarena heart and violet, iris root. I am not a fan of cherry scents, but the amarena is blended well with the fragrance. I notice two distinct phases of this perfume as it develops, and I love both!! Now when I first spray it on I am like "ooo!!!" and then later as it morph "aahhh!!" (a good ahhh, lol!).

That night, after first testing the perfume, I went out and got a bottle and I love it!! :D Plus, the bottle design is absolutely gorgeous! The one thing that I found a bit surprising, is that there is no aniseed on me when I wear this! It doesn't appear on me at all, and it is one of the main notes! I thought maybe it was just my sense of smell, but no one else I had smell my wrist could detect it either! I've read reviews on people who love the licorice smell they get from this perfume, and others who hate it (I love licorice!) but I just don't get any at all! Weird!

4. Favourite Lip Products: Burt's Bees!! I am currently using the beeswax lip balm in the yellow tin, and I like the minty tingle and moisture it gives. I love love love their Lip Shimmer, and I have the Fig (gorgeous, reminds me of Clinique Black Honey) and some other pinkish one that I misplaced and I can't remember the name of. These also have that minty-ness to them, and make my lips so moisturised, while adding a hint of colour!

5. Favourite Nail Polish Brands: I like several brands, but the two that have stolen a place in my heart are China Glaze and Orly. My first nail polish that I wanted so badly to buy, was a bright sparkly red by Orly, back when their bottles were an irregular sort of rectangle shape. Wow, that was a while ago!!

6. Favourite Top Coat: Definately China Glaze Fast Forward! It really makes the nails dry to the touch super fast, has a gorgeous shine, and is pretty inexpensive as far as top coats go! (At least in my area.)

7. Favourite Hand Cream/ Lotion: I would have to say Beyond Belief Hand and Body Lotion. I love this stuff too!! I never heard of it until around November, when I went to my local Sally's Beauty Supply, and saw little tubes of it (2.25 fl oz) for 99 cents (with a Sally's card). I got some, and I love the scent and texture! For those who like lotion that gets sucked right into the skin but allows them to use their hands without worrying about leaving greasy smears on whatever they touch, this is for you! My hands feel silky soft with this. As an added bonus, they are in holiday scents right now: Yuletide Vanilla, Peppermint Frost, Wishful White and Pomegranate Fig. The only downside I find for this product is I think it has about 5(!) different parabens in it. Ick!!

8. Favourite Base Coat: Shhh, I don't wear any!! :O!

9. Current Favourite Nail Polish Collection: China Glaze Let it Snow!! I am so fortunate in that I was able to get all 12 polishes from this collection (mainly courtesy of my sister ^-^) and I love it so much. I enjoy every single colour of this collection, and all the wintery names the polishes have!

10. Favourite Facial Moisturizers: Mochi Mochi Kurimu I think it is by Dentsu Inc. (if my English translation is right). I love this stuff! It contains soy beans and is so gentle on the skin. It moisturizes beautifully, has no scent, and my dry/combination sensitive skin loves it!! Plus, the little soy bean characters on the bottle/jars are sooo cute!! XD

Now for the 10 blog tags!!

Nails Like Lace (even though she already did this, I wanted to link her own article response)

If I didn't include you and you would like to be tagged, please consider yourself tagged! :D It is very hard narrowing the site list down to only ten!! I enjoy ALL of your blogs, dear readers! :D

Thank you again Nails Like Lace for this very fun tag!!



  1. Awe Thanks for this! Your the best!

  2. Ooh congratualtions! :) Thanks for tagging me :)

  3. @ Nail Reflections: You are very welcome! :) You have a great blog!! :D

    @ GretalRabbit: You're welcome! Your blog is fantastic too! :D

  4. I tagged you for another blog award! I'll have a post about it tomorrow! =)

  5. @ ScarsLikeLace : Thank you so much!!! :D:D:D

  6. Thanks for tagging me! :-) I will def do this! I love China Glaze too! It's always been my favorite!

  7. @ Gina: I'm glad you like this tag!! :D Yeah, China Glaze is so amazing!! Great quality, price and colours. WHEE!! :D


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