Thursday, December 01, 2011

Orly Luxe Swatch

Good morning, dear readers!

Happy December 1st!! Anyone else really excited that the holiday season is now upon us?

How are you today? Yay for Thursday!! I'm not working right now due to some personal issues, but even so, I love when it gets close to the end of the week! I don't think I'll ever stop being excited for weekends. ^-^

This swatch is Orly Luxe. It is a luxurious silver-gold foil, which is fantastic because yellow-golds don't suit my skin tone all that much.

I realised after looking at the photos I took that you can actually see the different gold and silver particles in the polish when up reeeal close. Like seriously close. Otherwise it looks like a soft, muted gold.

The application is fantastic, and this is a very pigmented polish. You could probably get away (easily!) with two coats, although I did three here. If you notice the lumpy thumb nail, that is because I squashed the polish up against my palm by accident and didn't feel like re-doing the entire nail, so I didn't! :P

I think this is a great polish for the holiday season, as well for new years. Also, for any time you want to look at a pretty gold foil. ^-^

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.


  1. I really like how it looks, perfect for upcoming holidays. :)

  2. I agree!! Such a perfect gold! ^-^ Thank you for your comment. :D

  3. I really like this! I bought a gold foil recently which I haven't tried yet. Not sure if it's going to be flattering against my skintone...

  4. Pretttyy! How often do you change your nail colour? I really can't do it more than once a week...I feel bad for the nail it should have one week of love :-)

  5. @ Laura: Ooo which foil did you get? I hope that it works well!

    @ Jayne: I do it pretty often... it depends how lazy I am, hahah. Sometimes I do it once every couple days, and sometimes I set time aside to do a bunch of swatches where I take off the polish right after taking the photos so I will have some pics set aside when I don't do my nails. Some designs I do I keep for a couple days but then I get ideas and have to change it. XD I should be more gentle on my hands because my cuticles hate me! Also, I have to be careful with the dryness from winter, which brings out eczema on my hands. But I must say, since starting my obsession with nails my hands are doing so well from the constant moisturising. _^

  6. I really love this gold! It so true to what you think of when you think gold!

  7. @ Nail Reflections: I would have to say that it is my favourite gold polish. The formula is so good!

  8. @ Francivusk: Me too!! It goes on so nice too. ^-^


Thank you for your comments! :D

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