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My Lush Reviews:

Aliens and Monsters FUN
Amandopondo bubble bar
Ayesha fresh face mask
BB Seaweed fresh face mask
Big solid conditioner
Blousey shampoo
Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar
Brazened Honey fresh face mask
Brightside bubble bar
Bûche de Noël facial cleanser
Buffy body butter
Bunch of Carrots reuseable bubble bar
Bunny bubble bar
Butterball bath bomb/ballistic*
Carrot soap
Celestial facial moisturizer
Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt
Charity Pot hand and body lotion (old formulation)*
Christmas Penguin
Cinders bath bomb*
Close to You massage bar
Demon in the Dark soap
Dream Cream hand and body lotion
Figs and Leaves soap
First Snow Dusting Powder
Floating Flower bath bomb
Floating Island bath melt*
Geo Phyzz bath bomb/ballistic
Golden Egg bath melt/bath bomb/ballistic
Golden Wonder bath bomb
Gold Fun
Happy Happy Joy Joy hair perfume/conditioner
Heavanilli massage bar
Honey Bee bath bomb/ballistic*
Honey I Washed the Kids soap
Hot Toddy shower gel
Imperialis facial moisturizer
Lonely Heart bubble bar
Lord of Misrule bath bomb/ballistic
Love Lettuce fresh face mask
Love Locket bath bomb
Ma Bar bubble bar*
Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar
Modfather bubble bar
Mr. Punch soap
Neon Love soap
9 to 5 cleansing lotion
Nightwing shower jelly
Noriko soap
Northern Lights bath bomb
Prince Charming shower gel
Pumkin bubble bar
Rock Your Body Kit
Ro's Argan body conditioner
Rose Jam shower gel
Rose Queen bath bomb/ballistic
Rosie wrapped gift set
Sandstone soap
Santa Baby lip tint
Santa's Belly shower jelly
Sea Spray hair mist
Sea Vegetable soap
Secret Santa bath bomb/ballistic
Shimmy Shimmy
Shine So Bright split end treatment
Snowcake soap*
Snow Fairy shower gel
Stardust bath bomb/ballistic
Sugar scrub
Sultana of Soap soap
Superdad bath bomb
Sympathy for the Skin lotion
Thanks Dad soap
Ultrabland facial cleanser
Unicorn Horn bubble bar
Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar
Yog Nog soap

*=post usually with a really small review, just a blurb really


  1. It safe to say you're HOOKED on LUSH products?? or do you work for them?xx


    1. Oh I am very hooked!! :D I do not work for them, but if I could I would! :D

  2. There is a LUSH store opened about an hour from saving up to go made when i visit, first on my list is Lush Lemony flutter cuticle balm.

    1. Wooo great to hear that!!! :D You have to let me know what you end up getting, and if you like it! :D
      Lemony Flutter smells just so good (and my cat used to react to it like it was strong catnip! XD)

  3. Edit: I definitely don't recommend letting a cat eat lemony flutter or lick it, but my old cat loved the smell of it XD


Thank you for your comments! :D

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