Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Nail Polish Tag (Thank you Nails Like Lace!! :D)

Today I received the nail polish tag from Nails Like Lace. This is a really fun tag!!

The rules are to answer the 10 questions, pass this tag onto 5 bloggers, and to make sure the bloggers you tagged know about this!

1. How many polishes do you have?
-Including minis and duplicates and top coats: 78!

2. What is your favourite brand of polish?
-China Glaze and Orly!

3. Do you like crackle nail polish or do you hate it?
-I liked it when I first saw it in the 90's, but now when I see up close pictures of it I can't stand it! Go figure!

4. What is your first nail polish brand?
-I got a bright red sparkly polish from Orly when I was a kid! ^-^

5. If you were to have your own nail polish line, what would you call it?
-Hmmm, that is a toughie! I can't think of anything at the moment, but probably something cutesy. Or related to winter. Or both. XD

6. What nail polish colour does not compliment you?
-Yellow golds! Yellows, oranges, etc..

7. What nail polish colours do compliment you?
-dark shades, grey blues, blue, silver golds..

8. Name two of your best nail art friends.
-I can't pick only two. But for real life, my sister is definitely the number one! ^-^

9. What was the best nail polish gift you've ever received?
-Probably the beautiful Christmas China Glaze gift sets that my sister bought me. Also, the purple polish that I will be getting from a good friend this Christmas. XD

10. Make a speech about thanking the blogger who tagged you. (P.S., to any of those who got this tag from Ashesela, you don' t have to do this. ^-^)

-What a cute idea!! Amber is a lovely person. You should really check out her profile, as it is pretty hilarious! XD She is very talented with nail art, and very creative with her work. She is also generous and has TWICE tagged me for different things! YAY AMBER!! :D Thank you again so much!! ^-^

Now for the five blogs.... this is really hard narrowing it down, but here goes!

I would have sent Nails Like Lace another one of these, but she got two already from different people, so I thought I would pick someone who may not have had this tag yet. Thanks again so much, Amber! :D ^-^



  1. Thanks for the tag! I will get to work on that :)

  2. @ Allie-bee: You're welcome! I'm looking forward to your responses! :D

  3. Thank you so sweet of you,
    I posted this one yesterday


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