Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yay, Tomorrow is Friday

Good Evening!

I want to be more active in my blog, so I will be increasing my posts over the next little while. Beware, they won't only be about art. :P

Today was a pretty nice day outside, rather cold but otherwise not too bad. Winter is my favorite season, so I am not too worried about the fall cold :P! (Plus, I got some great new winter boots this month, so I am glad to wear them. Finally my tootsies will stay warm!)

My sleeping patterns have been pretty wacky over the last few weeks, so I fell asleep last night at around 12-12:30 a.m., then woke up at 3:20 a.m.. :S Pretty silly, I know. It seems that lately no matter when I go to sleep at night (and only at night because I can nap just fine during the day) I can only sleep for a few hours at a time. It's silly how easy it is to make a bad habit, but hard to make a good one! At least I was able to have a nap after I came back from my visit to the medical clinic this morning.

Ooh, speaking of bad habits, on October 25th I will be smoke-free for 2 months! YAY! I couldn't have done it without the support I got from my family and friends, and from the nicorette inhaler I got too... hehe. So thank you so much to all those who have helped me immensely! :D I appreciate it so much!!

I quit the inhaler after 8 cartrages, so that was about 2 weeks worth of using it. Not too bad if I might say so myself! I had started smoking when I was 13, so this has been a great step for me. :)

This morning I called the Canadian Blood Services, and made an appointment to donate blood this upcoming monday at 10 a.m.. I am very excited! I haven't donated blood before, so I am looking forward to it. I hope that all goes well. ^_^

Well that's all for now, I hope that everyone has a great evening!


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