Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Nails Gold and Silver

Good morning, dear readers!

How are you this fine day?  Got any exciting plans for celebrating the coming of the new year? :D
I don't! XD  My goal is to get better and to be able to sleep.  Gosh, do I ever miss sleeping.  I keep trying to catch snatches of it here and there, but every couple of hours or so I wake up and can't sleep any more.  :'(  Stupid congestion!

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and for being so supportive of my blog during this last year.  I appreciate each and every one of you, and am so fortunate to have such amazing and wonderful readers!!  I couldn't ask for better support on here, and inspiration! :D  You are all so talented and kind, and make me feel so great to be a part of this wonderful community!

Now onto the nails!

As promised, here is my second new years manicure!

For this look I used a base of China Glaze Champagne Bubbles (I know!!  I'm wearing a yellow gold!! :O This is a colour I usually will never wear!) with splotches (failed stars, hehe!) of China Glaze Icicle.  I then used a glitter mini Sally Girl polish that has large and small silver glitter, then blobbed on some loose fine silver glitter from the dollar store.  Oh yeah, I love the dollar store! :D  For the numbers I used my black It's So Easy nail striper polish thingymaboober (another awesome Christmas present!! :D) and then I was done!  Oh yeah, before I added the numbers I added a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.  I didn't bother adding another after the numbers, because I was lazy and didn't care.  XD

I thought that Champagne Bubbles would be perfect for New Years because of the name and colour.  I am also glad to have an excuse to wear this polish, as it was probably feeling lonely being the least used out of my Let it Snow collection.  ^-^

The glitter bursts remind me of fireworks and/or champagne spray after the bottle has been shaken and opened!  But I am a little dopey in the head with sick right now, so it could just be me.  XD

My Mom had a wonderful idea of painting a champagne bottle on the thumb nail, but I got tired and lazy and didn't do it.  :S  Really good idea!  I should really try that next year! :D

On another note, I just finished my chocolate letter that I got on Christmas, and I could actually taste it!  YAY!  Chocolate letters (mine was A for my first name :D) are given out at Christmas time as a Dutch tradition.  My grandmother came to Canada from Holland, and I am lucky to have access to many a Dutch treat from a special grocery store.  :D  They also celebrate Christmas on December 5th, so I should use that as an excuse to celebrate all month long.  XD  Actually all of my grandparents moved to Canada from different countries.  My grandmother on my fathers side came from Holland, and my grandfather came from Czechoslovakia when the two countries were still combined.  My grandmother on my mothers side came from Ireland and my other grandfather came from England.  Both of my parents were born here in Canada. :D

Sorry about rambling! XD

I wish all of you a wonderful and amazing new year!!  I hope that 2012 is an awesome year for you and your loved ones.  Stay safe and have fun!! :D


Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Nails

Good evening, dear readers!

I hope that you all are having a great Friday!  :D
I was going to be visiting someone dear to me today and tomorrow, but alas... I got sick.  :(  Very sick!  But at least I don't have bronchitis, so that is awesome (I rarely used to get sick but almost every time I did, it would turn into bronchitis).  Here's hoping that that won't happen! o.o;  My brain feels like it is in a bit of a fog, so if I ramble that may be why.

So, the manicure for today is: New Years! XD

I'm pretty proud of myself for getting ANY nail art done today, as I feel like a bag of poo.  >.<

To write the numbers I used some nail art polishes that I got for Christmas, and boy are they fun!  Seriously fun! :D  This was the first time I used these before (other than testing a few strokes out on my thumb on Christmas morning) and I am seriously impressed!

The first two photos show the more simple look, and the last two are, "embellished" shall we say. :D


I used China Glaze Blue Years Eve for the base, then Revlon Midnight Affair for the blackened tips.  I used the shimmer blue It's So Easy nail art polish for the numbers.  (When I think of the company name "It's So Easy" I start singing "happy go lucky!" from that Japanese YATTA! song XD)

I then added China Glaze Snow Globe, some loose bar glitter and then Rainbow in the S-Kylie to get some glitter going.  I went over the numbers in blue again, and then I used the white nail art polish (same company as the blue) to define them even more.

I have another New Year manicure, but I will wait until tomorrow to post pictures of it. :)

I think one of my first resolutions for the new year is to get better!!  How about yourselves?

Take care everyone!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Simple Dots and New Years Sparkle!

Good evening, dear readers!

How are you all today?  I hope that everyone had a great day.  :)  Today my Dad and I went to the doctor, and he has bronchitis.  :(  I really hope that he feels better soon!  He is one of those people who doesn't get sick often, but when he does he can get it really bad.  Unfortunately this is one of the really bad times. But, at least we went to the doctor and got him a prescription of antibiotics! :D

I got a requisition to finally get my blood checked for diabetes.  That means I have to fast tonight (I hate fasting!  I am such a wuss, lol!!). XD

Anyhoo, onto the nails! :D

For the green manicure with dots, I used a base of Zoya Yara (yesterdays nails :D) with Essie Very Structured and Essie Eternal Optimist.

For the glitter-fest I used a base of China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara, then some L.A. Girl Glitter Addict polish in Aqueous (both Lorelei's Tiara and Aqueous were wonderful Christmas gifts!! :D).  I then used some China Glaze Snow Globe, China Glaze Fairy Dust and a mini sally girl silver glitter polish.

Unfortunately the photos don't pick up all the holographic and sparkly goodness, but they still look pretty! :D

This combination reminds me of O.P.I Gone Gonzo, but with a bit more colour and holographic goodness!
Sparkles and blue and silver really remind me of the New Year, so that is why I titled this post 'New Years Sparkle'! :D  (In case anyone was wondering, lol ^-^)

Have a wonderful night everyone! :D


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Zoya Yara Swatch

Good evening, dear readers! :D

Tonight I have a swatch of the lovely Zoya Yara to show you!  I received this as a Christmas gift from a loved one, and I was so excited to get it! :D  This is the first Zoya polish I have ever used and I like it!

This is a lovely medium muted army green, with shimmering flecks dispersed throughout.  The flecks shine golden yellow, green and orange, and the effect is so beautiful!  I must say that the polish colour dries darker on the nail than the colour shown in the bottle.

Here I have it swatched with a layer of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat to increase the shine.  :)

Yay, so pretty!! :D  I am so fortunate to have received this! :D

I hope that everyone has a wonderful night!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Good evening, dear readers! :D

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful time this past weekend.  I sure did!! :D  But I have to say, after all that delicious food I am going to have to start exercising! XD

I had such a wonderful time with my family and friends.  I really do love Christmas! :D ^-^  The only problem was that for some reason I keep getting this headache on the left side of my head that moves down to the left side of my neck, and it has been coming and going for the last half a week.  Poop!  I shouldn't complain; my Dad just got sick on Christmas evening.  :(  Hopefully he will feel better soon!

For this manicure I am using Revlon Royal Cloak.  I received this as a wonderful present from a loved one, and I have wanted this polish since it came out earlier this year.  YAY!!! :D

This polish is a GORGEOUS rich purple with small silver flakes and glimmer.  The glimmer shimmers a few different colours in the light (you have to look close but it is beautiful!).  This polish dried pretty fast, so I was quite happy! :D  Also, it was pretty fun doing this manicure while watching Dr. Who with my sister! :D

For the nail art I used Orly Luxe and a coat of China Glaze White Cap, and then some fast drying top coat.  My hands are pretty dry right now as I have been neglecting them a bit >.<;.

I received so many wonderful gifts this Christmas!  For nail products I received 13 new nail polishes  (and a gift card to get more!), a dotter/brush tool, some adorable Hello Kitty nail stickers and a glass file.  :D  So much fun!!! :D  Thank you all to my loved ones for the wonderful gifts!  I appreciate them so much!!!!! ^-^

I will post more of my presents in future manicures.  :D Whee!!

What did you get for Christmas?

Take care and have a fantastic night!  ^-^


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!! :D

Good morning, dear readers!!

Sorry about the lack of manicure posts lately; I will be getting back into it full swing after the holidays.  To those of you who celebrate Christmas today: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D  To those of you who celebrate it tomorrow: MERRY (early) CHRISTMAS!!! :D  ^-^

I will be visiting a dear friend of mine today and celebrating Christmas at his parents house, as they are Polish and celebrate it today.  Tomorrow, we will be going over to my parents place and celebrating Christmas there. 2 Christmasses!!!  How awesome is that?!? :D  This is going to be sooo much fun!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas, and I look forward to reading about it!! :D

Take care everyone, and have a safe and happy holiday!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Protect IP Act

Hello again, dear readers!

Usually I would like to keep a lot of posts on my blog to art related subjects, but this has come to my attention that I think everyone who uses the Internet should take a look at:

This video is a response to the Protect IP Act, and I think it explains very well what could happen if such an act were to be passed.  Here is a link to a great Wikipedia article about the subject:

Now the Protect IP Act is "a proposed law with the stated goal of giving the US government and copyright holders additional tools to curb access to "rogue websites dedicated to infringing or counterfeit goods", especially those registered outside the U.S" - Wikipedia.

I believe that this act will inhibit freedom of speech and expression.  I also believe that this act will impact all of us, from the sites we visit to the freedom to post our own opinions.

I made a Tron-themed manicure, and I think it is ridiculous that the entertainment industry could have the right to shut down my blog because of that, if Protect-IP is passed.  Shutting down YouTube videos because there is a barely audible music track in the background?  Come on!!  That is ridiculous!

I really suggest looking at the video link I posted, as it describes Protect-IP better than I ever could.

Here is a link to a petition to oppose Protect-IP:!/petition/veto-sopa-bill-and-any-other-future-bills-threaten-diminish-free-flow-information/g3W1BscR

Protect-IP will affect those who use the internet around the world!  This isn't just a problem that would affect only the United States of America.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.


L'Oreal Owl's Night and China Glaze White Cap

Good morning, dear readers!

Today's post is about L'Oreal Owl's Night.  I just came upon this beauty earlier this week, and it was on a new stand with I think about 4 of these bottles, and 4 bottles of a lovely gold polish (which I would have wanted to scoop up but other than not having the money for it, it was waaay too yellow for my skin).  I may be wrong, but I think my pharmacy JUST got these in now, because I don't remember seeing this at all around the early fall.  Well, at least I got to grab one!! :D

This is a GORGEOUS polish, with a sort of blackened-brown base, with gold shimmer in it (I also see like a reddish orange as well).  Absolutely stunning.  I find it can have an almost greenish cast to it because of the combination of the glitter and base colours.  This is three thin coats.  I have to say though, did it ever take a looong time to dry!

As you can see in these photos, I have tip wear going on, as I have been wearing this polish for 3 or so days now.  Weird for me!! :O  This polish has a reputation for being very easy to chip and get tip wear, but to be honest I don't mind at all since I generally don't wear polish for more than a day or two anyway (this is the longest I've worn a manicure in a while!).  This was difficult to photograph nicely.  In the shots where there is no flash, you can barely see the shimmer and it looks almost black.  It looks much nicer than that in real life.  It looks like a dark brownish with lovely glimmer.

I decided that I wanted to bring out the shimmer more (because I love it! :D) so I added a coat of China Glaze White Cap, and something amazing happened!

Isn't that GORGEOUS??!!?  I LOVE this combination.  It looks absolutely amazing in real life.  YAAAY this makes me happy! ^-^  It's funny- the gold over top makes the polish look more green in these photos.  It looks a tad more green in real life too, but not as green.

I hope that this season isn't too hectic for everyone!  Have a wonderful day and take care.  :D


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

China Glaze Coconut Kiss Swatch

Good morning (again XD) dear readers!

Today I have a swatch of China Glaze Coconut Kiss.  Not a very festive polish, but beautiful nonetheless!  It is an absolutely lovely purple with shimmer, and although it does show some brush strokes, it is a dream to apply.

Over top I have a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.  This is such a beautiful polish, but why oh why is it called Coconut Kiss?? :S

I hope that everyone has an absolutely wonderful day, and I look forward to reading your blog posts! :D


Hello and Chopstick Win

Good morning, dear readers!

First off, I wanted to thank you all for you wonderful and kind in regards to my absence.  I appreciate that so, so much.  All of you really helped cheer me up :D.

Although I haven't posted any new content in the last few days, I read your blog posts as much as I could.  :D

I wanted to shout out a huge thanks to Stacie from The Flirty Blog.  I had won a beautiful set of chopsticks and matching holders, and the package came in the mail on Monday.  I would have posted this sooner but I was away from home and didn't get the package until last night.  The items were wrapped with care in beautiful tissue paper, and she included some cards from her wonderful web site.  :)

Thank you so much, Stacie!!  These are so gorgeous, and have made wonderful Christmas gifts to my loved ones.  :'D


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mini Break

Good evening/really early morning dear readers!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking a bit of a break from this blog for a couple days, as I am not feeling very well and I will be pretty busy getting ready for the holidays.

I will try to make a post here and there if I can, and I definitely want to keep on track with reading your awesome posts, but I may be a little late with my comments.

I really appreciate all of you, and your kindness!!  Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support!

Have a great weekend and take care.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Liebster Award

Good morning, dear readers!

Chelsea over at Nailed: A Nail Polish Blog was so kind as to award me with the Liebster Award!! This award is for blogs that have less than 200 followers. You then nominate 5 other blogs that fall under the same category!

Here are my nominations (if any of you already have this award, well you deserve another because you are awesome! :D):

All That is Gorgeous
Everbella Beauty n Nails
The Nail Movement
Nail Reflections
GretalRabbit Writes

If I missed someone who has less than 200 followers, please let me take this opportunity to offer you this award as well!! All of these blogs are fantastic, and the people behind them are so kind and talented. :D 

Thank you again so much, Chelsea!! ^-^


Friday, December 16, 2011

Festive Candy Cane-ish Manicure

Good evening, dear readers.

First off I wanted to thank you for your kind comments regarding my last post. They really help me to feel better, and I appreciate that so much!! :D

Second, here is the manicure that I promised to post. Messy, but oh well! Hopefully my next manicure will be better. :)

For the white I used Orly Au Champagne, and for the red stripes I used China Glaze Winter Berry. For the green stripes I used China Glaze Holly Day. For the red background I used China Glaze Ring in the Red and Poinsettia on top of that. I used China Glaze Champagne Bubbles for the gold, then topped that off with loose gold glitter. It is odd for me to wear such yellow golds, but I thought they went well with this look. I then added some Sephora by O.P.I Only Gold for Me for the added sparkle, and after some top coat I was done!

Phew! I was pretty tired when I did this mani. Then again, I've been tired most of the time lately.

On a different note, I keep seeing swatches of the Essie Luxe Effects collection and I reaaaally want to find it! I haven't seen it anywhere near me yet. :( Although I would love to get my hands on Shine of the Times, As Gold As It Gets is what is making me drool! It is sooo pretty, and already I am imagining the polishes I could layer it on top of! I really hope that I can find this collection, and if I do, that that polish is not sold out!

What do you think of the Essie Luxe Effects collection?

Have a wonderful evening, my friends!


Good afternoon!

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Sorry that I don't have any new manicures to show you just yet. My week has been pretty crappy and although I have a new manicure on right now, I did it last night (or shall I say reeaally early this morning) and it is so messy! I also didn't feel like doing much clean-up, so while I like the design, the execution of it could have been much better.

I will post it later today as I just don't have the energy for it right now. I'm trying to be really positive with my posts and although I am usually really excited with this, today is just kinda blah for me. :( I feel like poop!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend, and I hope to be in a more cheerful mood soon. ^-^ Please bear with me for now. ^-^;


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Make-up Time!

Good morning, dear readers!

I came across this photo the other day and I thought I would share it with you. ^-^ Earlier this year my sister decided to do fun make-up on me (Kerrigan from Star Craft) and here is one of the pics! Unfortunately the make-up near the top of my head started melting, haha.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I may not be able to post a manicure today as I will be very busy. My sister is getting oral surgery and then later I may be going to a Christmas dinner with my Father.

Take care, and talk to you soon!


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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guest Post at All That is Gorgeous

Good evening, dear readers!

Here is a preview of a new manicure that I made for a guest post over at All That is Gorgeous!

Please feel free to stop on by to check it out and if you can, give your support to the lovely Jenn. She injured her hand and is taking some time off doing manicures so that it can heal up. I think we can all relate to how much that must suck when we love polish and art!

I hope you have all had a wonderful day and that you enjoy the manicure!

Take care! ^-^


Fox!! :D

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

I wanted to share with you these photos of a most adorable fox! Last year (or earlier this year, I can't remember for sure) my boyfriend and I would visit his parents, and we learned that this little cutie lived near their house. It was a very mild tempered and curious animal, who ate scraps of food that they would put out for it.

It even followed my boyfriend's father around the yard!!

It was so beautiful and it looked really healthy. We haven't seen it in a long time and hope that it just moved on (I'm ignoring the bears and whatnot in the area! D:).

The fox would come up the driveway, wander around the yard and come right up close to the deck and patio. I was fortunate enough to snap these photos of it. ^-^

(Edit: it looks closer in the photos than it was, I was up on a raised deck for the bottom photo and used zoom for these so it wasn't right beside me :) )

Products I'm Really Enjoying Right Now

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today's post is about some of products that I've been enjoying lately!  Swatches (where applicable) ...